The Obama Boom: The False Messiah Stunned at Engineer Who Can’t Find Work

by 1389 on January 31, 2012

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Obama as Alfred E. Neuman: What, me worry?

By Rodan

Polls show that most Americans think the False Messiah understands their problems more than either Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney. I, for the life of me, don’t get the benefit of the doubt this man is given. Clearly it has to do with him being Black and too many Americans don’t want to admit he’s a failure. This perception is not the reality.

At his Google town hall, the False Messiah is confronted by a woman whose husband is unemployed. Believing his own Obama Boom hype, he is stunned and taken aback. Obama said the economy was fine and that her husband should find a job. The women doesn’t back down and takes Obama to task for wanting to increase H1-B Visas. Obama then asks for her husband’s resume!

During his Google+ hangout Pres. Obama tells a woman that her husband shouldn’t be unemployed from the growth he has seen in the economy. Obama said he finds it “interesting” because he is getting “the word” that someone in her husband’s job field “should be able to find something right away.”

Obama offered to do something if she would just send him her husband’s resume.

The woman wants to know why Obama is extending visas for foreigners when there is tons of demand for American jobs by Americans.

“I don’t know what your husband’s speciality [is], but I can tell you that there is a huge demand around the country for engineers,” Obama told the woman.

“I understand that,” she responded. “But how am — given the list that you’re getting, I mean we’re not getting that. You said in the State of the Union address for business leaders to ask what can they do to bring jobs back to America.

There is demand for engineers in America. Its just businesses don’t want American engineers, they want cheap foreign labor. Does this sound familiar (Illegal immigration)? This has been very detrimental to the US economy. With declining wages and foreigners getting preferences, Americans are not interested in the Engineering field. There’s no longer an economic reward to justify the high costs assorted with attaining that degree. The H1-B visa program needs to stop. If someone wants to immigrate here, cool. I do think educated foreigners (Non Islamic) should be given a speeded up process, but to bring in people specifically for certain jobs has been a disaster in the IT field. Unlike farm work, these are jobs Americans would love to do.

This incident shows the delusion Obama lives in. Clearly, his own administration thinks the economy is doing fine. That woman is a patriot for hitting The False Messiah with a dose of reality. The job market sucks, no matter how much the Regime lies.

Update: Carolina Girl expressed my feelings on this matter.

Carolina Girl h-1b comment

Well said!

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1 Cao February 1, 2012 at 7:21 am

What most people don’t realize is…Obama is not a capitalist. Obama’s whole mission when getting to the White House was to ‘fundamentally transform America’. In interviews, he acknowledged the problems with the US System, which is that it doesn’t redistribute the wealth.

He is doing and has accomplished precisely and exactly what he set out to do; use the Cloward Piven Strategy and destroy it for his utopian fantasy that will never be realized.

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