Now this is disgusting. Taboos are taboo for a reason!

by 1389 on December 24, 2011

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1389 Blog is all about hard news, focusing on the Counterjihad. On a holiday or any other day, if you visit 1389 Blog, hard news is what you will find. This hard news is very hard indeed. It goes far beyond any wrongdoing that you might expect to find on “Santa’s naughty list” for 2011.

Follow each link to learn the details – not for the fainthearted:

Taboos are taboo for a reason. The continued functioning of civil society requires that violators of such taboos be punished severely.

Human existence in communities and societies that condone or promote such heinous behavior becomes solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.

Some jurisdictions lack specific laws against cannibalism, simply because no legislators foresaw that anybody in the modern world would be perverse enough to commit it.

You may ask: What does cannibalism have to do with the Counterjihad?

More Muslim violence:

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