Review of In The Land of Blood and Honey, a movie by Angelina Jolie

by William Dorich on December 17, 2011

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By William Dorich

I preface this review by admitting that I am not a film critic—however, I have written six books on Balkan history and as a journalist, many of my articles have been published dealing with the Balkans, that have been reproduced in the International Herald Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times among others and published in the Serbian press for two decades.

Regarding In the Land of Blood and Honey, I wish to correct what I observed, especially the distortion of historic facts. I will leave the artistic side to those who are more qualified. Sex, violence and fabrication appear alive and well in Hollywood as cinematic tricks are used to distract and “entertain” us.

Angelina Jolie wrote, directed and produced Blood and Honey. Jolie has unfortunately diverted our attention away from the facts regarding the Bosnian Civil War that she used as the backdrop for her exaggerated melodrama. She seems clueless that she plagiarized Shakespeare.

When Jolie went into this film production, she was fully aware of the emotional scars and personal losses of many Bosnian families, especially those of mixed marriages who will view this film. Pretending that her film is just make-believe but based on actual events, is a cop-out lacking responsibility—the kind of responsibility Jolie demands when human rights are violated.

Jolie arrogantly brushes aside the real Romeo & Juliet of Bosnia killed by a sniper on May 19, 1993. He was Bosko Brkic, a Bosnian Serb, and she was Admira Ismic, a Bosnian Muslim—they were assassinated as they tried to escape the Muslim side of Sarajevo by crossing the Vrbanja Bridge for safety on the Serbian side of the city. In their dying embrace they remained on that bridge for several days. The media, like vultures, manipulated their deaths and the ugly visual image for the benefit of their front page stories and nightly news.

But Jolie’s newest Romeo, Danijel, played by Serbian actor, Goran Kostic, and Juliet, Ajla, played by Muslim actress Zana Marjanovic, weaves a different story using sex, aggression and murder that perverts audiences’ senses into believing that violence, mistreatment and enslavement are supposed to represent a romance in the midst of an ethnic war. Granted, this is the prerequisite for a successful film today in Hollywood, and I acknowledge that the film was not intended to be a documentary, but, then again, propaganda always starts from this position.

The beginning of the film shows Ajla getting dressed for a date with a Serbian policeman. The following scene is of them dancing in a Sarajevo nightclub, meant to show a multi-ethnic city being shattered by a bomb blast, obviously launched by the Serbs. The next scene erupts with women being dragged onto a bus headed for what else? A Serb Rape Camp! Little footage is wasted before these women are taken from the bus, and moments later, a Serbian policeman throws one of them over the hood of a vehicle, pulls down her pants and rapes her. Next, the policeman grabs Ajla and proceeds to rape her when Danijel, her Serb love interest, prevents the rape and tells his fellow officer that she is not to be touched. Ajla survives the story locked in a room and only sleeps with Danijel. Why a young man would spend a war defending a woman with whom he only had one date, rings hollow in this plot. Turning that into another “Romeo & Juliet of Bosnia” comes off as rather naïve.

Jolie uses this Serbian bombing as the beginning of her film, ignoring the real start of the Bosnian Civil War when Muslim terrorists crashed into a Christian Serbian church during a wedding in Sarajevo, telling the guests that “Serbs were no longer allowed to display their centuries-old flag because Bosnia was now a Muslim country.” The thugs then shot and killed the father of the groom and seriously wounded the Serbian Orthodox priest and a dozen of the wedding guests.

Jolie omits any reference to the more than 2,000 Muslim terrorists who came to Sarajevo from Osama bin Laden’s training camps in Afghanistan and who tortured and executed a dozen Serbian soldiers by roasting them on spits like animals and decapitating dozens more. Then carried their severed heads around Sarajevo as trophies. My files contain several of those hideous photographs.

Jolie also cleverly omits the fact that thousands of Serbs were fired from their jobs including my friend who worked for Sarajevo Television for over 25 years. Muslims went throughout Sarajevo’s apartment buildings evicting Serb tenants who lived in those units for decades. After tossing Serb families out they threw their possessions out of the windows into the street. Jolie never touches on the fact that 250,000 Serbs were cleansed from Sarajevo and were forbidden to return to cast their ballots in the first Bosnian election in which Alija Izetbegovic won the presidency by only 44,000 votes. Any rationale for the Serbian retaliation including self-defense in this film was obviously left on Jolie’s cutting-room floor.

The Croats who fought the Bosnian Muslims for 4 years escaped notice and were made invisible in this film. The Bosnian Muslims were portrayed as innocent victims brutalized by overpowering Serb forces.

As I sat through this film, I was reminded of Peter Brock’s outstanding book, Media Cleansing: Dirty Reporting—Journalism and Tragedy in Yugoslavia, in which one chapter is entitled, “Only Muslim Victims, Only Serb Perpetrators.” This movie, much like the contemptible record of the partisan press that covered this Civil War, keeps reinforcing the lie that “300,000 Bosnian Muslims were killed.” Like Goebbels during the Holocaust who preached “Tell a lie a hundred times and it becomes the truth,” the lie of 300,000 deaths and 60,000 rapes was repeated by the media for seven years, and the world was made to believe it.

Through reputable human rights organizations we now know that less than 97,000 victims were killed on all sides in these Balkan Civil Wars, hardly enough victims on any side to be considered “genocide.” We also know that Jolie was fully aware of the 800,000 victims hacked to death in Rwanda two years earlier that Jolie managed to ignore. However, it appears she embraced any Bosnian propaganda that fit into her melodrama. Blood and Honey was nominated in the foreign film category, but I do not think many in Hollywood expect much from her film-directing debut.

The dialogue does briefly acknowledge Serb victims at The Battle of Kosovo in 1389, an historical event that will escape 99% of any audience viewing this film. Also, the casual mention of the Croatian Ustashe Nazi forces in WWII who liquidated 1.4 million Serbs, 60,000 Jews and 78,000 Roma Gypsies is connected with a “Chetnik” remark (Chetniks were the Serbs who fought the Nazis) that will escape her audience as well.

While the Serbian Orthodox church received its share of blame in the media and in this film, no connection is made to the late Serbian Patriarch Pavle who led over a million Serbs in protest marches that were the largest and longest in decades against the Milosevich government. During an interview with the Swiss Federal Parliament on December 10, 1992, the Patriarch told officials: “800 Serb women were documented as repeated rape victims in 20 camps operated by Muslims and Croats.” The patriarch also cited the Yugoslav State Commission for War Crimes on August 2, 1992—the same day Newsday’s “death camp” stories went on American newsstands that identified locations at Sarajevo, Tuzla, Bugojno, Bihac and Slavonski Brod where Serb women were confined, raped and murdered by Croat and Muslim soldiers.

The Romeo & Juliet “love story” wears thin before the film finally puts the audience out of its misery when Danijel shoots his Muslim lover Ajla in the head at point blank range. The last scene of the film provides a final opportunity for Jolie to demonize the Serbian people as Danijel crawls to his knees before UN police and claims several times: “I am a War Criminal, I am a War Criminal,” a remark designed to remain in the minds of the audience as they leave the theater.

The film, however, does not embrace an audience; it stuns and bludgeons them with the rape issue. Jolie does not waste a good opportunity for full-blown propaganda by ending her film credits with various war-related statistics. In bold type one reads: “50,000 Bosnian rape victims,” a number that has long been discredited numerous times over the past dozen years. If this film is being presented as fiction, these statistical records were totally out of place and were used for political reasons.

The fabrications, partisan journalism and crude propaganda of the Bosnian Civil War by the international media can be summed up by one lone account from French journalist Jerome Bony, who described in a February 4, 1993 broadcast about his trek to Tuzla, which gained notoriety as the most prominent Bosnian town for finding Muslim rape victims:

“When I was fifty kilometers from Tuzla I was told to ‘go to the Tuzla gymnasium (high school) there are 4,000 raped women.’ At twenty kilometers, this figure dropped to 400. At ten kilometers, only forty were left. Once at the site, I found only four women willing to testify.”

The Land of Blood and Honey hemorrhages vulgarity with no “honey” to sweeten the pain of multi-ethnic violence in which all sides were responsible for war crimes in a three-sided civil War.

Like the kangaroo court in The Hague, Angelina Jolie’s film continues the process of condemning the Serbian people with collective guilt—denying them equal rights and equal justice as international political leaders continue to amputate portions of Serbian territory against her will and in violation of the UN Charter in which Serbia was a founding member; the Geneva Conventions, the Helsinki Final Act, and the NATO Treaty including violating UN Resolution #1244 that guaranteed Kosovo as sovereign Serbian territory as part of the peace agreement arranged by Richard Holbrooke. Surely, Jolie cannot be this ignorant?

Actor Jon Voight, Angelina Jolie’s father, attended Archbishop Stepinac High School in White Plains, New York, a school built in the 1950s and named after the Croatian Roman Catholic priest who was convicted by the allies of war crimes in WWII. He spent ten years in prison for his crimes against Serbs and Jews in Croatia, perhaps a clue to Jolie’s obvious anti-Serb bias.

If this film was meant to portray Ms. Jolie’s impressions of the recent civil war, sadly she did not take advantage of her public persona to give the wounded and divided people of Bosnia a reason to heal. As a Serb, I left the screening appalled that once again the word “Serb” has been made synonymous with evil—It appears then that Blood and Honey is Angelina Jolie’s attempt at cinematic genocide.


William Dorich is the author of 6 books on Balkan history including his 1991 book, Serbian Genocide 1941-45 and his 1992 book, Kosovo. He is the recipient of the Order of St. Sava, the highest recognition given to a layperson by the Holy Synod of Serbian Orthodox Bishops; an Award of Merit from the Serbian Bar Association of America and a Freedom Award by RAS—The International Serbian Organization.

For more information about the Balkans and books offered by this writer visit:

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1 amber December 17, 2011 at 3:36 pm

I feel so sorry for you b/c you REFUSE to admit the GENOCIDE that happened and YES the SERBS killed and raped thousands and thousands. Did the Bosnians retaliate? Of course they did…Get your head out of your ass and see the REALITY! It was a GENOCIDE over 100 thousand killed.. If you are still so desperate not to admit what happened in Yugoslavia, you are just as much to blame for NOT taking responsibility of what both sides did to their neighbors and former friends… Shame on you!!!

2 William Dorich December 17, 2011 at 6:54 pm


If you would stop kissing the backside of all those in the media who lied to you, and allow some of the truth in this war to come to the surface, your “Reality” would not resemble more Muslim propaganda.

I remind you of Document #S24991, it is the only document filed with the United Nations on RAPE. It is the legal video taped depositions of 800 Serbian women. It was filed 4 weeks before Tom Post released his 60,000 rape story in Newsweek… Perhaps a clever State Department stage managed event to counter document S24991 and to distract the world’s attention away from this solid batch of evidence?

Document S24991 is not just depositions of 800 Serbian rape victims, but it is video taped depositions in which these women named their perpetrators, and not a single one was ever arrested or indicted. Muslims then fabricated the lies that the Bosnian hospitals were packs with “rape babies”… of course that stupid remark was made just 4 months after the Newsweek story of 60,000 rapes, so there must have been an overwhelming amount of premature births. But where are those 60,000 rape babies? The record is clear, 632 babies were born to rape victims, 41% of them to Serbian women and 12% to Croatian women.

We also know of one “Bosnian rape victim,” much in the news when she fled to Switzerland where she became an instant media star, interviewed on the radio nearly every day until she went into labor… then silence… a week later a nurse at the hospital said she gave birth to a black baby… the only blacks in Balkans at the time were NATO troops from Africa… so this lying bitch was a promiscuous young Muslim girl who blamed her sexual escapades on the Serbs until the truth betrayed her.

As for the Genocide charge: I remind you that there are today 1.2 million Serbian refugees from Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo, that number is twice the combined number of Croat, Muslim and Albanian refugees, so it is rather apparent who was the most skillful at this ugly crime against humanity. None of those 1.2 million Serbs are being permitted to return to their homes and property. That is real Genocide! For people of your ilk who want to exaggerate for your own propaganda benefit I will repeat French journalist Jerome Bony, who described in a February 4, 1993 broadcast about his trek to Tuzla, which gained notoriety as the most prominent Bosnian town for finding Muslim rape victims:

“When I was fifty kilometers from Tuzla I was told to ‘go to the
Tuzla gymnasium (high school) there are 4,000 raped
women.’ At twenty kilometers, this figure dropped to 400. At ten
kilometers, only forty were left. Once at the site, I found only four
women willing to testify.”

Apparently you have difficult reading, maybe English is not your first language? I will repeat the paragraph once again…

I said: The Land of Blood and Honey hemorrhages vulgarity with no “honey” to sweeten the pain of multi-ethnic violence in which all sides were responsible for war crimes in a three-sided Civil War. I have therefore already admitted that all three sides were to blame for these war crimes. Stop promotion Muslim victimology, the lies and distortions are petty and do not resolve how you and the Serbs are going to live together in the future.

I also could not help but notice that you, like Angelina Jolie, don’t want to go near the way the war started in Bosnia at the Serbian wedding. You seem like the kind of person that also does not wish to discuss the fact that more than 2,000 Muslim terrorists came to Sarajevo from Osama bin Laden’s training camps in Afghanistan and who tortured and executed a dozen Serbian soldiers by roasting them on spits like animals and decapitating dozens more. Then carried their severed heads around Sarajevo as trophies. You won’t go near the fact that the Bosnian Muslims cleansed over 250,000 Serbs, then forbid them to cast their ballots in the first Bosnian election in which Izetbegovic won by only 44,000 votes. By ignoring these examples on how you treated your Serbian neighbors you show contempt for democratic ideals. You are hardly one to cast insults at me when you show such contempt for the truth. Muslims, all of them are escaping justice, just like the 22,000 Nazi Hanjar Muslim troops in WWII who liquidated tens of thousands of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies and were never brought to justice. Their despicable task also included guarding the railway links between the Balkans and Auschwitz, how proud you must be of that hideous record.

I guess with my head up my ass I am not suppose to see your “Reality” or remember those events that happened in my lifetime, probably before you were even born? So I suggest that you need to crack a few books open and learn about your miserable war crimes and ugly Muslim history in the Balkans before you throw the first stone.

The shame here is yours, you are devious and full of hate and you weave propaganda like a spider, hoping to catch the naive and innocent in your web of disinformation so you can devour their minds.

3 Quentin December 19, 2011 at 11:07 pm

Congratulations! A David Irving of the Bosnian genocide.

4 1389 December 19, 2011 at 11:27 pm


There is NO justification for smearing any of us as “holocaust deniers.”

When the facts are NOT on your side, just keep on calling names…

The leftists/ecofreaks tried calling people who exposed the AGW fraud “global warming deniers” but their accusation did not stick. Neither will yours.

5 William Dorich December 20, 2011 at 12:05 pm

It is not name calling to dispute accusations that are only backed up by propaganda.

(1) “The Markale Market Massacre” we now know that the Bosnian Muslims bombed that market place with claymore mines buried in the food stalls to kill their own people to bring the US into this war.

(2) “60,000 Muslim Rape Victims,” exposed by a wealth of documentation over the past 12 years that this was pure propaganda.

(3) “The Destruction of Dubrovnik.” Exposed early on that the Croats burned old auto tires throughout the walled city then photographed it with a telephoto len to compress the range and give the impression that the 15th century walled city was burning… no, it was only smoking. The media convinced Americans that in the middle of a Civil War in which food, weapons, and medicine were not able to get across enemies lines but cement, marble and craftsman were able to “rebuild Dubrovnik” and to replace hundreds of tile roofs… gullible is too kind a word for people like this.

(3) “Over 300,000 killed” a stupid propaganda ploy that lasted for 7 years. Even President Clinton repeated the lie in his last inaugural address in which he raised the figure to “350,000.” We now know that the number obtained by 4 major human rights organizations was having trouble hitting 100,000 on all side… and people still believed their 300,000 killed?

(4) “Kosovo is 90% Albanian”… another hideous lie as over 40% of those Albanians were never born in former Yugoslavia or Serbia and are as illegal as 12 million Mexicans in the US who cross our borders each night in San Diego and El Paso. Amputating sovereign Serbian territory merely because you invade and outnumber and ethnically cleanse the rightful citizens is hardly honorable and the US went to war for human rights reasons in which we have denied 250,000 Serbs their human and legal rights.

(5) “The Racak Massacre.” Stage managed by Ambassador William Walker and used as the US pretext to bomb the Serbs. We now know that the 45 victims were killed in a pitched battled between Serb and Bosnia forces the previous day and was recorded by AP and Reuters. We also now know from 4 internationally recognized pathologists that the bodies were moved to the bloodless crime scene, their uniforms changed for street clothing and their bodies were mutilated after they were dead. And people believed. P.T. Barnum was right when he said: “A sucker is born every minute.” There is now evidence that President Clinton convinced the Bosnian Muslims to arrange for the killing of “at least 5,000 of their victims” in order for the US, through such an angry reaction, to be able to enter the war. Srebrenica was also a stage managed event and a pretty good reason why only 1,200 of the alleged 7,000 bodies have been recovered in 15 years. I suggest that people view the documentary that was shown recently on Sweden television that exposes this charade and how the Americans and the Bosnian government conspired to create the Srebrenica events. Several Bosnians in that documentary have admitted that this was orchestrated. I also remind folks that Bill Clinton and Alija Izetebgovic made a deal in which the Bosnian President gave Clinton one million dollars if he would come to Bosnia on the first anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre. Clinton did and laid a wreath on a tombstone with Arabic inscriptions that 98% of the Bosnian Muslims cannot read.

But some people feel its OK for illegal aliens to invade a country, to amputate the land of others and to destroy 513 ancient Serbian Christian Churches in the past 8 years right under the noses of 17,000 NATO troops are surely ill informed and are indeed idiots, easily manipulated by the partisan press. Those churches confirm the Serbian majority of Kosovo for 950 years. There were 1,500 Serbian churches and monasteries in Kosovo in an area the size of Los Angeles. The Albanians and their terrorists goons and thugs destroyed those 513 churches from the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries, not during these Civil wars, but after the peace agreement was signed between the Albanians and the Serbs that was arranged by Richard Holbrooke and after 17,000 NATO troops arrived in Kosovo 10 years ago. This is pure religious genocide that the world simply ignores.

Apparently the UN Charter, the Helsinki Final Act and the Geneva Conventions and the NATO treaty are meaningless documents to many people including some participants on this forum. And I would bet they have not read a single one of those international treaties that were violated in order to destroy Serbia’s sovereignty?

6 Arius December 20, 2011 at 4:39 pm

I am Armenian, whose father survived the Turk genocide of the Armenians in 1915. Early in the 1990’s I believed the media reports of Serb mass murdering Muslims and Croats, mostly due to my own family having lost so many members in 1915. But as I studied and learned more I started to realize that the media was in the grip of a disinformation campaign that skewed all information on events coming from or about Yugoslavia to be anti-Serb. A good example is Roy Gutman who was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for reporting on a Serb rape camp where thousands of Muslim women were being raped. Four other reporters went to the site and found out that two or four women max had been raped; their reports were spiked by their networks. Books are still being written about that and other Serb rape or death camps that never existed. Actually the biggest act of cleansing and mass murder was the Croatian Operation Storm that cleared the Krajina of Serbs, with many horribly murdered by Croat soldiers. The US provided operational support and jammed Serb communications. As an American I am still deeply distressed, sickened, that my country would enable the neo-Nazi Croats and the Muslim jihad in the Balkans. The US capped off the 1990’s by being the air force for the KLA Muslim jihad in Kosovo with the bombing of Yugoslavia. Since then I have watched the US continue to support Muslim jihads, and most recently with the US enabling the Muslim Brotherhood in multiple countries in the Middle East, the biggest strategic mistake by the West since the 1500’s. Far worse is to come, for which we will pay a heavy price.

7 William Dorich December 20, 2011 at 6:20 pm

Dear Arlus:

Ah! Yes, Roy Gutman, one of six international journalists who threatened me and my author Peter Brock if we published his book, Media Cleansing: Dirty Reporting that they would sue us. We called their bluff.

Gutman was on notice from both myself and Brock that we were not going to allow him to get away with lying, fabricating and omission journalism to gain a Pulitzer. In his book “Witness to Genocide,” (a oxymoron title considering Gutman never saw one single death committed in Bosnia or Croatia). In the forward to his book he must have known that we were getting close to the Pulitzer Commission so he wrote: “Having set such lofty standards, I immediately made an exception and wrote about the Omarska Camp which I had not visited, based on the secondhand witness account.” In other words the bastard lied and fabricated his way to a Pulitzer, then wrote those words to get himself some breathing room for his own war crimes. His book was then published in the Croatian language and paid for by the largest Croat propaganda operation in Zagreb that should question Gutman’s ethical standards. Gutman was also responsible for bringing Jadrinka Cigelj to the US. She appeared before the House and Senate and on dozens of television programs where she spewed her hate. After leaving the US it was discovered that Jadrinka reported rape charges under 5 other assumed names. Would the real Jadrinka Cigelj please stand up?

At the National Press Club in Washington when we presented Media Cleansing, David Binder who was the foreign correspondent for the New York Times in the Balkans for 25 years, wrote the forward to Media Cleansing against the wishes of his editors at the NYT who then ostracized Binder who got no further assignments. Binder spoke at the book presentation requesting “that the Pulitzer commission revoke Gutman’s Pulitzer or give Janet Cooke back hers.” If you will recall, Ms. Cooke wrote a story about a young black, drug addicted teenager that turned out to be fiction, she had to return her Pulitzer, however, Gutman admits his fraud and fabrication in his own words and is allowed to keep his Pulitzer.

As a double victim of Croatian Genocide I lost 17 of my relatives in 1941 who were burned to death in the Serbian church in the village of Vojnic, Croatia, along with 97 other victims. In the 1995 Operation Storm the last 5 relatives of my name were too old and too sick to flee. I was notified a month later by the Red Cross that they were found with their throats slit.

The massacre of 97 victims including 17 of my relatives was a war crime led by Roman Catholic priests who were at the time preaching mass conversion to Catholicism and those who gathered in the church that day believed their life would be spared if they converted. The conversion was a ruse to get as many local Serbs as possible to attend. The church was lock from the outside and burned to the ground. I was in Vojnic in 1982 and photographed the ruins of that church and in an article about this war crime that appeared in the Chicago Tribune I included those photographs. President of Croatia, Franjo Tudjman had the site bulldozed in 1995 along with bulldozing of Jasenovac Concentration Camp to erase that from the scene of the crime as well. I have written a book on Jasenovac where over 800,000 Serbs, 60,000 Jews and 70,000 Roma Gypsies were liquidated.

Therefore, Operation Storm was one of the most hideous war crimes of all of these Balkan Civil Wars. It was the single largest ethnic cleansing of the war. It was orchestrated by a dozen retired American Generals who went to Croatia to aid, abett, equip and train Croats for such an event. 240,000 Serbs were cleansed from Croatia thanks to the US Air Force that shut off the radar system in the “No Fly” zone so that the Croats could bomb and strafe fleeing Serbs… a war crime for which no one was ever punished.

Agin Ceku an Albanian who fought with the Croats during this period led Operation Storm, where he personally dragged thousands of fleeing Serbs off of their trucks and wagons and beat them to death. Ceku then went to Kosovo where he cleansed over 230,000 Serbs and non Albanians from Kosovo. Yet this war criminal goes free? Current suggestions coming out of that terrorist Kosova government are saying that another Operation Storm needs to occur to rid Kosovo of the last remaining 100,000 Serbs, as though destroying over 3,000 Serbian homes and razing 513 ancient Serbian churches has not been grotesque enough.

My heart goes out to you and your family for how you suffered under the Turks. We keep hearing that it is not politically correct to call Muslims “terrorists.” So, let me understand… All Muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims? It is becoming very apparent that we have bent over backwards to give the Muslims their way, pretty soon those chickens will come home to roost and Ft. Hood is a classic example why they cannot be trusted.

8 William Dorich December 20, 2011 at 6:36 pm

You are a Holocaust denier… you don’t have a clue about Balkan history.
The Serbs were American allies in two World Wars in which they lost over one third of their adult male population. In WWII Serbs lost 30% more. They however saved the lives of over 500 downed American airmen. They hid them in their barns and basements and gave them the only food they had for their own families. Serb built a runway in the forest lit by torches and little by little over several months those American airmen’s lives were saved at great personal sacrifice and risk. By an Act of Congress in 1942 Gen. Draza Mihailovich was given the Legion of Merit, the highest award possible to someone in a foreign country. The General was executed by Tito’s firing squad after a communist show trial. Tito forbid any of the rescued airmen to testify in his behalf. And how did we Americans repay this enormous debt? By the State Department keeping that award secret for 22 years. Crack a few books open and learn some European history, your statement makes you look stupid and lacking intelligence.

9 Ola December 23, 2011 at 5:23 am

Mr. Dorich,
Your words bring tears to my eyes. I am so saddened to hear these stories. This is not the information I have previously heard, though as a Christian Catholic who fears the expansion of Islam into America and globally, I feel this story fits the puzzle so much better than anything I have been exposed to from the media previously.

I have come to see the media isn’t very intelligent, informed or courageous. This was before your words gave more evidence.

To my fellow Christians, who have died for their faith and their patriotism in the Balkans, this century and even as compatriots throughout the ages of Muslim terrorism, you have my thoughts and prayers from this day forward.

God Bless.

10 Marija Marjanovic December 23, 2011 at 8:16 am

William,or whoever you are! Do you really think those lies you posted could deceive anybody who has a genuine interest in the matter? The alleged Croatian crimes during WWII were (and are) a cover and excuse for Serbo-communist crimes against Croatia (together with Bosnia-Herzegovina) and her people. The only state of former Yugoslavia with an absolute and demographic loss of population after that war was Croatia. Even worse, after the war was over, over half a million Croatians were slaughtered in the one of the hardest and most brutal unsanctioned genocides in modern history known as “The Bleiburg Tragedy” by Tito and his Serbian and communist butchers. Cardinal Stepinac was a holy man who saved thousands of prosecuted people of all nations and religions during that unholy war, and his only crime was that he was a proud Croatian and an honest Catholic prelate. He died poisoned by Tito’s criminals. History repeated itself in 1991 when the Serbs started their genocidal war of conquest against all the other nations, states, and peoples of former Yugoslavia. There was not a single person killed in Serbia. All the killings occurred in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and, later, Kosovo, and were organized and executed by the Serbian troops. Slovenians, Croats, Bosnians and Kosovars had to organize and defend themselves. All mass murders in the Croatian and Bosnian wars were committed by the Serbs, and most of the camps were held by them. The organized rape of women was a Serbian invention. Hundreds of thousands of non-Serb peoples were murdered by them. In her movie, Ms. Jolie actually exculpates them, because not a single Serbian war criminal ever repented in real life. The Braddock’s story tells the truth. So simply read it, and you will understand what really happened, why women – victims of war rejected the movie, and what she stole from the book. The Bible says: “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

11 William Dorich December 23, 2011 at 12:09 pm

To Marlja Marjanovic: This is William Dorich and I am a real person who has written and published 6 books on Balkan history. MY newest book is Serbia: Faces & Places (

The REAL crimes of the Croats in WWII continue to go unpunished, those crimes included the brutal liquidation of 430 Serbian Orthodox priests and one bishop. One of those Serbian priests was tied to a tree and his skin was pulled from his body and every hair on his head and his beard was pulled out before they disemboweled him and allowed him to die. The slaughter of over 700,000 Serbs, just in Jasenovac Concentration Camp, in which another 60,000 Jews and 78,000 Roma Gypsies were liquidated. Another 500,000 Serbs were killed in their fields, burned to death in their churches and murdered in their own homes. Added to these appalling crimes is the poisoning of 95,200 Serbian children under the age of ten by Roman Catholic Nuns who ran part of the Jasenovac camp system.

Today, we add to these hideous WWII crimes, the ethnic cleansing of 230,000 Serbs from Croatia in 1995 and the murder of nearly 8,000 Serbs, making Croatia another ethnically pure, Roman Catholic countries in Europe. This war in Croatia started when 4 Serbian churches were destroyed and a dozen Serbian owned businesses in Zagreb were fire bombed. Clever of you to sweep that information under the rug. Apparently you are very naive about your own history? As for the Bosnian Civil War, we know as fact that the war started at a Serbian wedding in which the father of the groom was murdered and a dozen wedding guests and the priest were injured.

In WWII, the Vatican “Ratline” was responsible for helping war criminals to escape from Croatia and the Balkans including monsters like Clause Barbe and over 700 Roman Catholic priests who personally participated in the murder of thousands of Serbs with their own hands, then fled through the Vatican ratline for Argentina. In my book, Jasenovac Then & Now: A Conspiracy of Silence, I name just 50 of these criminal priests and recite their background in the war and their ugly personal liquidation of their Serb victims.

Ante Pavelic, the president of the First Independent State of Nazi Croatia in 1941, also fled through the Vatican Ratline for Argentina where he became the security advisor to Juan Peron who issued 34,000 visas to Croatian war criminals. These events are thoroughly documented and can be easily verified. NOT A SINGLE Croat Catholic priest or one of those 34,000 Croat war criminals were ever brought to justice. In fact, I launched a law suit against the Vatican Bank as the original Plaintiff. That law suit is still active and now has 380 class action participants. The millions of dollars taken from those Serbs that Croats killed including their gold teeth, was used over the past 60 years to allow Croat war criminals to live out their lives in luxury in Argentina. Some of the most grotesque war criminals lived in plain sight, yet no one in the international community was willing to extradite them and prosecute them for their horrible crimes against humanity.

As for Archbishop Stepinac, he was an ALLY CONVICTED WAR CRIMINAL, he was not tried by the Serbs or the Yugoslav government, he was tried by international forces that included Great Britain, the US and Italy. Making this goon a Saint in the Catholic church today only reveals the depth to which the Pope and the Croatian people will stoop to rewrite their ugly history instead of paying one dime in compensation to any of their victims over my lifetime.

Before this war started, the late Serbian Patriarch Pavle invited the Pope to come to Croatia to the Jasenovac Concentration Camp to celebrate a Liturgy and Mass on the 50th anniversary of the Second World War. The Pope refused saying, “Its too dangerous to come to the Balkans at this time.” However, two years later in 1993, at the height of the Bosnian Civil War a Pope made the first visit to Croatia in history and his first official duty was to lay a wreath on the tomb of Archbishop Stepinac, an ugly gesture that feed into the Nazi past of Croatia and showed the Serbs that the Vatican was willing to whitewash the war crimes of Stepinac as well as the 700 Roman priests who were war criminals and who fled to Argentina. Little wonder today that German troops sent to the Balkans were greeted by thousands of cheering Croats with their right arm salute of “Heil Hitler.”

I beg to differ on your version of the first rapes of women in the Balkans in these current Civil Wars. I suggest that you review document #S24991 which is the legal video taped depositions of 800 Serbian women taken two months before Tom Post sensationalized and fictionalized his “60,000 rapes” story on the front page of Newsweek. Patriarch Pavle also mentioned the known rape camps in 1993 operated by Croat and Muslim troops that you seem to ignore.

There is a very good reason why Angelina Jolie was not permitted to film in Bosnia by both the Serbs and the Muslims… both were appalled at this hideous manipulation of the facts. Knowing that Jon Voight went to Archbishop Stepinac High School in White Plains, New York, a Croatian community that was a hot bed of Nazi thinking in the 1950s and knowing that he and his daughter have Balkan backgrounds it is more than apparent that Jolie is as much a Serbophobe as her father and as Serbophobic as the Catholic church.

As for “repentance,” I am 73 years old and I am still awaiting the apologies from the Nazi Croats for their WWII crimes against 17 of my family members. I anticipate someone, anyone to apologize for the brutal murder of my last 5 relatives during Operation Storm in 1995 in which they were too old and too sick to flee and were found with their throat slit.

I also await an apology from the 22,000 Nazi Hanjar Muslim troops in Bosnia who not only killed thousands of Americans they fought in Italy, but, when the Americans finally broke through their lines these Nazi Muslims fled back to Bosnia where the new despicable task was to guard the railway links between the Balkans and Auschwitz. In my book, Jasenovac Then & Now, I have a photography, complements of the War Museum in London, of the SS Hanjar Muslim Nazi Division being inspected by none other then Himmler himself. You can run Marlja but you cannot hid from the facts or history. I suggest that you need to crack a few books and learn the truth before you try coming off as a Croat expert.

12 William Dorich December 23, 2011 at 12:51 pm

To Ola:
It was unfortunate that the media was bought and sold by our State Department during these Balkan Civil Wars. These wars were not based on human rights, otherwise the Serbs would not continue to be punished with collective guilt. This was about building the single largest American military base in the world built since Vietnam. About guaranteeing the oil from the Caspian Sea coming into Europe and assuring the Muslim mafia free flow of drugs through Kosovo into Europe. The Vatican played an important part of this conspiracy. Journalists today do little to no research. I was sick of hearing about the assassination of Archduke Ferdenand as the cause of WWI. These stupid journalist knew nothing about the Balkans or the fact that the Serbian king was assassinated in France along with a French Ambassador about 4 years prior to WWI and was behind the motives of a Serbs killing the Archduke. Apparently you can assassinate a Serbia king and nothing happens but to assassinate an Archduke causes a world war… how stupid!

What the media failed to tell you is that Serbia was internationally recognized as a nation at the Congress of Berlin in 1878, with one stipulation, that Bosnia-Herzegovina would be a protectorate for 33 years. Much like the NATO occupation of the Balkans today. When it came time for Austria to turn Bosnia-Herzegovina back to the Serbs the Austrians said no and then sent the Archduke to Sarajevo on the most sacred holiday, Vidovdan, the commemoration of The Battle of Kosovo in 1389 in which the Serbs lost 77,000 troops in one day. Fifty years later the Serbs were enslaved by the Turks for 400 years. The Archduke came to Sarajevo to thumb his nose at the Serbs and if I were alive then I would have gladly shot the bastard!

The Serbs as American Allies went on to destroy the Austrian Empire. When the Croats, who were vassals of the Austrians, realized that the Allies were going to win the war, like rats fleeing a sinking ship those Croats ran into the arms of their Serbian enemies.

People need to understand that it was Serbs and Serbia who gave up their statehood to form the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes in 1918, but those who are accustomed to taking and never giving will never admit that Serbian sacrifices with her former enemies was the foundation of creating Yugoslavia by force from Churchill and his ilk and other politicians who determined for the Serbs how they would life and with whom. That shotgun marriage was a disaster from the outset and it took another World War in 1941 and the current wars that allowed people like the Croats who never had a country and Bosnian Muslims who never had a country to amputate Serbian territory to get their own nations, thanks to Madeleine Albright and her ilk.

13 cinoeye December 23, 2011 at 4:20 pm

Most analysts agree that all sides committed atrocities. On the rare occasions we see Bosnian fighters in “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” they come off as a likable ragtag band, while the better-armed and better-organized Serb forces are presented as preening and sadistic fascists, continually drunk and singing nationalistic songs. She’s playing favorites, and drawing on cinematic and historical archetypes.
I wish to correct what I observed, especially the I will leave the artistic side to those who are more qualified. Sex, violence, distortion of historic facts and fabrication appear alive and well in Hollywood as cinematic tricks are used to distract and “entertain” us.n This film stinks the same way as “Behind the enemy lines”.

14 William Dorich December 23, 2011 at 6:54 pm

“This film Stinks,” that is a good description. All propaganda stinks when it is so full of racism, bigotry and hatred, so we know Angelina excels at something, even if its ugly.

15 jim hionis December 23, 2011 at 6:55 pm

At some point in thier history the Serbian nation will be granted a reprieve from the distortions and outright calumuny that has dogged them so perversely in the western secular media. Until then they are doomed to stoically bear the affronts by those whose sole agenda is destruction of a stubborn pocket of Christian Orthodox culture in favor of Muslim ascendency.

16 William Dorich December 23, 2011 at 7:13 pm

Many politicians climbed in bed with one or another set of political whores, be that Madeleine Albright or Tony Blaire who claimed they wanted to build a democratic Balkans while they trampled on the human rights of the Serbian people. It reveals the depth of their character and their integrity… Albright, a Jew, became an Episcopal Christian, then a Roman Catholic, Lord only knows what she is today other than a transvestite Christian who switches costumes whenever it fits her agenda. Tony Blaire switched his religious allegiance to the Roman Catholics so we know now how well he defended the Orthodox Serbs during all of those years of negotiating with Serbia’s enemies and in whose interest he worked so diligently.

As American allies in two World Wars, the Serbs surely have learned a valuable lesson, trusting old friends is no better than trusting current enemies. Someday as the Muslims take over Europe with their fanatic ideas as witnessed today in France, we might see a return to the thinking as to why the Ottoman Empire had to be destroyed along with the Austrian Empire. When Americans realize that they are giving up their freedoms to such religious idiots and terrorists they might finally come to their senses.

17 William Dorich December 25, 2011 at 12:26 pm

I repeat here the comment made by The Gentile…”Having served three times in Bosnia in the early 2000’s, I can say that the country side was dotted with new mostly empty mosques built with Saudi money. Today, they’re filling out and the attendants are being radicalized into Jihad as the increased recent Muslim violence can attest too. Knowing the less than peaceful nature of Islam, it is not a stretch of the imagination to concur with William Dorich.”

Here we have an American military man who served in the Balkans and has seen with his own eyes what the Muslims are doing. I also had a long conversation with a Los Angeles police detective who served in Kosovo for nearly a year. He said what was being done to the Serbs was despicable and that when confronted with a crime against a Serb if the evidence pointed to Muslims that evidence was disregarded and the reports doctored to imply that the perpetrators were either “unknown” or were Serbs. He said he got sick of having to lie or pretend he did not know the facts.

The invasion into Bosnia by 2,000 Muslim terrorists from Osama bin Laden’s training camps in Afghanistan were terrorists who tortured and executed a dozen Serbian soldiers by roasting them on spits like pigs and decapitating dozens more. Then carried their severed heads around Bosnia as trophies.

At one point Anthony Lewis of the New York Times wrote that: “the roasting of Serb soldiers and the decapitation of dozens of Serbian victims was nothing but propaganda by Milosevich and the Serbs believed.” I immediately sent a dozen pictures of roasted Serbs and images of Arabs carrying severed Serbian heads to Gurtzman, the foreign editor and to Anthony Lewis demanding a retraction. Those packages were sent by FedEx and both Lewis and Guttzman signed personally for them … yet there was never a retraction. This is the same newspaper that refused to publish ONE SINGLE ARTICLE written by a Serbian journalist, author, scholar or political leader over the past 15 years. “All the news that’s fit to print,” is the NYT motto. What unholy Chutpzah! By the way, the Los Angeles Times followed the lead of the NYT and they also did not print one single article in over ten years. This was at a time when the House and Senate and the Foreign Relations Committee refused to allow any Serb, either from Serbia or an American Serb to appear before their committees.

At one point, I was invited to the White House for a meeting with Clinton, Albright along with 9 other Serbs. As usual, you are required to supply your Social Security number, passport and other personal data prior to any meeting with the president. A week after I submitted my credentials I was uninvited by a member of the president’s staff… Why? Because I wrote a stinging article about Albright when she was being considered for Secretary of State. I revealed how she and her family were rescued by Serbs and smuggled into Belgrade. After a brief stay they were smuggled to Cairo, then on to England. This was accomplished at great sacrifice and personal risk to a group of Serbs. Along with the Korbel family was a first cousin who returned to Czechoslovakia after the war.

Pavle Jankovic, a well know journalist with Politika in Belgrade was a personal friend of Albright’s father and it was he who arranged the smuggling of the Korbel family at great personal risk. In writing the article I said that Albright was a Jew. I called her office where I had faxed the article and requested a comment. She said “I will not dignify your article with a response.” Asked if I could print that remark she said “NO.”

Two weeks later in a major article in the Washington Post, Michael Dobbs wrote her biography. In the interview he said she was a Jew and her response was, “Why I am surprised.” I wrote to Albright and said with such hypocrisy you are no doubt a Jew having such Chutpzah to lie to me two weeks earlier.

When Albright became Secretary her first official trip was to Czechoslovakia where she met with her first cousin with whom she had no personal contact for over 5 decades. Her cousin took Albright to the Synagogue to show Albright the Korbel names listed on the walls. Albright grew up in Belgrade during the time her father was the Czech Ambassador. On her trip to Belgrade she took the press corp to the house in which they lived. Because it was too small she asked the group to pick one journalist and they would share the story. The press picked Michael Dobbs and she refused to allow him to represent the press. Apparently she didn’t like he wrote about her as well?

Korbel taught at a University in Colorado where Dr. Alex Dragnich also taught. Dragnich wrote 12 books on Balkan history and was the recipient of the Thomas Jefferson Award for Outstanding Scholarship. Dr. Dragnich told me that before a group of Korbel’s colleagues he said: “I would relish going back to Belgrade to live among my Serbian friends when Tito dies.” Why Albright has such hatred for the Serbs one can only speculate. I surmise that some handsome Serb lover jilted her … and with that ugly face I would not blame him.

18 1389 December 25, 2011 at 1:52 pm

A few years back, someone (don’t remember who it was) emailed me to say that Albright had an illegitimate child by a Montenegrin. I didn’t post anything about it because I was never able to confirm the story, so I figured it was a rumor. If anybody has any direct personal recollections (not hearsay) or has seen other evidence that would either confirm or refute that story, I’d be interested in hearing about it.

She probably wasn’t that ugly when she was born. With age, a person tends to get the face he or she deserves. Keeping a scowl on one’s visage for decade after decade is not going to help.

19 William Dorich December 25, 2011 at 6:43 pm

I have heard that rumor about Albright having a Serbian baby too, but I do not believe that was ever proven to be true. If it was true, I think the only way to get that woman pregnant was to put a Serbian flag over her head and call it a patriotic act.

20 bishop December 28, 2011 at 1:10 am

Great work William. As for the Croat holocaust deniers like Marija Marjanovic here one just has to see what the Croat Nazis themselves said about the slaughter of over 500k Serbs in Croatia during ww2;

Also Yugoslavia was a dictatorship ruled by one man – TITO who was a Croat. The lies she wrote are easily discredited.

21 William Dorich December 28, 2011 at 12:08 pm

The problem here is that with the help of the CIA, the State Department, Justice Department and the Vatican after WWII, the facts and the real history was kept well protected. Even the Legion of Merit Award given to Gen. Mihailovich for saving the lives of 513 downed American Airmen, an award granted by an Act of Congress, was kept secret for 22 years… what a F…ing moronic display of gratitude to the Serbian allies in two World Wars.

Fr. Draganovic ran the “Vatican Ratline” where Clause Barbe and thousands of war criminals were given an escape route. The book, The Web of Disinformation (1989) written by David Martin is an outstanding book about these events, he devotes two chapters to Draganovic and his batch of Catholic clergy war criminals, 700 of who fled to Argentina and lived off of the spoils from their Serbian victims for year with no fear of prosecution, thanks again the our State Department who refused to share information much of which is now available through the Freedom of Information Act. Marija Marjanovic is merely a Croat mouthpiece selected to spew her hatred and deny all responsibility of the Croats who liquidated well over 800,000 Serbs, 60,000 Jews and 78,000 Roma Gypsies, then have the Chutpzah to claim that Archibishop Stepinac was a “saintly man who saved lives.” He was the damned ringleader for God’s sake! That is why the allies prosecuted the bastard and threw him in prison for ten years. When he was released this so called saintly man was under house arrest for the remainder of his life. You do not treat a “saintly” and “innocent man” in this manner. Now the stupid Catholic church has made him a saint?

Bleiburg, in May 1945, was an act of violence, not by Serbs who she blames today, but by Tito and the Partisan Communists. Thousands of Ustashe Croats were placed on a train and during the night they thought they had crossed the Austrian border to safety but Tito had stopped the train inside Yugoslavia’s borders and proceeded to slaughter them. They were ALL WAR CRIMINALS, the Austrians didn’t want any part of them and the British refused to come to their aid and encouraged them to surrender to the Tito Partisan forces, they refused, so Tito came up with his own plan.

What is missing from Ms. Marjanovic’s historic revisionism is any comment that admits that the Croats liquidated a million citizens, or that they perpetrated war crimes in support of Hitler, or that any Croat, including their criminal priests, escaped justice thanks to our own State Department that helped 34,000 of them and 740 Roman Catholic Priests get to safety in Argentina, where Ante Pavelic became the “Security Advisor” to Juan Peron who issued those 34,000 Visas.

The Croats, through their investments with Ruder/Finn Public Relations where they spent over $50 million dollars with their international liars campaign got their independence thanks to the Vatican and Germany who were the first to recognize it. Today Hitler’s 1941 map of the Balkans is exactly the current map of the “new” Balkans… how compelling. So what the Nazis and the Croats could not gain in war they gained through war crimes and by violating numerous international laws and treaties.

No one, especially the Croats, who, like rats fleeing a sinking ship, ran into the arms of their Serbian enemies when it became obvious that the Austrians were going to lose WWI. Just like they fled into the arms of Hitler two decades later. When the Germans bombed Belgrade on Palm Sunday in 1941 killing 17,000 Serbs in one day. Within 10 days the Serbs surrendered and Hitler occupied Yugoslavia. When his troops entered the country they were greeted in Zagreb with hundreds of thousands of Croats lining the roads and streets all waving Nazi flags and giving the “Sieg Heil” salute, seen again today in Zagreb. How interesting that in one week the Croats had hundreds of thousands of Nazi flags in their possession to greet German troops?

It is my belief that allowing Nazi Croatia to become a member of the EU without repenting for their past and current war crimes will be the undoing of the EU. It cannot happen fast enough to please me. As for those Serbs who eagerly await being invited to join the liars club and the Nazi criminal club in the EU, think twice! If this gang of criminals can amputate former Yugoslavia at will and take Kosovo in violation of UN Res. #1244, then they can dictate the total destruction of Serbia… piece by piece.

22 bishop December 28, 2011 at 2:23 pm

Here are some Western sources on the Croats and the role of the Catholic church in WW2 Croatia;

Books –
Unholy Trinity: The Vatican, The Nazis, and The Swiss Banks

Hitler’s Foreign Executioners: Europe’s Dirty Secret

Hitler’s New Disorder: The Second World War in Yugoslavia

Visions of Annihilation: The Ustasha Regime and the Cultural Politics of Fascism, 1941-1945

The Catholic Church and the Holocaust, 1930-1965

Also for Marija; let a dozen or so German and Italian officers and officials tell us what happened in Croatia during World War II instead, in their own words, uttered or written between 1941 and 1945.

-According to SS Obergruppenführer Arthur Phleps, “From the start the main Ustaša objective was to annihilate the Orthodox [Serbs], to butcher hundreds of thousands of persons, women and children.”

-Dr. Hermann Neubacher, Hitler’s foremost political expert for the Balkans, agreed:
“The prescription for the Orthodox Serbs issued by the leader and Führer of Croatia, Ante Pavelić, was…: One third must be converted to Catholicism, another third must be expelled, and the final third must die. The last part of the program has been carried out.”

-General Bader, commanding German troops in Serbia, saw this annihilation as the goal not limited to the Ustaša regime: “There is no doubt at all that the Croats are endeavoring to destroy the entire Serb population.”

-The application of the Ustaša program meant that, in the words of historian Ernst Nolte, “Croatia became during the war a giant slaughterhouse.” As a Habsburg officer and a gentleman of the old school, General Glaise von Horstenau – the Wehrmacht plenipotentiary representative in Zagreb – was horrified by the ‘barbaric’ methods used against the Serbs, and noted that they were “fundamentally placed outside the law, outlawed” (vogelfrei).

-Even the hardened Nazis were horrified: according to a Gestapo report prepared for Himmler, “The Ustašas committed their bestial crimes not only against males of military age, but especially against helpless old people, women and children.”

-The number of victims will never be known. Estimates made by German and Italian officials during the war are staggering. In a report to Himmler, SS General Ernst Frick estimated that; “600 to 700,000 victims were butchered in the Balkan fashion.” Hermann Neubacher thought that as many as 750,000 Serbs were killed. General Lothar Rendulic, commanding German forces in the western Balkans in 1943-1944, estimated the number of Ustaša victims to be 500,000; “When I objected to a high official who was close to Pavelic that, in spite of the accumulated hatred, I failed to comprehend the murder of half a million Orthodox, the answer I received was characteristic of the mentality that prevailed there; “Half a million, that’s too much – there weren’t more than 200,000!”

-The commander of the Italian Sasari division reported that; “the population in some places was completely exterminated, after being tortured and tormented”…;
“The horrors that the Ustasi have committed over the Serbian small girls is beyond all words. There are hundreds of photographs confirming these deeds … pulling of tongues and teeth, nails and breast tips (all this done after they were raped). The few survivors were taken in by our officers and transported to Italian hospitals where these documents and facts were gathered.”

-The Italian army chief of general staff, General Mario Roatta (described by Count Ciano as “the most intelligent general I know”), decided that his troops would not assist what he saw as the Ustaša campaign of “wholesale extermination of the Serbian Orthodox populace.” He found the Ustaša acts deplorable: “Their campaign was characterized by the slaughter of tens of thousands of persons, including the aged, women, and children… ” The Italian troops could not remain indifferent to these excesses, Roatta added. Accordingly, in September 1941 the Italian Second Army commander, General Vittorio Ambrosio decided to expel all Ustasas from the Italian zone and thus to “undo the legacy of four months of Ustaša misrule.”

-General Edmund Glaise von Horstenau knew that Pavelić wanted to kill or otherwise eliminate all Serbs. According to his tally, the number of Serbs “who have fallen as victims of animal instincts fanned by Ustaša leaders” exceeded 200,000 by early August 1941. His assistant Capt. Häffner noted “the strong inferiority complex of Ustaša leaders and their flock vis-à-vis the Serbs, who are more numerous and superior in life energy.” In a report dated 18 July 1941 Häffner warned Glaise that German troops were perceived as being supportive of the regime’s excesses;
“There is a deep mistrust of Germany because it is supporting a regime that has no moral or political right to exist… [regime] of robbers who do more evil in one day than the Serbian regime had done in twenty years.”

-As early as July 1941 Heribert Troll-Obergfell, a former Austrian diplomat and counselor at the German legation in Zagreb, sent a report to the Foreign Ministry and warned that Ustaša crimes were creating “an explosive situation wherever Serbs lived,” which could soon erupt into hotbeds of unrest. On the same day Glaise sent his report to the High Command (OKW), noting that; “our troops have to be mute witnesses to such events… [which] does not reflect well on their otherwise high reputation”;
“I am frequently told by our military, as well as by some Croat circles, that German troops would finally have to intervene against Ustaša crimes. ” Glaise held that; “the Croat revolution was by far the bloodiest and most awful… in Europe since 1917.”

-Lower-ranking German officers also knew that harmless civilians were subject to Ustaša slaughter because they were Serbs, and not because they were rebels. Captain Konopatzki [714th Division intelligence officer] maintained that ‘the Serbs,’ not Partisans, not Četniks, not enemies, were the object of Ustaša attacks. Major C. Geim, General Bader’s intelligence officer, argued that the Ustaša attacked Serbs with the objective of “exterminating the Serbian portion of the population in Croatia.”

-Demands for intervention to stop Ustaša massacres came from many German quarters, including the Commander South-East Wilhelm List and the leaders of the Volksdeutsche community in the Independent State of Croatia. Rudolf Epting, the Nazi Party foreign branch (Auslandsorganisation) chief in Croatia, shared their concern and, in a report to Hitler, named the Ustašas the main culprits. Walter Schellenberg of the Reich Security Service (RSHA) foreign department also held that the slaughters caused the rebellion: “Without recruits from the Serb population which was terrorized by the Ustašas, this Četnik warfare would have been nipped in the bud.” The RSHA agents sent literally hundreds of such reports. The summary was presented to the Reichsfuehrer SS, Heinrich Himmler, in a detailed report: “Increased activity of the bands is chiefly due to atrocities carried out by Ustaša units in Croatia against the Orthodox population.”

-According to Wehrmacht eyewitnesses, the Ustaša ‘slaughtered’ the villagers and ‘plundered’ their property in acts of pure terror. German reports of Ustaša violence described it as “uncontrolled and transgressing all boundaries”: The same terms, ‘plundering,’ ‘excesses’ and ‘atrocities,’ also described acts which Wehrmacht commanders explicitly prohibited their troops from participating in and therefore further reinforced the terms’ criminal connotations when used in reference to Ustaša violence… as “in defiance of all the laws of civilization …

-A Wehrmacht regimental commander in Bosnia, Lt.Col. von Wedel, who commanded a regiment in Kampfgruppe Westbosnien, complained to Glaise-Horstenau of an Ustaša’s company massacre of Serb women and children. According to von Wedel, the Ustaša killed them “like cattle” in a series of “bestial executions.”

-General Walter Kuntze, commander of Wehrmacht forces in Southeastern Europe through August 1942, characterized the NDH as the ‘problem child’ of the region. His successor, General Alexander v. Löhr, also objected to the Ustaša bands’ rekindling of unrest, which placed into serious question all the previous German efforts at pacification.

-By 1942 this view was replicated down the German command chain: Ustaša violence produced the ‘general insecurity’ and the ‘renewal of bands’ in areas of the country the Wehrmacht had ‘mopped up.’ The intelligence staff of the commanding general in Serbia warned that the “boundless and undisciplined efforts of the Ustaša are the main reasons for the further development of anarchic conditions.”

-General Alexander von Loehr, who became Wehrmacht Commander South-East in the summer of 1942, shared Glaise’s views on the problem created by Ustaša pogroms. Six weeks after taking his new post, Loehr reported to Hitler that; “Croatian troops are disintegrating,” while “the Ustaša government itself is on the verge of chaos.” Loehr insisted that Ustaša anti-Serb crimes enabled the rebels to grow strong.

-General Lothar Rendulic, who was appointed commander of the Second Panzer Army and thus the senior commander of German forces in Croatia in August 1943, was adamant that Pavelić and the Ustašas were an impediment to pacification in the Balkans. Rendulic suggested that the NDH government should be replaced by a German military administration, “with only a pretense of regard for the Ustaša state.”

-This view was shared by Hermann Neubacher, who was appointed special political envoy in the southeast in August 1943. His task was to “politically organize national forces and guide them in their struggle against Communist bands.” No German official in the Balkans enjoyed such wide powers as Neubacher, who quickly joined the ranks of Pavelić’s enemies. Neubacher prepared a plan for comprehensive pacification of the area. The plan was, as he readily admitted, “aimed against the continued existence of Pavelić’s regime.” That regime regarded him, in his own words, “as the main Enemy of the State.”

23 William Dorich December 28, 2011 at 3:19 pm

I suggest that Marija obtain a copy of my book, Jasenovac Then & Now: A Conspiracy of Silence, it contains my speech before Kingsborough College in New York and also contains the brief history of just 50 of the 740 Roman Catholic priests who personally participated in the Ustashe and killed Serbs, Jews and Gypsies with their own hands, then fled Croatia for Argentina, where they escaped justice.

The book also contains a number of first-person testimonies of some of the survivors of Jasenovac Concentration Camp including two Croats. The testimonies of several German officers and the research of the Concentration Camp in the months that followed the war. The book is available on line at but is also now an inexpensive 3rd Edition down load at $2.99 on the iPad, Kindle, Sony and Nook Readers. Maybe Marija and her Croat comrades will gain a well needed history lesson from the mouths of some of the 87 surviving victims of her Croat Ustashe.

To the “Must Read” list I add:

The Web of Disinformation (1989) By David Martin
The Rape of Serbia (1989) By Michael Lees

24 bishop December 28, 2011 at 5:03 pm

as for some of the other lies being pushed by some on this board we can see that;

-the Bosnian claim of “300,000 dead muslims killed by serbs” was a total fabrication during the 90s;
the hague tribunal itself claims 100,000 victims on all sides (30,000 being serbs, did these people “kill themselves?”). not to mention the 10k muslims killed by croats in the bosniak-croat war;–Bosniak_War
or the fact that the muslims also fought each other as well;ć

-The Bosnian war could have been easily avoided as all three sides signed a peace agreement until the muslim side (under US direction) withdrew their signature which started the war. Instead of power sharing the muslims wanted to have full control over the 1.4 million serbs in Bosnia and create an islamic republic;

-We can see that the Croats were planning to exterminate the Serbs in Croatia during the 90s even before the war started;Špegelj#.C5.A0pegelj_Tapes
Croatia’s Police Minister Admits Croatia Started the War by Attacking Serbs

I guess Marija thinks these people should have waited to be “slaughtered” as the Croat defense minister had planned for them.

-In Kosovo the Albanians and US government claimed “500,000 Albanians were missing” during the 99′ war, here is the truth;
“Serb killings ‘exaggerated’ by west”;

once anyone in “the west” is presented with these facts they quickly realize that the conflict was not about “good guys vs. bad guys” and that the croat/muslim/albanian lies says volumes on how they ran a very good PR campaign that demonized a entire nation.

25 bishop December 28, 2011 at 5:12 pm

lets see what leading bosnian muslim politicians and journalists have to say about the srebrenica “genocide” themselves in this Norwegian documentary;

the film shows what kind of “safe area” srebrenica was and how muslim warlord Naser Oric killed over 2k serbs around it and how he became a millionaire by selling UN aid to his own people. the film also features leading CIA officials directly involved in the region who admit that the “fall of srebrenica” was a staged event in which Mladic took the town with 2 tanks and 200 men while over 5k muslim fighters were given the order to flee towards Tuzla….

26 William Dorich December 28, 2011 at 10:23 pm

To Bishop: I know that I am singing to the choir, but our enemies read these posts as well.
The “300,000 deaths” was a propaganda stunt used by Ruder/Finn Public Relations for over 7 years because the lies worked and they earned tens of millions of dollars in the process from both the Croats and the Muslims.

Naturally no one in the State Department or any of our politicians want to admit that the Croats killed over 10,000 Muslims in their Civil War against the Bosnian Muslims, it was far to easy to blame those deaths on the Serbs.

You are correct, all three sides signed a peace agreement called the Lisbon Agreement, before a single life was lost in Bosnia, however, Ambassador Zimmerman was sent into Bosnia to destroy that document and to convince Alija Izetbegovic the new president of Bosnia to betray that peace agreement and to withdraw his signature. Then the blood began to flow.The State Department wanted a Muslim dominated, Muslim controlled Bosnia and expected the 42% of the population (the Serbs) to kiss their back sides and agree to be enslaved. If Zimmerman was still alive he should be standing in the dock at The Hague as the instigator of this war and the war crimes perpetrated by the Bosnian Muslims, including giving Visas to nearly 10,000 terrorists Islamic fighters that came to Bosnia from Osama bin Laden’s training camps in Afghanistan. There is ample evidence that these terrorists came to Bosnia to take over Bosnia and to create a strict Islamic state and to utilize their Jihadist terrorist tactics to make it happen. The roasting of Serbian Soldiers on spits like pigs and the decapitation of hundreds of Serbian victims attests to the depth to which the Muslims will stoop to gain control. This was all financed by the Saudi government as our State Department managed to look the other way. Or did they, I think we were a party to this duplicity.

As for the Croats, Little miss Marjanovic, miss-information is expert at slight-of-hand historical revisionism, she never admits that the person most responsible for the war in Croatia was none other that Markovic, the Prime Minister of former Yugoslavia. It was Markovic who ordered the Serbian army to attack Croatia in 1991, then he resigned as Prime Minister and fled to Zagreb knowing full well what he had unleashed. Why is this Croat bastard is not standing in the dock at The Hague?

I remind my readers that the Serbs ranked in 4th position of all the government, ministerial, and diplomatic positions in former Yugoslavia. Imagine, the Serbs, who were the majority of the population had been reduced to 4th place and allowed these terrorists and morons to destroy their country? As if that was not sufficient enough, they then allowed the Nazi puppets to dismembered their country at will.

I remember that fictitious quote of the Serbs killing “500,000 Albanians” and I also remember Jamie Shay in the State Department claiming on CNN that over “100,000 Albanians were being held against their will in a sports stadium. AP reporters went to the stadium to report that it was not just empty, but the grass on the field was over 20 inches high acknowledging that this stadium was not used by both Albanians or Serbs. Much like the claim by Albright the idiot who went on international television to tell the world that our satellite images revealed the locations of a Serbian mass graves of their Bosnian victims. When reporters went to the location it was discovered that trenches that had been dug were for the installation of electrical service in the area. There were NO BODIES FOUND and Albright was made to look as stupid as she is.

One of the most contemptible publicity stunts in this war was created by the Croats and their PR minions in Washington, when they photographed Dubrovnik showing the entire walled city ablaze and claimed the Serbs had bombed and destroyed this 15th century walled city. What we now know is that the Croats burned old auto tires throughout the walled city, then photographed it with telephoto lenses to compress the range to make it appear that the entire city was ablaze… no it was only smoking.

Then Voice of America claimed that in the midst of the Civil War, that “the Croats managed to repair hundreds of bombed tile roofs and were able to repair the damage. Imagine, Food, medicine, weapons could not get through Serbian lines, but marble, mortar, cement and tile for the roofs and craftsmen were accessible for this enormous repair job while the Croats were fighting the Serbs? And the world was made to believe. The reporter at Voice of America eventually admitted months later that “the repairs to Dubrovnik were so well done that it added credence to the Serbian claims that not all that much damage was done in the first place as claimed by the Serbs.” To which I add, imagine those miraculous Croats that were so skillful that they were able to match the 15th century marble and construction so perfectly that even experts could not detect the difference. And we were all made to look like morons willing to accept any claims by the murderous Croats. P.T. Barnum was right when this famous man of the circus once said…”A sucker is born every minute.” And the American public proved that Barnum was totally accurate.

27 bishop December 29, 2011 at 1:15 am

Thanks for the article Bill. A good documentary could be made about the negative portrayal of the entire Serbian nation in Hollywood as there are a number of films in which Serbs are shown as terrorist killers targeting the West (when has that ever occurred in real life by the way?). Just to be clear producing a film that portrays Serb soldiers committing crimes in the war is not the issue, all sides in the conflict committed crimes, however the major issue that I have is that EVERY single film produced in Hollywood about the Yugoslav wars (and there were a number of them) portrays the Serbs as Nazis and the Muslims/Croats as angels! This is simple minded propaganda designed to demonize the entire Serbian nation. What Hollywood film has ever shown the Serbian suffering from the 1990’s Yugoslav civil wars (or the Croatian genocide against the Serbs in WW2 when over 500,000 were killed in the most brutal and savage way in history)? The Nazi Croats were the only people in history to have run a concentration camp just for children in WW2;'s_concentration_camp

Is this not the sickest thing ever? How is this not THE story that Jolie would make her directorial debut about since we all know about her humanitarian activity and devotion to the children of the world?

28 William Dorich December 29, 2011 at 12:35 pm

I read recently that a Balkan film producer is doing a film about Jasenovac Concentration Camp. I just hope that it is not sugarcoated.

29 Arius December 29, 2011 at 3:59 pm

William Dorich,

Prepare yourself for a long battle. We Armenians suffered 1.5 million slaughtered by the Turks in WW1 (actually it’s worse: in over fourteen centuries Islamic jihads have killed about ten million Armenians). For nearly a hundred years we have been trying to bring the Turks to justice. In the Serbs case the Western powers are directly involved in the demonization of your people and support the Croat fascists and Muslim jihad. You have a long battle ahead.

I fear that the West is on a self destructive path, that the West has made a crucial turn that will ultimately vastly diminish or destroy it. In an earlier post I mentioned that the enabling of the Muslim Brotherhood by the West is the biggest strategic mistake by the West since the 1500’s. That is how bad the situation is. Europe is already lost to Islam and doesn’t know it – it’s the walking dead. Its civilization is a dead relic in its museums. The fewer by the day that defend its traditions are ridiculed. Its ideologies of political correctness and multiculturalism, developed to defend the Euro Arab Dialog and massive Muslim immigration, are now coming to America.

I am beyond arguing with anyone on this. The question is why the West has lost its sanity, why it hates itself, why it makes every excuse for the sacred cow of Islam no matter what it does. I would be interested in your thoughts on this, on the big cycles and trends of history.

30 aca December 31, 2011 at 9:25 pm

@William Dorich , man I am so happy that there is a Serb like you out there fighting for us .

If I were you I would just delete the comments of all these rabid nationalists and not even bother answering . They are just insane in the head .

Why can’t someone in Serbia make a really good documentary or film that really shows all the facts that we have on our side and show who we really are and what happened ?

31 William Dorich January 1, 2012 at 10:42 am

To aca: Thank you for your praise of my work. I have already made an attempt to tell our story in a photo essay. The book I published in April is, Serbia: Faces & Places. My co author Val Rajic and I wanted to portray our people and Serbia in a positive light as most Americans think we are “Siberians,” and just another “terrorist” group, 95% of the American public can’t point to Serbia or Kosovo on a map. You can see inside my book at, please share the information as book sales are lousy.

With 1.2 million Serbs in the US, we should have already sold out our first print run of 3,000 copies, however we have sold less than 500 copies… there in lies the reason why Serbs are so easily demonized and why most Americans do not have a clue who we are … Serbs simply do not support Serbian authors, not just with my political books but even a book that proudly shows their history and the beauty of their country… I have invest tens of thousands of dollars on books about them, their history and their culture and they simply will not buy them. I encouraged them to buy my political books about the War and my Kosovo book and give them to their local libraries and colleges, to members of Congress and to bias journalists, that idea fell on deaf ears. The most insulting comment made by these Serbs is “Oh, I already know that.” To which I always reply, “But do your children and grandchildren know about it?”

I have self published 6 books on Serbia and the Balkans, none of which achieved best seller status (5,000 copies). One would surmise that Serbs somehow enjoy being ignorant and “illiterate,” as Vice President of the US, Joseph Biden called us on CNN in August, 1993. His said, among other appalling comments: “Serbs are illiterates, degenerates, baby killers, butchers, terrorists, rapists and cowards.” Imagine, that hideous level of racists and bigoted hate speech was utilized in just one 8 minute interview. There has never been an apology because the Serbs do not demand one.

32 aca January 1, 2012 at 3:12 pm

I will see what I can do about giving your books to my local library . This is a good idea .

I have been fighting on the forums as much as i can but there just don’t seem to be enough Serbs that are knowledgeable about what happened in the Balkans and why . Cold hard facts and data is what can help us and to spread it as wide as possible .

33 lana January 2, 2012 at 10:00 pm

I hope authors claiming they know everything about the Bosnian war will stop commenting about Angelina’s movie “In The Land Of Blood And Honey”, it always hurts to know the truth specially the ugly war,it doesn’t matter who is the bad guy, just respect Angelina Jolie’s first directorial movie . Just leave it alone because whatever your bad comment about it, we are still gonna watch the movie,but for sure i am not gonna read your book!

34 1389 January 2, 2012 at 10:17 pm

Respect has to be earned. Angelina Jolie has earned my respect neither with her personal life (a misnomer, in that her personal life is one big publicity stunt), nor with her supposed artistic abilities, nor with her moral posturing. As far as I am concerned, she is red ink on the ledger of life.

35 bishop January 3, 2012 at 12:03 am

@ lana
you are way out of your league here. who has claimed they “know everything” about the war here? what a stupid comment! the western media and its propaganda machine that has demonized the entire serb nation is the side that is claiming to “know everything” about the Bosnian war, hence why EVERY single Hollywood film about the conflict, (besides the Savior), presents the muslims as victims and Serbs as genocidal killers, while the fact is that ALL sides committed horrible crimes in the war as I outlined above.

You say that it “hurts to know the truth”, well share the “truth” with us then please since you and Angelina seem to know it! Who is pretending to “claim to know everything about the war” now? Ahh yes when you or Angelina claim to know the “truth” then it must be right!?!? 🙂 Your comments are a joke that are easily dismissed. Once the other side of the war is presented to people like yourself the conversation instantly becomes defensive because the conflict becomes “complex” and since you already have an agenda you very much want people to believe the Hollywood version of the conflict . Every conversation I have about the Bosnian war is reduced to this defensive strategy once the facts are put down on the table, instantly I hear things like you said; “we are still gonna watch the movie”, who is the “WE” that you refer to here Lana? Is that you and all the other Serb haters who refuse to see the other side of the conflict? Or is the “we” you refer to the NATO skirt you hide behind and act tough?

36 William Dorich January 3, 2012 at 9:32 am

To Lana: “A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” and you certainly do not challenge yours.
For over a decade the New York Times did not publish ONE SINGLE ARTICLE written by a Serbian journalist, author, scholar, or political leader. The Los Angeles Times followed in the footsteps of the NYT, and I am accused of knowing everything? You are so out of touch with reality that I don’t think you should read any books including mine as they might contaminate your pristine and unspoiled brain.

37 aca January 5, 2012 at 12:57 pm

All negative reviews of this movie have been deleted from IMDB database ! My review and 2 others have been deleted from IMDB ( My post was very political but I said nothing vulgar or anything that couldn’t be verified . One other post was not that political but questioned the direction and said that some of the actors were motivated by politics .

These are not the type of reviews that get removed from IMDB . I have seen many political and borderline vulgar posts . My post was up for about 2 weeks and was at the top because it had the best percentage votes then suddenly deleted . This is censorship !

38 bishop January 6, 2012 at 10:24 pm

Hey Bill: just read this article and this line made me laugh and I thought of our comments on your great article;

Read: box-office poison;
On its opening weekend, “Blood and Honey” earned $18,854 playing in three theaters. Its first week found a gross of $55,000. That’s not even Angelina’s nanny budget. In contrast, even the roundly slammed “The Tourist” opened at $16 million and eventually turned a profit, with an international gross of $278 million.

39 Z Rugova January 14, 2012 at 2:15 pm

Editor’s note: We assume that this commenter is an Albanian Muslim. Once again, we will be responding in italics, as this almost meets our Blog Comment Policy.

can’t believe you are seriously still trying to portray the serbs as victims.

We deal in facts on the 1389 Blog. We don’t try “portray” anything. We have been covering the Balkans since 1999. We have examine the facts from every angle. Despite all the lame-stream media anti-Serbian propaganda, facts are still facts. If you drop bombs on any people for 78 days, for no good reason, it sure sounds like those people would be victims. It doesn’t matter if those people are Chinese, Albanians, Lapps, Navajos or Australian Aborigines. The fact that you hate Serbs does not make them any different.

You are deluded if you think the world has not seen what was truly done and by whom (the serbs).

Back in 1999, the whole world seemed to believe the media garbage about the Serbs. To this day, a few clueless people are trying to portray the Balkans as the one place on Earth where the Christian (Serbs) are the bad guys and the Muslims are the good guys. As time goes on, we see fewer and fewer people seeing things that way. Of course, some people still believe in unicorns too. However, Balkans are no different than the rest of the world. Jihadists are trying to rid themselves of the people in their way. The people in the Jihadist’s way in the Balkans are called “Serbs.” Sorry, but the world has began to notice that fact.

I fully understand where your political and cultural alliance stands and I can only hope that people reading your so called review see thru your crap!

If you do understand, we bet you are a Jihadist. However, it is more likely that some clueless individual still caught up in the Bill Clinton’s lies that marked the end of the last millennium.

Blog Administrator CzechRebel

40 William Dorich January 15, 2012 at 10:27 pm

Tonight in Beverly Hills, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, all of Angelina Jolie’s movie colleagues agree with me that her first directing effort, In the Land of Blood and Honey, was a piece of crap unworthy of the Golden Globe. Angelina shows that her script was a moronic racist piece of trash that got axed by her Hollywood colleagues, regardless of how gorgeous she looked.

By the way, Angelina, how is that baby by Brad with another woman going? I guess your Pre-Nupt will be put to the test in the coming weeks? Is your next move going to be called, Brad in the Land of Love and Honey?

41 1389 January 16, 2012 at 6:17 pm

@William Dorich,

Angelina married a man (or rather a boy) who was willing to cheat on his previous wife. What does she expect?

I also regard collagen lip injections as disfiguring. I can tell real lips from fake, and I don’t like fake.

42 Finious January 18, 2012 at 1:09 am

Why is it important for Belgrade (dobrovoljacka) and connecting victims 2:03 May?
On the monstrous tale of young soldiers as victims, it was possible to run a ready machinery of war against Bosnia. The importance of stories is in fact an event witnessed by the immediate actors (witness) and that which is not important, all Serbs ….

43 screenwriter February 15, 2012 at 6:39 am

I want to highly commend Mr. Dorich and the knowlegdeable writers on this site! I would like to refer you to a blog at Radio Free Europe Balkans where an article has been printed talking about Serbian Scorn for Jolie’s film. I have been engaged with some writers there and recommend responding to them on that site as well. I was also appalled to see members of the UCLA film staff posing with a vain Jolie at the premier of her movie in Los Angeles. I have been horrified by vulgar and vicious comments in the U. S. media about Serbs that if said about any other minority group would lead to protest marches, outcries of civil liberties being violated and defamation suits. I believe that Serbians in the United States must now be declared a protected minority as are other racial groups. American Serbians, born, raised and educated in this country even of second and third and fourth generations are now being persecuted in the workplace and denied equality. Many of their fathers and brothers died in the Second World War fighting valiantly against the Nazis, as well as the Serbs who gave their lives for the same cause in Yugoslavia. Our country’s position in the Balkan War made a mockery of all American soldiers’ sacrifices during World War II against Hitler’s New World Order. If those dead soldiers could only know that the U. S. government resurrected Hitler’s New World Order during the Balkan War in the 90’s, they would be writhing in their graves. They died in vain! I feel all the ignorant people who just run with mainstream media, including cowardly, opportunistic journalists who don’t bother to question the obvious, do their own research, use their own discernment and come to their own conclusions, no matter how unpopular, are no better than the rabid, bigoted hate mongers who brutalized so many innocent people, children and babies during World War II. We’re committing suicide in this country for not standing up for our values or the truth and now deserve what we’re going to get and that’s World War III. Serbians MUST now galvanize publicly in America and protest the atrocities against their people and against our government that chose to sacrifice them in exchange for Oil, Gold, Silver and Uranium. The territories stolen from the Serbs is where these resources are located! Does the U.S. really think that we can better negotiate with those insane people who roasted Serbians on spits and cut their heads off than the Serbs who fought on America’s behalf in World War II??? Do they think that it’s the Serbs who want a jihad to take over the world with brutal insanity? If so, Angelina Jolie brought us one step closer to it. We find now she is really a biased Serb hater influenced by her Croatian father who went to a Catholic school named after a Croatian Nazi war criminal. Shocking! She herself has only a high school education and it’s starting to become clear as to why she, of all people ( heroine addict, husband stealer, lover of bondage sex) was given the title of Ambassador for Refugees and placed on the Council of Foreign Relations. The conclusion is that she’s fulfillling her role as a shill for the new fascist World Order in exchange for a career as a director and $10 million from the Saudis. Jolie, your so called ‘masterpiece’, In the Land of Blood and Honey, leaves out the honey and puts the blood all over you. Though you said in an interview that you don’t really need God, you will have to answer to HIM, along with the other liars who put you up to this.
Incidentally, what will Muslims do when their daughters start emulating Angelina Jolie as their role model, as strict as they are with their children?
As of NOW, I am siding with the Serbian people and their nation and hope more Americans will come to their aid too!! Thank God for William Dorich, 1389 and the other honest, brave authors here who have their facts straight and have clearly shared their resources. I am one who does love and need God and I stand by his TRUTH and no other!

44 William Dorich February 15, 2012 at 9:52 am

Dear screenwriter:
Thank you for your post. (correction: Jolie’s father, John Voight is not a Croatian, although he did attend a Croatian Nazi High School, named after a Roman Catholic priest who personally participated in the slaughter of tens of thousands of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies and was convicted by the allies and sent to prison for ten years. Archbishop Stepinac was a war criminal.)

Regarding the rest of your post. There is a much more alarming plot at work here that is financed by the State Department and the CIA, I will call it a “disinformation” campaign against the Serbs. You are correct that journalists do no research and take exceptions to the truth when that truth does not serve their hidden agenda. They copy the writing of fellow journalists and repeat lie after lie pretending it to be the truth. The number of victims of “300,000” victims was used by the media for 7 years. We now know that the real figure is 97,000 victims on all sides of a 3 sided Civil War. Goebbels was right when he coined the phrase during the Holocaust… “Tell a lie a 100 times and it becomes the truth.”

James Harf, director of Ruder/Finn Public Relations, admitted that the front page coverage of his lies against the Serbs is far more important to his publicity campaign for the Croats and Muslims then the retractions that appear days or weeks later on the back page that no one reads.

Camp Bondsteel, the single largest American military base in the world built since Vitenam is evidence that something far more sinister and rotten is at work here then protecting Albanians, the vast majority of whom fled the bombing not “ethnically cleansed” by Serb troops as the media claimed. Just think about it… 700,000 Albanians were cleansed in 10 days by 4,000 Serbian troops? And where did these alleged 700,000 Albanians flee? Into the arms of their Serbian enemies as evidence now indicates that 90,000 fled to Belgrade, 270,000 fled to Serb dominated Montenegro, 210,000 fled to Serb dominated Macedonia. The rest fled to Albania.

Americans speak with a forked tongue. President Clinton took us into an illegal war to defend “human rights” yet stood in silence as the 21% minority of Serbs in Kosovo were reduced to less than 3% in a short 3 year period. The State department continues to ignore the fact that 40% of the Albanians in Kosovo are illegal aliens from Albania who have crossed the border into Serbia in the same manner that Mexicans cross our borders each night in San Diego and El Paso. Of course these same idiots ignore the wave of illegals entering our own country. NATO troops stood in silence and did nothing but watch in the past 8 years as 513 Ancient Serbian churches were destroyed right under the noses of 17,000 Nato troops? They did NOTHING in 2004 during 4 days of Albanian violence that razed 34 Christian Serbian churches and burned over 500 Serbian homes in Kosovo. So it is more than apparent that their human rights concerns only applies to Muslims.

45 joanne February 21, 2012 at 6:17 pm

As an American I am embarrassed the United Nations glorifies this woman and allowed her to do this.

46 1389 February 21, 2012 at 6:38 pm

The United Nations has been a corrupt institution from the get-go, and has been flagrantly pro-Muslim for a very long time.

47 Aleksanadar February 29, 2012 at 5:30 pm

William Dorich svaka ti cast, da bi bilo jos ljudi kati bi svet bio drugaci.

48 yuval Brandstetter MD March 15, 2012 at 11:43 am

Reading this post I feel very very lucky. The same agitprop lies deceit misrepresentation and slanderous hatred is being perpetrated on me day and day out, because I am Jewish, living in Israel. Being daily bombarded in Beer Sheva i am told I am the occupier in Gaza, so well occupied it is free to launch 100 rockets and other projectiles at me day and night. Despite all of the above, i have been able to keep my house my kids, my job, my sovereignty whereas the serbs have lost practicaly everything. In fact i, we, are the only entity in the world which has beaten up the Muslim supremacists so they run like cry-babies to the UN, save me save me from those cruel jews who refuse to just walk into the gas chambers. Keep telling the Truth, in the end we shall join forces, militarily and intellectualy, and beat back those dead-beats back to the caves.

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