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by Sparta on December 13, 2011

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Follow-up letter to John Moore, in the office of Congressman Eliot Engel

See: FAX sent to: Congressman Eliot Engel – “USA for Kosova Exhibition” (and Schmidt)

Good morning, Mr. John Moore,

As of this date, I have not had a response from you regarding my email to Congressman Engel and his support for the Kosovo Liberation Army jihadists. Jews have rightly said, “Never Again!” to another Holocaust, yet the Croatians, with the help of the West, once again helped the fascist Croats slit the throats, even of the elderly, in the latest Balkan war during Operation Storm. My Serbian friend said that his five elderly relatives who had survived World War II had their throats slit by Croatian forces. While the Jews faced other horrors by the Nazis, I do not recall any Jew being murdered by a special knife designed in Germany to slit the throats of over a thousand of their victims, as were the Serbs, nor did Jews have nails nailed into their foreheads like the Serbs out of pure hatred.

When I look at the horrific photos from World War II of Jews who had been liberated, I must wonder, what kind of animals were so filled with hatred as to murder 6 million Jews in such an evil fashion? I then wonder why there was such hatred of the Serbs by the Croatian Ustashe (Croatian Nazi party) to have murdered Serbs in such a way that even the German SS were horrified?

Please see that Representative Engel receives the information regarding just ONE of the horrors and atrocities the Serbs endured during World War II.

Once again, I ask the courtesy of your reading my email to you.

Thank you,

Stella Jatras

The Serb-Cutter Knife

A special crescent-shaped knife, designed and produced in Solingen, Germany, was attached to the wrist to make the killing more efficient. Several Catholic Priests participated in a macabre contest to see how many Serbian throats they could slit within the shortest period of time by this method. The winner of this gruesome festival was Catholic cleric Petar Brzica, who won the contest held in Jasenovac, known as the Auschwitz of the Balkans, the third most productive death camp. In the course of the night of August 29, 1942, he cut the throats of 1,360 people with his own hands. This same method of execution was also used in a school by Franciscan Friar Filipovic. An unsuspecting teacher was asked to separate the Serbian children from the Roman Catholic children. Not knowing what horror was in store for the children, the teacher obliged the Catholic cleric from the Monastery of Soroki and separated them into two rows. The knife was then used to slit the throats of between 20 to 30 Serbian children sitting at their desks.

The Srbosjek knife was allegedly made up on special order after Ante Pavelic held a session of his NDH [Nazi Croatian] government, where one of the items on the agenda was what kind of a knife should be designed to make it possible for the executioners to kill people as fast as possible and with as little fatigue as possible. Because of the inscription “Gräwiso” on the leather, it was sometimes called the “Graviso knife.”

Wikipedia: Srbosjek


Brzica and others used a knife that became known as srbosjek, meaning “Serb-cutter” (“cutthroat”).[90][91][92][93][94][95]

This knife was originally a type of agricultural knife manufactured for wheat sheaf cutting.[96][97][98]

The upper part of the knife was made of leather, as a sort of a glove, designed to be worn with the thumb going through the hole, so that only the blade protruded from the hand. It was a curved, 12 cm long knife with the edge on its concave side. The knife was fastened to a bowed oval copper plate, while the plate was fastened to a thick leather bangle.[99] Its agricultural purpose was to make it easier for the field workers to cut wheat sheaves open before threshing them. The knife was fixed on the glove plate in order to prevent injuries and to prevent taking care of a separate knife in order to improve the work speed.[97]

Such a type of wheat sheaf knife was manufactured prior to and during World War II by German factory Gebrüder Gräfrath from Solingen-Widderit under the trademark “Gräwiso”.[100][101] Gebrüder Gräfrath was taken over in 1961 by Hubertus Solingen.[102]

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1 noallahhere December 13, 2011 at 6:41 am

I’m ashamed to have been born a Catholic when I read about these events. They were surely possessed by the Devil.
PLEASE forgive the clerics who committed this barbarity.

2 Gary Williams December 13, 2011 at 8:56 pm

In your rush to foment more of the hatred that outside powers have long used to keep the people of the Balkans at each other’s throats, you leave out the fact that Muslims were also a target of the Ustasha.

David M. Kennedy, Margaret E. Wagner, Linda Barrett Osborne, Susan Reyburn, The Library of Congress World War II Companion (Simon and Schuster, 2007), pages 640, 646-47, page 683: “At Jasenovac, a series of camps in Croatia, the ultranationalist, right-wing Ustasha murdered Serbs, Jews, Gypsies, Muslims, and political opponents not by gassing, but with hand tools or the infamous graviso or srbosjek.”

3 CzechRebel December 13, 2011 at 9:48 pm

@Gary Williams “Muslims were also a target of the Ustasha”? I don’t think so!

The vast majority of Muslims supported the Axis powers. Did SOME Muslims fight for Allies? Well, duh! You can always find a few Muslims who go against the trend. Heck, we have a friend who fought for the Chetniks (and is still alive!) who claims he had two loyal Muslims in his Chetnik unit. Does that mean the Muslims sided with the Chetniks? Heavens NO!

Generally speaking, the Nazis, the Ustasha and European Muslims were in one accord. We not only have books to back us up, but many interviews with those who lived through World War II in the Balkans.

4 CzechRebel December 13, 2011 at 9:55 pm

@noallahhere We cannot help what faith our parents choose for us. What matters is what we do when we learn the truth.

Many, many people were raised in the Roman Catholic Church. In spite, of their killing Joan of Arc (now one of their Saints), mistreating Galileo and–in far too many cases–siding with the Nazis in World War II, many of these people see the Roman Church as the only way to Christ. So, it is hard for me to criticize those who choose to remain there.

But, we can pray that Roman looks East and try to heal its division with the Orthodox faith.

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