Border Fences

by 1389 on December 1, 2011

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Okay, so we institute Fortress America. We fence from San Diego to Brownsville. Then we fence off Point Roberts and from Blaine to Maine on the Atlantic. Then we fence off from the North Slope to Ketchikan. Then we install barbed wire and mine fields from Blaine to San Diego, Brownsville to Key West, and Key West to Maine, on all shores of Hawaii, Guam, CNMI, and Puerto Rico. Then we erect a humongous barrier in the middle of the Great Lakes that fries anybody who comes within 10 yards. We patrol with predator drones and send hell-fire missiles against any who dare attempt intrusion. We limit “functional equivalents of the border” to a few hand-picked international airports and subject everyone to at least a half-day processing to weed out virtually all mala fides. Nobody arriving on a vessel is allowed to disembark and sharks are a handy deterrent.

'Buenas Cercas Hacen A Buenos Vecinos - ¡Construyámosla!' - 'Good Fences Make Good Neighbors - Let's Build Them!'

– or –

We eliminate this magnet that is attracting the world to our limited self-constructed bastion of security. All illegals are sent back. Period. No, ifs, ands and buts. No jobs. No “in state tuition”. No good reason to come in without an invitation.

How the US invites illegal immigrants

What do you do with squatters you find camping out on your back patio? Feed them and provide for them hoping someday they will become self-sufficient and not need to drain the resources you need to support your kids?

Naughty topiary mooning at neighbor over picket fence

Of course, they would do the same for you if you moved without an invitation to Mexico, or Canada, or Pakistan, or maybe Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Oh, skip that last one, because non-Muslims are forbidden to even set foot in Mecca (as if they had some unknown urge to do so). But, surely the rest of the world would love to support Americans who’ve run out of space in their own homeland and need to find someplace else to put down roots.

Sign directing non-Muslims away from Mecca

[Rhetorical hyperbole and not a suggestion for immediate legislation. There may be some middle ground but it’s getting littered like the Arizona desert with the detritus of OTMs along with the reminders of poor, desperate Mexicans who passed through on their way to Utopia USA.]

Basement Cat made me add these pix:

'Good fences make good neighbors.' Robert Frost - 'So do separate cushions.' Bobs and Frosty

Cats: 'Good fences make good neighbors.' Robert Frost

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