Mitt Romney Let the Cat Out of the Bag About Health Care and Herman Cain

by 1389 on November 26, 2011

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As everyone who reads this blog knows, I am no fan of Mitt Romney. To say that I cannot stand Mitt Romney would be an understatement of cosmic proportions. Were Mitt Romney to become president (unlikely, given the poor chances of any RINO defeating Obama), he would keep the disastrous Obamneycare in effect. In addition, as his history with Bain Capital reveals, he has profited from the outsourcing and offshoring of US productive capacity, and would continue the tax and regulatory policies that have put an end to the era of America as the land of opportunity.

In short, a Romney presidency would be the equivalent of four more years of Obama with an (R) after his name, and nothing of America that is worth preserving would survive it.

Be that as it may, back in 1994, Mitt Romney accidentally told the truth. What a shame that he ignored his own advice!

Mitt Romney talks Herman Cain in 1994

Uploaded by on Nov 26, 2011

Mitt Romney speaking at 1994 Senatorial campaign speech brings up Herman Cain, then CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, interaction with President Clinton over healthcare reform. Follow me on Twitter at Akaczynski1 for more great political videos.

Original on CSPAN Here

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1 CzechRebel November 28, 2011 at 2:17 pm

ONLY “more years of Obama with an (R) after his name”? If elected, Romney would either be re-elected or lose to Democrat, who, most likely, would be Obamaesque. Electing Romney could be the end of the United States as we have known them. The best hope for recovery might not be for more than a decade away.

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