Haroon Siddiqui is a Sadistic Bigot!

by William Dorich on November 20, 2011

in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia (FYROM), Montenegro, Serbia

The responsibility of a major newspaper like the Toronto Star is first to inform the reading public of worthy news events, then, to open dialogue and to reveal facts, not a forum for racism, bigotry and ethnic hatred.

The Toronto Star brings shame on them for allowing Harron Siddiqui to use this public platform for his sadistic anti-Serb pleasure. Striving for any level of accuracy is obviously not his goal and it is shocking that an editorial staff has become willing accomplices to hate speech. His vile bigoted attack against the Serbs is totally unproductive in building ethnic harmony in the Balkans or in Canada.

Siddiqui is critical of the Serbs in Bosnia who want to secede, claiming that this “undermines the Bosnian state,” yet it was people of his ilk who became the cheerleaders in forming a Muslim state in which 220,000 refugee Serbs were denied the right to cast their ballots in the first Bosnian election and it was Siddiqui and his Albanian ilk who amputated sovereign Serbian territory to form an illegal “independent” Albanian Kosovo.  Siddiqui is so used to speaking out of both sides of his mouth he should join a circus as a two-faced freak..

In his November 19th diatribe (Long Balkan Engame Feeds Insecurity) Siddiqui’s editorial cleverly conceals the fact that for two decades the Albanians in Kosovo had parallel institutions and refused to cooperate with the Yugoslav government—they now insists that Serbs in the north of Kosovo who are forced to live in barbed-wire surrounded compounds, requiring the protection of NATO forces, and are fearful of venturing out are somehow responsible for ethnic harmony? Albanian demands that Serbs stop their parallel institutions reeks of hideous Albanian double standards.

Siddiqui admits that “Milosevic, the chief war criminal of the Balkans has long been gone and that there is no more war” but that does not stop him from picking at this festering wound on all sides.  He seems to take his sadistic pleasure in the blame game not a so-called “endgame.” His claim that “Yugoslavs’ murderous nationalism drove many of the country’s component people away” is a total fabrication, a distortion of the facts.  The US/NATO bombing drove 700,000 Albanians out of Kosovo, the vast majority fled to Serb dominated parts of Macedonia and Montenegro.  Less than 100,000 actually fled to neighboring Albania.  However, more than 90,000 Albanians fled to Belgrade…  into the arms of their Serbian enemies?

I suggest that Siddiqui check his facts, there are currently 1.4 million Serbian refugees from Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo. This number represents twice the combined number of Croat, Bosnian Muslim and Albanian Muslim refugees, so it is more than apparent who was the most successful at this human rights violation.

Siddiqui is also expert at race baiting. His remark that the Sarajevo National Library “Lost 100,000 manuscripts and centuries of historical records” is another exaggeration used to incite your readers.  The vast majority of those priceless manuscripts were move to safety before and during the bombing and the majority of book destroyed are easily replaced. His claim that “35,000 buildings in Bosnia were destroyed” is so out of touch with reality that it is obvious Siddiqui is hell-bent on propaganda. However, if 35,000 buildings were destroyed, it was the Canadian and U.S. Air Force that did $65 billion in infrastructure damage to Serbia.  It included 60 bridges, 200 Serbian schools, 9 Serbian churches, 8 Nursing Homes, 11 Serbian hospitals, 65 major manufacturing companies, 60 agricultural facilities, more than 8,000 Serbian homes and the “hard-to-find” Chinese Embassy.  That bombing created a 47% unemployment rate in Serbia.  Illegal cluster bombs were dropped on the Serbs in addition to depleted uranium that has increased the cancer rate in Serbia 4 fold in 15 years and birth defects are 3000% over pre-war figures.  Siddiqui must be overjoyed!

Claiming “Kosovo Serbs number about 115,000 in a population of 1.7 million” is a morbid distortion considering 15 years ago there were 226,000 Serbs in Kosovo.  Like Goebbels, Siddiqui encourages Albanians to repeat this lie long enough that everyone will believe.  His immoral omission that 40% of that Albanian population is made up of illegal aliens who were never born in former Yugoslavia or Serbia and who have crossed the border from Albania into Kosovo as easily as the Mexicans who cross the US border each night in San Diego, California. This reveals Siddiqui’s sleazy form of omission journalism.  Pretending that illegal aliens have the same rights as the citizens of Serbia who for generations were born in Kosovo reveals the depth of Siddiqui’s propaganda “endgame.”

How compelling that Sidiqqui never discusses the fact that during the 4 decades under Tito’s Communist rule, Albanians in Kosovo received welfare, unheard of in any communist system in the world.  Albanians were a welfare drain on the people of Yugoslavia and they are now draining the financial resources of the rest of Europe, Canada and the US. Albanians have proven to be too lazy to work and are consumed by their polygamy and dozens of children per family and now expect the EU to support this unacceptable culture. Little wonder so many countries have refused to recognize their so called independence.

Since the KLA terrorists captured Kosovo it has become the human, weapons and drug trafficking capital of Europe.  This Mafia culture killed over 8,000 Serbs, cleansed over 265,000 Serbs and non-Albanians from Kosovo who have every right to return and have their confiscated property returned to them. Siddiqui’s constant sadistic anti-Serb diatribe does not for a moment reduce the  human rights of these Serbs or their right to resist the embrace to live on their knees again under racists Muslim tyranny that has destroyed 513 ancient Serbian Christian churches in the past 8 years. It is time to tell the world that Muslims will lie, cheat, steal and murder to get their way … Kosovo and Bosnia are no exception.

I leave with this thought…

The Muslims are not happy in Gaza, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia or Lebanon… So, where are they happy? In England, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, the United States, Norway, Canada, Holland, and Denmark. They are  happy in every country that is not Muslim! And who to blame? Not Islam. Surely Not their leadership. Not themselves. Not their own lethargy. Not their own lack of industry. And surely Not their own primitive social mores.

William Dorich

Los Angeles

Author of 6 books on Balkan history including the 1991 book, Serbian Genocide 1941-45, and the 1992 book, Kosovo. His current book is, Serbia: Faces & Places.


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