The Deceased-American Community Signs Up for Recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

by 1389 on November 17, 2011

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Ghost Voter
As we have already mentioned, the entire US is being run by the methods of the Chicago Machine.

Now the cat seems to be out of the bag once again: a screen shot of a Wisconsin Democrat website that was accidentally made public shows instructions to their ward heelers to “sign up” ghost petitioners for the recall of Governor Scott Walker.

Doug Ross has the screen shot and the story.

(h/t: IOTW)

No, we did not take this screen shot and we cannot be certain of its origins. That said, the Wisconsin Democrat Party has become nearly as ruthless as its neighbor to the south, and we cannot put anything past them.

When are we going to start enforcing the laws against election fraud? Any election where there was enough fraud to change the results should be invalidated and conducted again. The US Constitution guarantees every State a republican form of government. Without honest elections, there is no republic, and that’s that.

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