Obama and #Occupy: Wearing Out Their Welcome

by 1389 on November 17, 2011

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Hawaii Can Do Without President Obama’s Style of Aloha

Looks as though Zero is wearing out his welcome in his purported birthplace, a/k/a “Blue” Hawaii. When will Hawaiians come to their senses and stop voting Democrat?

BY JAY ZABLAN – I just read the Hawaii Reporter article on the cost of President Barack Obama’s last Christmas vacation and wondered why he isn’t more considerate of the costs he runs up every time he visits here. With America in such dire financial straits he still thinks nothing of spending a few million here or there, especially lately on his cross-country campaign jaunts and on Canadian buses.

I endured the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation traffic snarls when I carelessly left my Honolulu condo to visit a friend in Wahiawa, and had to wait quite a bit while the Obama entourage passed last year in Kailua. And now he announces the “good news” that he’ll be back with his family AGAIN during the holidays.

I was furious when he claimed, “Americans have been lazy and need to do a better job of selling America”. Yet his own type of “laziness” was thoughtlessly evident in not asking leaders to wear the custom-made Hawaiian shirts for the APEC group photo shoot, which would have been seen worldwide and been a boon in promoting Hawaii. He just doesn’t get it.

I believe it would be a good time for a poll on how Hawaii residents feel about his multi-million dollar Hawaii vacation expenditures and the traffic delays he causes every time he visits. Many are already upset at him for dissing Hawaii and our Aloha shirt. Oh, and Hawaii is NOT Asia.

P.S. I would gladly sign an online petition asking him to please not come back here. Hawaii can do without his manner of “Aloha”.

Jay Zablan is a resident of Oahu

Passers-by sometimes tell the Occupiers to “get a job.” But then, who would want to hire this dude?

Capitol Hill Occupiers Occupooper Day 10

(h/t: Jim Hoft)

Uploaded by shummer700 on Nov 7, 2011

… Well I heard they have a good neighbor policy…. *sigh*

Both nurses and teachers have been frequenting Occupy events at the behest of their unions. As we have already mentioned, Occupy encampments are public health hazards. Before these teachers and nurses are allowed to return to work, is anyone examining them to make sure that they are not bringing parasites and contagious diseases into their hospitals and classrooms? Didn’t think so.

AIM Video: Union Pays Occupy Protesters

From Accuracy in Media’s Benjamin Johnson:

Since people started camping out in the name of socialism or something, there have only been half measures by the media to determine whether union organizers were using dues to provide transportation, food and lodging for the Occupiers.  Accuracy in Media infiltrated the National Nurses United for the duration of their Occupy DC protest tour. As the footage reveals, NNU in association with the AFL-CIO sent over 1,000 nurses from across the country, public and private sector, all expenses paid. It’s pretty sad to think that American veterans are sitting in a hospital room wondering where their nurse went.

Read it all.

Eeww… Gross! Ringworm Outbreak at Occupy Santa Cruz

The 99%’ers have ringworm.
City officials are reporting a ringworm outbreak at Occupy Santa Cruz.

Via Verum Serum

They also are reporting a possible scabies outbreak.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel reported:

Police issued four tickets from Friday to Monday morning to people smoking in the park and having an open flame, police spokesman Zach Friend said. One woman also was arrested for an outstanding warrant.

Sheriff’s deputy April Skalland said deputies have issued 16 tickets for illegal lodging and arrested seven people around the protest since Oct. 7. The arrests have been for being drunk in public, being under the influence of drugs, and possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, Skalland said.

Police said there have been reports of ringworm and scabies at the camp in recent days. County officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment about health conditions at the camp.

Lane said he planned to continue talks with Occupy campers this week.

Yup. They’re just like the tea party.

Click to see the video.

At first glance, what passes for the IT nerve center of #OWS seems less filthy than the outdoor Occupy encampments – at least in the microbiological sense. But here again, prospective employers might want to look elsewhere.

Want to Peek Inside Occupy Wall Street’s ‘Sorta-Secret’ Media Center?

It‘s no secret that Occupy Wall Street’s flagship operation in Zuccotti Park has a media team of sorts. Originally, they and their hodgepodge array of equipment were kept in a tent, but the team moved in October to a $400 per month room in Manhattan and Wired.com got a look inside and interviewed the unofficial media headquarters for the nationwide OWS movement.

Occupy happenings are live streamed by their media team through Global Revolution, which claimed it has been live streaming footage since Sept. 17. Wired reports that the activists monitor hundreds of live stream feeds, publishing the best:

“It’s really important that it’s decentralized so people can tell their own stories,” said [the 26-year-old, bandana-bedecked man named] Spike. “We get to report these stories before any mainstream media do. We break the news, and they pick it up.”

In terms of actual location, Wired reports that the team is “skiddish” about disclosing location:

“We don’t need right-wing wingnuts firebombing us,” said Spike.

That may be an extreme case, but security is a legitimate concern. That day, Nov. 9, a portion of the Occupy St. Louis website suffered a type of attack called a SQL database injection, said a media team member who goes by Jay. He’s an active participant in Anonymous who works in IT security by day.

An “active participant in Anonymous who works in IT security by day”?! “Anonymous” is a hacker’s group. The IT shop hired a fox to guard their henhouse. That’s what they get for being careless enough to employ a leftist. I wonder whose confidential data is at stake. Perhaps yours?

The rest of the article explains how Occupiers use their own media/communications facilities as one more opportunity to steal from one another:

And part of the reason they moved was to protect their equipment. NPR reported back in October a representative as saying in addition to shooting and editing footage, they have to keep people from stealing.

More information and photos here.

But wait, there’s more…

Just Like the Tea Party: A List of Occupy Mayhem Sorted by Type

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