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by 1389 on October 28, 2011

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VanGrungy says:

never ever delete that which shows the enemy for what they are.. JMO

The following comment has since been deleted from the comment thread on this story in the New York Daily News:

Dismiss all charges or we will clog up courts, lawyers for Occupy Wall Street protesters say

12:06 PM
Oct 17, 2011
When I see the filth my children watch on TV and in the movies, I see the work of the jew When I see the murder of millions from communism and two world wars I see the jew When I see the coming of a third world war I see the jew When I see our monetary system hijacked by the Federal Reserve I see the jew When I see the majority of the Democrats’ funds and the majority of the Republicans’ funds are both being received from AIPAC I see the jew When I see my people portrayed as evil and idiotic on sitcoms, and movies, and commercials, I see the jew When I see 30 million illegal aliens from Mexico crossing our unguarded borders, and driving wages down, and bankrupting our hospitals, and creating ganglands in our cities, I see the jew when I see the tremendous tax burden on my people I see the jew When I see the looming Federal deficit I see the jew When I see the murder of innocent Americans in false flag attacks in the Lavon Affair, and the King David Hotel, and the USS Liberty…

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1 Jonathan October 29, 2011 at 7:26 pm

This is an example of a useful idiot who has bought into the globalist NWO storyline that blames all their activities on the Jewish religion.

Blaming the NWO on the classic “Jewish Conspiracy” or “The ZOG” is precisely how the leftist NWO manages to keep both the right wing and the left wing busy chasing phantoms and hobgoblins, while they take over the world.

If it were otherwise, than why does the NWO media which is supposedly run by pro-Israel Jews demonize the Israel at every opportunity – instead of support them?

Same thing Hitler did, and Stalin. And after the Jews, came the Christians.

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