YouTube Smackdown Is Back!

by 1389 on October 26, 2011

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Operation YouTube “Islamism” Smackdown

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What is YouTube Smackdown?

The YouTube Smackdown project provides a coordinated method for reporting jihadi terrorist videos to Google/YouTube and requesting that they be taken down. These jihadi videos are used for, among other things, recruiting future jihadis and showing them how to commit acts of terrorism. You can join the project by following the instructions on the site.

Why did YouTube Smackdown move to a new URL?

The Smackdown site moved from Google Blogger to WordPress after Google deactivated the account of one of the project’s associates.

Be careful about Google Plus!

The admins of 1389 Blog suggest that, if you do any counterjihad blogging, if you comment on counterjihad forums or blogs, or if you prefer to use a nom de plume, nom de guerre, or nickname instead of your real name online, that you do NOT sign up for Google Plus. Google currently forbids the use of pseudonyms or nicknames on Google Plus. If Google finds anything objectionable about your Google Plus account, they may decide to disable not only your Google Plus account, but also your Gmail account, your Google Blogger account, your YouTube account, and whatever else you have registered with Google. When you try to get it reinstated, they may become very intrusive indeed.

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1 Gramfan October 27, 2011 at 12:44 am

URGENT: Your Help Needed To Save GReader And Keep Menzies House Functioning

Apparently Goole is going to do away with Google Reader as well.
It’s falling into place.

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