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Lech Walesa rejects OWS

Some of the #Occupy movement signs and slogans seem to resonate with many onlookers. Maybe it’s because they’ve stolen a few talking points (but very little else) from the Tea Party. Maybe it’s because the sympathetic mainstream media carefully edits out what they don’t want you to see.

Let’s take a closer look.

Is this you?

Are you frustrated and angry about unemployment, inflation, the decreasing economic opportunities, the burden of debt, and the declining standard of living in North America, much of Europe, and elsewhere? Are you worried about the sovereign debt problems that bedevil the international financial system?

So am I.

Do you empathize with those struggling to make ends meet in low-paid, part-time jobs? Do you consider bailouts to be unconstitutional, politically and economically unwise, and morally wrong? Do you believe that the Federal Reserve system puts too much power into the hands of too few people who are not accountable to the voters and taxpayers?

So do I.

The Occupy movement blames our predicament on “billionaires”, “rich corporations”, and “Wall Street bankers”. They offer no basis for their accusations, but merely pander to the temptations of envy, sloth, and greed to which all of us are prone.

I agree with Herman Cain in placing most of the blame on Barack Obama and his failed policies. I also blame other public officials in the US and elsewhere whose policies brought about our financial downfall.

Whose side are they on?

Let’s see…the Occubaggers have got the commies, the socialists, the anarchists, the American Nazi Party, the George Soros front groups including the Open Society Institute, the Tides Foundation, and MoveOn.org, along with Code Pink and Michael Moore, the Muslim Brotherhood and its front group CAIR (more about CAIR and its connections here and here), the SEIU, the AFL-CIO, the leftist establishment media including the New York Times and the Washington Post, Frances Fox Piven, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Ayatollah Khamenei, Hugo Chavez, David Duke, and, of course, that architect of failure and scapegoater-in-chief, Barack Hussein Obama himself.

Along for the ride are the aging drugged-out hippies reliving Woodstock, the young drugged-out prep school and college kids looking for a place to fornicate al fresco, the paid shills, the student loan debtors with useless degrees, the trust-fund babies, the anti-Semites, the LGBT nudists, the race-card players, the outdoor urinators and defecators, the pro-abort feminazis, the tree-huggers, the vegans, and the mentally ill. (Many of these categories overlap.) Rounding out the rogue’s gallery are various drug dealers, crackheads, junkies, thieves, rapists, street bums and other lumpenproletariat, and felons hiding out from the law.

None of them speak for me.

Nor do they speak for Lech Walesa.

Former Polish President Won’t Attend #OccupyWallStreet After Citizen Journalists Expose Its Radical Roots

Lech Walesa, former president of Poland, champion in the fight against communism, and winner of the Liberty Medal and Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1989, has decided to not make a trip to New York in support of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Last week the AP reported that Walesa was backing the Occupy “movement” and considered traveling to New York in support of the growing nationwide mob activity that currently plagues the United States. However, when former Illinois gubernatorial candidate Adam Andrzejewski, (For the Good of Illinois) found out about this, he quickly reached out to his contacts in Poland to alert the former president to the truth behind this radical movement.

“We made the point that the political themes of Occupy Wall Street may have started out with some of the principles that we share, but OWS themes were rapidly being morphed into anti-freedom and anti-liberty messages. At the core is the want for a big, powerful central government to dominate the lives of individual citizens.” -Andrzejewski

In his write-up last night at BigGovernment.com, Andrzejewski stated that with the help of BigGoverment and other sources, he was able to convey an accurate picture of the Occupy movement, particularly that it is “…organized by anarchists, Code Pink, the American Communist movement, jihadists, anti-Israel, socialist, and anti- free enterprise interests.” After reviewing this information about the true nature of the demonstrations, Walesa and his team withdrew their support and will not be attending any Occupy protests.

We were overjoyed to learn that recent Rebel Pundit investigative reports and footage were able to play an an important role in Walesa’s decision. According to Andrzejewski:

“They appreciated the inside info- they weren’t getting that in Poland from the European media.”

Much more here.

Also see:

So…does the #Occupy movement speak for you? Unless you truly are a leftist, with all that this implies, the answer is no.

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1 Slobyskya Rotchikokov October 26, 2011 at 2:21 am

But…. but Mister Obama promises to boost employment if he gets another term. He assures us that he will build and staff thousands of new unemployment offices in every part of the nation, and will appoint a Grant Czar to fund any of his cronies who want to open soup kitchens.

But seriously, I have seen these ignorant inbred d-bags wearing Che shirts, even Lenin shirts… they must be racists because I have not seen any Pol Pot, Idi Amin or Kim Jong Il shirts. I can say this – I, and many others descended from Russian grandparents, some of us Orthodox Christian, some Catholic and some Jews, would be most happy to take up funds to ship all of these miscreant bums to the socialist lands that they dream of. I suggest Cuba for its nearness, although North Korea could use them too, or maybe Mugabe’s hell hole. They could sing the glories of Comrade Stalin and Marx from the heroic inside of cement block cells with open holes in floor for toilets, and communally share their daily allotment of slop with one another. They would be imprisoned for blocking traffic, interfereing with the passers by and probably for subversive activities. But they would LOVE it, nyet?

2 1389 October 28, 2011 at 2:06 pm

I doubt that many of the Occubaggers would survive. The exceptions would be those who survive at the expense of their fellow Gulag denizens.

Blaming the banks for our own insolvency makes about as much sense as blaming one’s wallet for its being empty.

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