Some Bloggers Are Very Serious About The Counterjihad

by CzechRebel on October 11, 2011

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Ann Barnhardt with Kalashnikitty rifle

By CzechRebel

It has been said, “One man’s crusade is another man’s jihad.” At 1389 Blog, we have taken the approach that we blog anonymously; we don’t put any of our contributors at risk of possible jihad violence. We think of ourselves more as “war correspondents” than actual “combatants” in the Counterjihad efforts. True, some of our team members chose to post under their own names. And, yes, we do honor the memory of Theo van Gogh and others who have paid the ultimate price for telling the truth about Islam.

However, there is one woman who has really thrown down the gauntlet and told any Paradise-minded jihadi just where he can come to collect his 72 Virginians . . . (or was that 72 silly teenage girls; my memory fails me).

Somehow, I doubt that any of these lame-brained cyberjihadis will take her up on it.

Infidels United has the story:

Ann Barnhardt Responds to Death Threat

Also see:

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1 Gramfan October 12, 2011 at 6:14 am

Ann is one extremely brave woman!
I have seen several of her You Tube clips!

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