The “N” in ESPN Now Stands for Nazi

by CzechRebel on October 4, 2011

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Fox News: Hank Williams, Jr Rates 2012 GOP Field

Hank also compares Obama, Biden, and Boehner to the Three Stooges, and rightly so.

By CzechRebel

Remember when freedom of speech was considered an important right? We all know the history of how our right to free speech has been declining. During the run-up to US involvement in World War I, Congress passed a law seriously restricting that right in open violation of the First Amendment. The US Supreme Court declared that flagrantly unconstitutional law to be constitutional after all. Well, it has been downhill for free speech ever since. Of course, the protection in the First Amendment to the US Constitution is against government actions that infringe on free speech. Even so, freedom of political expression should be respected whenever possible, especially by mainstream media outlets that enjoy the protection of the US government.

Just now, the sports network ESPN (“N” being for “Nazi”) has shown the ultimate disrespect for the right to express one’s political opinion. Witness the appearance of Hank Williams, Jr. on Fox and Friends, in the video above. Mr. Williams said some important things that need to be said. Well, to ESPN (and maybe to NFL) it was reason enough to pull his voice from last night’s Monday Night Football game where his voice has sung “All My Rowdy Friends Are Here On Monday Night” for some twenty-three years now. (See: ESPN pulls Hank Williams Jr. after he compares Obama to Hitler.)

To me and some others at 1389 Blog, these points are pretty obvious:

  1. Obama is indeed the moral equivalent of Hitler. He wants the Israelis to go back to their pre-1967 borders. That is antisemitism. Pushing Israel back to the pre-1967 borders is equivalent to reopening the death camps. This would render Israel defenseless and its Jewish inhabitants would soon be overrun and massacred, roughly 7.7 million people. Jews all over the world would lose the protection afforded them by the existence of the State of Israel. So, how can we fault Williams for saying what he said?
  2. The “official religion” of the blood-soaked twentieth century was Get-Both-Sides-Together-and-Have-Them-Compromise. That sure didn’t work out very well! When Obama . . . I mean Hitler (it is an easy mistake, sorry) said, “All I want is Czechoslovakia,” the Western world believed him. Way too many compromises have resulted in disaster. If compromise were such a great thing, why doesn’t the medical community just compromise with cancer? The Tea Party and Obama have NOTHING to compromise about! Obama wants to tax and spend America into the Third World status, and his every action since taking office proves it. The Tea Party was formed to stop him. For the Republican leadership to say, “Wow, the Tea Party just gave us a majority in the House, and hope in the Senate; now let’s sell out to Obama” is simply insane. We don’t think that Mr. Williams is so out of line.
  3. Oh dear, Mr. Williams doesn’t really like any of the Republican candidates this year, but feels that Herman Cain makes the most sense. Well, we don’t see a Ronald Reagan in the field this time, either. Some candidates make more sense than others. We also have noticed that Herman Cain makes more sense than most. We have tried lawyers, generals, and even a Ph.D and an MBA in the Oval Office. Maybe it is time to try a mathematician. At least Mr. Cain might have some concept of all the money we are spending!

So, would you fire a guy after twenty-three years of good service for that?

If you would like to tell ESPN how you feel, the contact data is:

Phone (US):
1-888-549-ESPN (1-888-549-3776)

Postal mail:
ESPN Viewer Response
ESPN Plaza
Bristol, CT 06010

Email via their website:

Hank’s All Star Band, ESPN Monday Night Football

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ESPN Monday Night Football television spot with Hank Williams Jr., Brian Setzer, Richie Sambora, Gretchen Wilson, Cindy Blackman, John Ondrasik, Bootsy Collins, and Drake Bell. Produced by Habana Avenue (

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1 Ret. Marine October 7, 2011 at 7:09 am

Would I fire Hank over his remarks, not ever. Since when is comparing equal hatred for equal treatment against our 1st Amendment. There are simply too many comparisions between obamas bin ly’n and hitler, far too many to ignore at this time in his tenure.

Aggitator is his name, “by their fruits yea shall know them” comes to my mind, and did when I heard Hank make that remark on FOX. If the truth hurts, maybe, just maybe, it was meant to. Something tells me we are about to see another “dare I say it” civil war 2.0 headed our way. It is no secret obamas bin ly’n is behind this current crises, OWS, by way of his involvement in the unions, by him not only agreeing with his useful idiots, but neither did he warm them of the harm they are about to start. Matter of fact, I now believe this is his army equally as large and funded he remarked about a couple of years ago. Free speech for me but, not for thee, yeah sounds about right out of the far lefts playbook, surprised, none the least. Prepare yourselves fellow Patriots, we are about to be tested for our mettle, our rights and our way of life, all at the hands of hitler 2.0, i.e. obamas bin ly’n.

2 Mike Giles October 8, 2011 at 1:58 pm

Is it just me, or didn’t we just finish with 8 years of “ChimpyMacBushHitler”. I think Hank Jr’s point was that hobnobbing with your mortal enemy makes little – or no – sense.

3 1389 October 8, 2011 at 3:59 pm

@Mike Giles,


Speaking of “8 years of ‘ChimpyMacBushHitler'”, Bill O’Reilly pointed out that Madonna has compared John McCain to Hitler, yet she is slated to appear in the Super Bowl half-time show.

This whole thing is nothing more than an excuse to punish Hank Jr. for daring to express a conservative point of view. ESPN forgets how many football fans are conservative. For now, they can get by with it because they enjoy a monopoly on these televised football games. Now, if we stopped buying from ESPN’s advertisers, that could change!

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