‘Suspended Election Revolution’ by Barry & the Obamunists: Does It Play?

by Gramfan on October 2, 2011

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Keep your eyes on this story.

Video and much more at Gulag Bound:

by Cliff Kincaid

Presented for you now, an exercise in considering the incredible: that Barack Obama, et. conspiratorial al. would plan to suspend elections in an orchestrated national emergency, perhaps a false flag operation blamed on his opposition.

I do not say this will happen, nor am I selling the idea. The point is, this should be scrutinized and in principle when such things are fully sounded out, their probability — that is, the opportunity for them, lessens. And the objective in this: with an open mind, to gain the situational awareness necessary to keep from being duped by normality bias (what we are accustomed to, what we think we know) and by agitprop.

“Forewarned is forearmed.” If you would embark upon such a war-gaming journey of the mind, we suggest six initial steps, given below….

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