The Council of Europe’s SECRET 1976 Report on the Turkish Atrocities in Cyprus

by 1389 on September 26, 2011

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Gates of Vienna has the story:

The Baron asked that this report from Europe News be posted. It seems that more Turkish atrocities have been revealed, dating back to the 1970s.

Quelle surprise!

The Secret Report on Turkish Atrocities in Cyprus
by Panos Ioannides

Breaking: The secret report from Council of Europe on Turkish atrocities in Cyprus during their 1974 invasion has been recovered. This report documents the systematic and extensive human rights violations perpetrated by the Turkish army against the Greek Cypriot population, raping an murdering thousands in order to force a mass exodus and an ethnic cleansing of the northern third of Cyprus. Turkey has never been held responsible for these atrocities and, in spite of all principles of international law, is still permitted to be in control of the fruits of their 1974 aggression, the so-called Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.

Unfortunately, the report linked at Europe news, called “Cyprus Barbary” is not available if all you have is a dial-up connection. Or maybe not so “unfortunately”. Zenster kindly looked at it for me and says it’s dense diplo-speak which lowers your IQ as you attempt to read it. Clever, those bureaucrats.

As far as atrocities go, it would appear that Turkey is never held responsible for any of them, and pays no consequences for its arrogant denials about those million Armenians. It will be the same for the Cypriots.

Funny how it feels free to lecture Israel while it kills Christians and persecutes the Kurdish population in Turkey. Not to mention Turkey’s Kurdish Christians. Oy vey!

“Turkey” plus “atrocity” plus “denial” often end up in the same sentence when the subject turns to Erdogan’s country. He’s just maintaining an old cultural tradition.

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1 Zenster September 27, 2011 at 1:18 am

I’ve laid flowers at Yerevan’s Tsitsernakaberd, with its eternal flame that burns in “The Fortress of Swallows“.

At the same time, I’ve witnessed the undying hatred of Muslims that endures in the Armenian people. In retrospect, that detestation is hard to disregard.

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