AP’s Cruel and Unusual Reporting

by William Dorich on September 26, 2011

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By Wm. Dorich

September 24, 2011

In the coverage worldwide today regarding 5 Nuns Beatified at Bosnia Ceremony (Bosnia, September 24, 2011) the AP appears eager to perpetrate Cruel and Unusual Reporting, especially when they take every opportunity to pin any crime on the Serbian people. Not since Hitler has an ethnic race been so vilified with collective guilt, a process the AP seems to wallow in.

AP is especially Cruel as there is solid historic evidence that over 70 Roman Catholic nuns ran a concentration camp in WWII called Stara Gradiska Camp, part of the Jasenovac complex specifically for Serbian children under the age of ten years. These Catholic nuns put to death over 90,000 Serbian children using caustic soda to save bullets. Croatian Roman Catholic Archbishop Stepinac is also being Beatified… he spent 10 years in prison, convicted of war crimes by the allies, not by any Serbian court. He spent the remainder of his life under house arrest. A high school in White Plains, New York is named for this war criminal priest. At the end of WWII, several hundred Roman Catholic priests who participated in the Ustashi and who murdered thousands of Serbs and Jews with their own hands fled Croatia through the Vatican “Ratline” for Argentina along with such criminals as Klaus Barbie and Ante Pavelic, the President of the First Independent Nazi State of Croatia. He instantly became the “Security Advisor” to Juan Peron who issued 34,000 visas to Croatian war criminals, none of whom were ever brought to justice.

AP’s partisan reporting today glorifies this ritual of myth and hearsay. AP admits “the bodies of these 5 nuns were never found,” yet they rely on a second-hand witness account, a grave digger who said he threw their bodies in the Drina River. This also reveals the depth of AP’s duplicity and hypocrisy by repeating war propaganda.

AP’s Balkan reporting is especially ugly considering they have NEVER written articles about the more than 700,000 Serbs, 60,000 Jews and 70,000 Roma Gypsies that were put to death at the Jasenovac Concentration Camp, known by historians as the “Auschwitz of the Balkans.” I wrote a book in 1997 about this camp entitled, Jasenovac Then and Now: A Conspiracy of Silence. AP has proven today to be expert at such silence and skilful at character assassination through yellow journalism. Rarely has reporting been offered by AP for the crimes committed against the Serbs, and AP has taken part in hearsay and lies including 8 years of repeating the fiction that “300,000 were killed in these Bosnian Civil Wars.” Even President Clinton raised that number to 350,000 in his last inaugural address. We cannot rely of accurate reporting from the AP who for 8 years lied like most journalists. The real number killed is approximately 97,000 on all sides. Readers should no longer trust the AP and the rest of the partisan press who participated in these unholy fabrications, distortions and direct lies – or is their profit motive now more than apparent?

As the author of 6 books on Balkan history including my 1992 book, Kosovo, I am a double victim of Balkan Genocide. The late President of Croatia, Franjo Tudjman, boasted that he “was grateful his wife was neither a Serb nor a Jew.” He bulldozed the remains of the Serbian Orthodox church in the village of Vojnic in 1995 where 97 Serbs were put to death in WWII; 17 of those victims were my relatives. At that same time, Tudjman also bulldozed the remains of the Jasenovac Concentration Camp and its memorial museum, destroying thousands of documents that attested to these Croatian war crimes. Our own State Department was behind these crimes.

During Operation Storm in 1995, when 230,000 Serbs were ethnically cleansed from Croatia, the last 5 relatives of my name were too old and too sick to flee. I was notified by the Red Cross a month later that they were found with their throats slit. Where is the justice for my 22 relatives who were liquidated in my lifetime if this story of 5 nuns is of such international news?

Ruins of the Serbian church that Tudjman bulldozed in 1995

1941 Ruins of the Serbian church that Tudjman bulldozed in 1995.

The AP continues to sweep under the nearest rug the Genocide of over one million Serbs in WWII. Nor do they ever write about the Waffen SS Hanjar Division of 22,000 Nazi Bosnian Muslims who killed thousands of American troops in Italy before the U.S. Army broke through their lines. Those Nazi Muslims fled back to Bosnia where their new despicable task for Hitler was to guard the railways links from the Balkans to Auschwitz and numerous other death camps where tens of thousands were put to death. NOT one single Bosnian Muslim was ever brought to justice for their Nazi war crimes. Yet the AP seem preoccupied with stupid stories about the alleged killing of 5 nuns? Is there no depth to which the AP will not stoop? Or is Serbia an easy target to spread their vile and sadistic unfulfilled hate?

Himmler inspects the 22,000 Nazi Muslim Hanjar Division in Bosnia, 1942

From the War Museum in London:
Himmler inspects the 22,000 Nazi Muslim Hanjar Division in Bosnia, 1942

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