The Dark Side of Corruption

by Zenster on September 23, 2011

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Many people are familiar with the wonderful composite satellite image known as “Earth at Night“. The blazing lights of major urban centers like Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Mumbai and Tokyo leap out of the photo in a glory of nighttime illumination.

A less well-known image is the Transparency International Map of Global Corruption. It vividly limns out the myriad tentacles of despotism and autocracy which drive so much of the poverty, famine, illiteracy, epidemics and wars that beset our world today.

When one subtracts from the pictures specifically underpopulated areas like Australia’s “outback”, the logic begins to snap into focus.


Lost productivity, faltering tourism and a reduced ability to work or study after sundown. Increased crime, activity of predatory animals ― both the two and four legged varieties ― along with every other bad thing that we traditionally associate with darkness are heaped upon those who live under the crushing millstone of corruption.

Earth at Night

Transparency International Map of Global Corruption

These images are juxtaposed in order to reveal another damning fact. The MME (Muslim Middle East) is a veritable hub of global corruption, poverty and human suffering. Farther afield lies an equally telling comparison. Below is another satellite image showing the Korean Peninsula at night. Both halves of the Hermit nation emerged from their 1950s conflict at the same time. They have had an equal opportunity to make identical gains.

The disparity in nighttime illumination between the two isn’t just jarring, it betrays the abject poverty and, in recent times, human cannibalism that has become increasingly commonplace in North Korea. Seoul is a capital city, literally, in the glow of health and the rest of South Korea reflects the same prosperity that has made that tiny nation an industrial powerhouse. This, while the North sits in almost total darkness. An older image below is even more disturbing.

Korean Peninsula at Night
Korean Peninsula at Night
Korean Peninsula at Night - Older Image
Korean Peninsula at Night – Older Image

This older nighttime image of the Korean Peninsula is far more telling with respect to how that country is overshadowed by its vampire elite. A standing joke about the newer image relates how that small dot of light in the area of Pyongyang is dictator Kim Jong Il’s big screen television set.

Global Conflict Map
Global Conflict Map

Transparency International Map of Global Corruption

Finally, please note how wars on the Global Conflict Map most frequently overlap with Islam’s “bloody” borders. None of this is coincidence. Islam remains the single largest driver of conflict and human suffering, even beyond that of Communist China.

There’s also this:

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1 1389 September 24, 2011 at 1:01 am

“Islam’s bloody borders” … how sad and how true!

The bloodshed is not only at the edges of the ummah where expansionist Islam seeks to win “converts” at the point of the sword. Blood also flows within the ummah, where Muslims injure and kill women, girls, and those other Muslims who are less observant than they are, or who follow a different version (e.g., Shi’a versus Sunni) of Islam.

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