Death Threat Causes Mo-toons Artist Kurt Westergaard to Cancel Oslo Speech

by 1389 on September 14, 2011

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Kurt Westergaard

NIN: Assassination threat hit artist in Oslo

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September 13, 2011

The award-winning but controversial Danish political cartoonist Kurt Westergaard was supposed to speak in Oslo on Tuesday but police reportedly sent him home. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that police feared Westergaard was the target of an assassination attempt.

Westergaard, age 76, became a target of Islamic fury after he drew a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed that most Muslims found offensive. Both he and the newspaper where he worked, Jyllands Posten, have since been the targets of terrorist attacks and as late as last year, a man broke into Westergaard’s home in Denmark and tried to kill him.

Police outside the venue
On Tuesday, several police cars were outside the venue for Westergaard’s appearance in Oslo, Litteraturhuset next to the Royal Palace. Police wouldn’t offer details, but NRK said they were there because of fears there would be an attack on the event where Westergaard was speaking with his Norwegian friend and colleague Geirr Lystrup. The two have written and illustrated a book together and had planned to present it at the event.

Westergaard suddenly bowed out and the cancellation was blamed on Westergaard falling ill. Westergaard himself told NRK, however, that police told him to say he was sick after they had information indicating an assassination attempt would be made against the artist. He said they told him it would be best if he left Norway immediately.

“It was something the Norwegian security police (PST) and Danish PET decided, and then I traveled very quickly home,” Westergaard told He said he did not feel unwell, even though his publishing firm in Denmark maintained that his appearance in Oslo was cancelled because of illness.

Lystrup told NRK it was “terrible” if it’s true that there were assassination plans against the event at Litteraturhuset. Media all over the world have supported Westergaard to fight the threat against freedom of expression.

“It makes me think that it’s strange times we’re living in,” Lystrup told “I thought this couldn’t be serious. But it is serious, and I perhaps didn’t realize that when I took contact with Kurt Westergaard and asked him to illustrate the book.”

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1 Zenster September 14, 2011 at 3:17 pm

Ah yes, the common Muslim refrain:

“Islam is the religion of peace … and I’ll kill anyone who says otherwise!”

How is it possible for so many to ignore what could not possibly be made any more clear?

Currently, I am reading Herman Wouk’s “War and Remembrance”. In it he mentions “the will not to believe.” This, in a book written over three decades ago, and yet we are confronted with denial on what is, quite possibly, the largest scale in human history by unbelievers and Muslims alike.

Clearly, history’s lessons continue to go unlearned. Wouk also cites Thucydidies and goes on to note how:

“Democracy satisfies best the human thirst for freedom; yet, being undisciplined, turbulent, and luxury-seeking, it falls time and again to austere single-minded despotism.”

These words were written centuries before Christ was born. Thucydidies is also credited with the famous line; “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Just how much more bloodshed, barbarity and repetition of the Dark Ages must humanity endure before it learns to take despotic creeds like Islam and wring them by the neck until dead?

2 Basir Khan December 12, 2011 at 11:19 am

Look Zenster, i know their are many muslim extremists but
HELLO if you dont know something dont go off spreading it…
This is true tat we Muslims are very sensitive about our Prophet Muhammad(SAW) name being misused in any way or Gods . In this case our religion does allow to kill the person BUT…. but thats all you have heard
Ever thought why Kurt Westergaard wanted to make the Prophet Muhammad(SAW)s picture in the first place… do you think he didnt know that in Islam ur not allowed to draw even humans pictures. OFCOURSE he did.. also let me fix ur statement that ” Islam is a religion of peace… and ill kill anyone anyone who says otherwise”
Again there are extremists everywhere. Before you placed this statement you should have atleast read some article about what Islam says on killing people. Our religion says that if you kill one person its like you have killed the entire humans race. Also even in state of battle our religion tells us that these are NOT permitted:
1. destruction of crops
2. Killing of women and children
3. Killing the people who are not waging war against you
4. If a Non muslim asks for help , YOU MUST HELP HIM
We take the drawings made of our Prophet Muhammad(SAW) as an abuse to the entire Muslim community, so whats the matter with people… why do they still draw his pictures? i ask you?

3 Zenster December 12, 2011 at 1:29 pm

Basir Khan: We take the drawings made of our Prophet Muhammad(SAW) as an abuse to the entire Muslim community, so whats the matter with people… why do they still draw his pictures? i ask you?

Your question reflects the typical train of what passes for Muslim thought.

“[W]hy do they still draw his pictures?”

Because we can. There is no law in the West that prohibits anyone from drawing a million pictures of Mohammad. Yet, you have the gall to presume that we Westerners should refrain from doing so solely because a bunch of thin-skinned cry babies take offense at it. Do you see anyone threatening death upon anyone who draws the figure of Christ? No? Well maybe that is something you should take a closer look at. Just maybe, Christianity is a more secure in itself and has the maturity not to impose itself upon everyone else.

I ask you, most Jews do not eat pork, but do you see them demanding that the entire world not eat pork?

Of course not, that is because the Jews are reasonably sane people.

Do Muslims want to see pork forbidden around the entire world? Of course they do because the global imposition of shari’a law is their goal and who cares how many people starve to death so long as all haram foods are eliminated.

What will it take for you and other Muslims to realize that you have no right imposing your arbitrary and, often, infantile laws upon those of us who consider Islam to be a barbaric throwback, Iron Age credo?

How can you possibly expect that Westerners should demonstrate the least respect for a tyrannous death cult that chops off heads, hands and clits everywhere it goes?

GROW UP! Then, maybe some day, people might have a shred of regard for your vile and savage ideology.

4 CzechRebel February 27, 2012 at 1:28 pm

@Basir Khan

It is becoming increasing clear that there are ONLY three types of Muslims:

1. Apostates that really don’t believe in Islam, but keep their mouths shut to avoid the death penalty.

2. The so called “extremist” Muslims who actually believe what Mohammad had to say, the Koran and the Hadiths. They want to kill most of us off and establish Sharia law.

3. Liars. This is the most common. They troll our blogs trying to convince us that most Muslims don’t really believe what Mohammad taught, what the Koran says etc. They offer some alternative view that somehow Mohammad didn’t mean what he said and that Koran doesn’t really mean what it says. Yes, they are liars, who call Mohammad a liar!

Just wonder which one of the three you are?

Blog Adim

5 Ezwan February 28, 2012 at 1:27 am


I ask you, most Jews do not eat pork, but do you see them demanding that the entire world not eat pork? -> I’ve never met one Muslim that demand the entire world not to eat pork. And I live in a Muslim country. You should get your fact straight and not let your anti-muslim-Jew mind comes in the way when giving comments.

Your answer “Because we can.” just show how arrogant you are. It’s a kindergarten kid’s answer of not doing homework. We live in a multi-religion, multi-racial, multi-cultural world. We humans need to respect each other. You would not like it if take your bible pages and wipe my ass with it. Or simply stomps your bible and burn it, and post it on youtube and get all muslims to laugh while im doing it – “because i can”

Respect others. Don’t they teach you that as Christians/Jew? That’s what you need to learn.

6 CzechRebel February 29, 2012 at 1:27 am


You say “respect others”? Muslims do NOT respect others as a rule. If they did, we would see Christian missions in Saudi Arabia. If they did, there would be no suicide bombers. If Muslims respected others, over 90% of the world’s conflicts would be over!

1400 years of Islamic history shows us one thing: Muslim do NOT respect anything non-Muslim.

7 Ezwan March 1, 2012 at 1:46 am

We have another one of those long, rambling comments. It will be lot easier to answer it in italics after each part. The comment is directed at yours truly, CzechRebel, 1389 Blog admin.

That’s where your twisted narrow Jews/Christians, anti-Muslim propaganda media only viewers are wrong.

I get this visual picture of these very skinny Christians and Jews who have been in an accident and are “twisted” and a group of viewers who are against Muslim propaganda. hmm Seems like the 1389 blog is against Muslim propaganda too.

You are so caught up with all the news controlled by Jews in your country, you can’t see the simple truth.

So amazing that people could actually believe Jews control much of anything. Especially not the media. Ever met a Jew? Get a life! Most Jews are regular folks with local concerns, just like the rest of us. They run their businesses, work at their jobs, care for their families, etc. It takes a really deranged mind to envision them running the world.

9/11 was sad, but the Jews are doing that to Palestinians everyday man, everyday.

My, my, my! So Jews fly Kamikaze missions into “Palestinian” buildings everyday? That must be really interesting! Of course, this is in some mythical land known as “Palestine.” There used to be a real Palestine in the Middle East, but since May of 1948, we have been calling it “Israel.” So, please join the rest of us here in the 21st Century!

You guys celebrated 9/11 10th year anniversary recently. Many cried. To those Palestinians, everyday is 9/11.

So, to those people you call “Palestinian” for this non-existent land known as “Palestine” every day is September 11? OK, you would surely enjoy a movie called Groundhog’s Day staring Bill Murray.

And you expect them to love those anti-muslim Christians brothers (Americans), kiss and hug them for bombing their families, starve them to death for 60 years?

Bombing their families? “Palestinian” terrorists are killing plenty of Jewish families on a regular basis. Expecting hugs and kisses? This is a major non sequitur! And I think it takes a lot less time than 60 years to starve to death, especially with the huge amounts of foreign aid that these “Palestinians” are getting every year – including from Israel. Oh, and by the way, Americans don’t want to exchange “kisses and hugs” with y’all anyway!

There will not be any suicide bombers to start with if the Christians mind their own business and not simply invade and kill Muslim brothers in their own land.

The Crusades ended in the 1200s. So, I don’t think there have been many “Christian” invasions since then. Unfortunately, there are plenty of Muslims in the US armed forces, so we know you are not referring to those institutions.

Let them settle their own problem – Kuwait, Iraq, Afghan, now Iran… just stop already. Mind your own business please, pretty please. “Pretty please”? Grow up already. Let the record show that 1389 blog has been letting Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran alone.

And to say Suicide Bombers = Muslim, is just plain ignorant dude.

Well, you are half right. Back in the early 1940s, the Japanese did suicide bombing. The US put a stop to that by nuking two Japanese cities. But, right now, the Muslims seem to have the suicide bombing market cornered. 1389 Blog is a hard news blog, not a history class, and our focus is on what’s happening right now. The US probably won’t nuke y’all for being suicide bombers, but the Chinese just might if you push your luck a little bit too far.

It’s like saying Klu Klux Klan[sic] = Christians. You see, how narrow minded you are?

Funny that you bring up the KKK. Around here the same people who believe in the KKK believe in what you say. Whether the KKK is “Christian”, as the Klansmen claim, is open for debate. However, it seems funny that the same people–and I mean the exact same people–around here who like the Muslims also like the KKK.

Do you know there are more dangerous suicide bombers that are not Muslim that have tried to bomb you guys compared to Muslim?

I have no idea what you are trying to say. Next time, find someone who actually speaks English to help you rather than playing with that free translation software.

But of course, your Jews controlled media only focus on the Muslims.

Now I own this “Jew-controlled media.” You can’t make this stuff up! Some guy believes that the Jews control a piece of the media that I personally own. Great!

Clean your heart, free your mind brother.

OK, I will watch my cholesterol and start daydreaming more if it will make you happy.

I’m not saying all Muslims are good, but you saying Muslims are bad are not true either.

All Muslims may not be bad, but Islam is bad. We pray that these “good” Muslims will be freed of the evil grip of Islam.

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