Max Brenner Chocolate and BDS in Australia

by Gramfan on August 28, 2011

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Over the weekend the BDS Movement in Australia, supported by the Greens, attempted another demonstration against the Max Brenner stores – this time in Brisbane.

Logo of the evil, anti-Semitic BDS movement

Logo of the evil, anti-Semitic BDS movement

Danielle Keys reports on the counter-protest against the Socialist Alliance anti-Semites

On Saturday the 27th of August at 1pm, the Socialist Alliance and “Justice for Palestine” met at Merivale Street, Brisbane to march down to Southbank to bully and intimidate the customers and staff of popular chocolatier ‘Max Brenner’.

I, Danielle Keys, organised the counter-protest movement a month ago after seeing the Socialist Alternative at UQ handing out flyers about their protest. The flyers said to boycott Max Brenner as an agent of apartheid Israel. I thought it was so disgusting that I organised a facebook event just to see if some friends were interested in counter-protesting.

Little did I know that in a matter of weeks I would have many different groups approaching me to help support the cause, over 90 facebook friends attending and be in contact with the corporate management of Max Brenner. Little did I truly foresee that I would be speaking to almost every single newspaper I can think of as well as television and radio opportunities. I would have been happy to stand alone but I am really glad I didn’t have to! The reason that people stand behind counter-protest movements I think is because as just individual people we get bullied by the disgraceful agendas of the loudest most empty vessels of humanity – the Socialist Alliance. They are the unwashed aggressors who exist off the fringes of society prepared to violently demonise anyone who disagrees with them. I really had enough of it and I’m glad to see I was not the only one!

I guess the only way to properly describe the events of yesterday is like this…


Read it all here at Menzies House: Report on Counter-Protest against Socialist Anti-Semitism

Further reading: Brisbane Times: Chocolate war gets messy

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