Desperately Seeking an Anti-Islam Manual

by Hesperado on August 25, 2011

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by Hesperado


We are in a War of Ideas phase of the war against Islam.

The reason we need a “War of Ideas” is that the West hasn’t woken up to the fact that Muslims in the name of Islam are waging a war against us.

The “War of Ideas” is necessary to wake up the West.

For this necessity to be cogent, one has to assume, logically, and have the hope that the Westerners who currently remain pleasantly snoozing can indeed be woken up, through persuasion based on the growing mountain of damning data about Muslims and their Islam.

One major difficulty with our War of Ideas is not that we don’t have the data.

In fact, the anti-Islam movement as it currently stands has TOO MUCH INFORMATION: a confusing, redundant, over-complicated, often bewildering (and sometimes inaccurate) proliferation of information about Islam. And this excess of information is too spread out, with too many overlaps, and too much complexity.

There must be developed, published and accepted one definitive source for all our anti-Islamic discussions, debates and presentations.

To do this, we must find optimal ways to dismantle the PC MC paradigm through rhetoric and persuasion in the crucial aspect of the war we are in now, the War of Ideas.


One absolutely necessary tool we need for this is an organized compendium of facts about Islam along with counter-arguments to all the typical defenses of Islam from Islam apologists (who include both Muslims and our fellow PC MC Westerners) — to wit: an Anti-Islam Manual.

This tool will be worthless, however, and a waste of time, simply another messy lump of information to throw onto our growing pile of Too Much Information — unless it has the following four qualities:

1) definitive

2) concise

3) sufficiently complete

4) adequately referenced

Definitive: It must become the Bible of the Movement, rendering all other sources peripheral and redundant.

Concise: The manual cannot become too complex, else it will undermine the very purpose it’s meant to execute. It must be ruthlessly to-the-point: just the facts, ma’am. No frills, no fuss, no emotion.

Sufficiently Complete: On the other hand, it must contain everything we need to know for the purposes of our anti-Islamic discussions, debates and presentations.

Adequately Referenced: Every claim contained in the Manual must be grounded in multiple sources from mainstream news, Academic studies, and Muslim data in Arabic and other relevant regional languages from around the world.

This project will take money, in order to pay many professionals (some of them scholarly) to do hundreds of hours of research — which in turn requires fund-raising and influence: qualities that our quasi-leaders in the anti-Islam movement have, but don’t seem to care enough to use for this most desperate need.


The “quantum ignorance” that retards the modern West in its learning curve about the problem of Islam is just that complex that it requires an appropriately complex arsenal to counteract and hopefully dissolve it. Unfortunately, due to the inchoate nature of the anti-Islam movement, and due to the lack of concern from its quasi-leaders, the publication of such an exigently needed Manual seems years (if not decades) away.

It is important to note that this is not a War of Ideas against Muslims: with few exceptions not significant enough to make a difference, the vast majority of Muslims will remain Muslims, and thus our implacable (if often stealthy) enemy. They are beyond persuasion, and it is from now on a waste of time to debate them (except insofar as such debates provide an educational spectacle to on-the-fence Westerners).

No: This is a War of Ideas against our own fellows Westerners: a Civil War of Ideas, so to speak. A war that, indeed, should be kept civil; for our fellows, as myopic as they remain in their quantum ignorance, are not — at least not the vast majority of them — our enemies against whom we would use hyperbolic Austerian, Fjordmanesque, El-Inglesian, and Bodisseyan descriptions which luridly and logically lead to a Breivikian response.

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