Call to Action: Stop Earthworks’ Assault on the Mining Industry

by 1389 on August 18, 2011

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From: Resourceful Earth News
To: 1389 Blog
Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2011 6:31 PM
Subject: Call to Action: Stop Earthworks’ Assault on the Mining Industry

An environmental NGO is targeting the mining industry once again with a misinformation campaign that aims to over-regulate the industry. In a week-long call to action, Earthworks, rang out to its fan base urging them to contact the White House, EPA, and the Army Corps of Engineers to close so-called “loopholes” regarding the disposal of mining waste. The tactic wrongly states that mining companies may “freely dispose of their waste in rivers, streams, wetlands and lakes.” They even attached a “fact sheet” that was , you guessed it, short of facts.

In its ongoing quest to swat away greenie groups that misinform the public in order to meet their agenda, Resourceful Earth has yet again taken a stand with a call to action of its own.

Here is how you can help:



Others are already posting on this. You can read more at: ARPN, Resourceful Earth, Resourceful Earth News and Wizbang!

Please encourage your readers to call or send letters to counter this assault on America’s energy independence!

Thanks for your help!

Beth Shaw

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