Both Parties Use Immigration and Visa Programs to Put You Out of Work

by 1389 on August 18, 2011

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Says taxfreekiller:

The two party evil money cult is using legal and illegal immigration to cut your wages all of you.

The elites of both parties are using immigration not merely to cut our wages, but to put well-educated, experienced, loyal, and hard-working Americans out of work entirely. Many of us are working at low-paying jobs outside of our technical fields just to put bread on the table. Just for starters, the h-1b visa program should be ended immediately and permanently, and the same for all other visa programs for bringing in foreign tech workers. The h-1b program was a complete fraud from the get-go, and it’s scandalous that it has been allowed to continue during a period of high unemployment and underemployment in the US.

Is There a Shortage of Skilled Foreign Workers?

…Supposing the employer — and many of them operate this way — would prefer to ignore the two million-plus unemployed graduates in the country, and ignore the 10 million or so STEM-trained people employed outside STEM occupations, and wants to hire foreign workers. Well, there are plenty of opportunities to do that through, for instance, the numerically limited aspects of the H-1B program. Of the 85,000 numerically limited slots in that program for the coming fiscal year 57,900 of them remained open on June 17, 2011, according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).3

In addition there are numerically unlimited opportunities to hire skilled foreign labor in the L, J, O, and F-1 (with OPT) categories that are described below. In the last-named category the employer gets a bonus of as much as $10,000 for hiring a foreign graduate of an American university rather than a citizen or a green card graduate of the same university with the same skills.4 That may be hard to believe, but it is the case.

Do these macro indications show a need to import more foreign workers than we already do? I do not think so, but first let’s look a little further at the current and prospective inflows of foreign skilled workers under existing laws…

Read the entire report here or download it as a PDF.

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1 Zilla August 18, 2011 at 2:05 pm

I think it is unconscionable. Thank you for linking my post, BTW. I’m so sick of those traitors screwing over Americans to pander to foreigners, especially when so many of us are out of work or barely scraping by with s**tty jobs.

2 Brittanicus August 18, 2011 at 8:13 pm

As for President Obama the only way he can stay in office, is delivering more welfare entitlements to millions of the poor and those who shun employment and the low income earners. These come from every class of people who are white, black, Hispanic, Latino and other ethnic groups, who see America of a social country for free handouts for all.

Now Obama’s czarist Department of Justice are now are squirreling out of deporting illegal aliens. In my book, if you broke the law—you should be arrested and deported? Or is there two sets of laws—one to cater to illegal aliens and one to the rest of us?

There have been innumerable debates over what to do about the 20 plus million illegal aliens estimated to be in the United States? There have been practically no discussions of how to ensure that millions of legal aliens do not register and vote in elections. The evidence is irrefutable that aliens, both legal and illegal, are registering and voting in federal, state, and local elections. Following a mayor’s race in Compton, California, for example, non citizens testi-fied under oath in court that they voted in this elec¬tion. In that case, a candidate who was elected to the city council was permanently ineligible from holding public office in California for soliciting non-citizens to register and vote. The fact that non-citizens registered and voted in the election would never have been discovered except for the fact that it was a very close election and the in¬cumbent mayor, who lost by less than 300 votes, contested it.

Correspondingly, in a 1996 congressional race in California may have been allegedly stolen by non-citizen voting. Republican incumbent Bob Dornan was defending himself against a spirited challenger, Democrat Lor¬etta Sanchez. Sanchez won the election by just 979 votes, and Dornan contested the election in the U.S. House of Representatives. His challenge was dismissed after an investigation by the House Com¬mittee on Oversight and Government Reform turned up only 624 invalid votes by non-citizens who were present in the U.S. Immigration and Nat¬uralization Service (INS) database because they had applied for citizenship, as well as another 124 improper absentee ballots.

Non-citizen voting is liable to grow at the same rate as the illegal foreign national population in the United States; but because of deficiency in state laws and the malfunction of federal agencies to conform with federal law, there are almost no measures in place that allow election officials to detect, prevent, and thwart non-citizens from registering and voting. Instead, officials are largely reliant on an “honor sys¬tem” that expects aliens to follow the law. There are numerous cases showing the failure of this honor system, just as in Houston, Texas last midterm. A federal ID card seems the only chance to circumvent illegal aliens using forged Absentee Ballots or registering to vote. Currently there are numerous election fraud investigations being processed in Texas, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin and other locations.

In November, 2009 political appointee Julie Fernandes reportedly told the entire assembled Department of Justice Voting Section that the Obama Administration “that they would not enforce the voter lists of the maintenance legal requirements of Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act”. Its alias being sometimes called the “Motor Voter” law and deals with the state’s administration of voter registration. Fernandes also reportedly said, “We have no interest in enforcing this provision of the law. It has nothing to do with increasing turnout, and we are just not going to do it,” DOJ lawyer J. Christian Adams said Fernandes told Voting Section lawyers at a lunch…”

What are the two most critical issues in the oncoming presidential elections? Down to the wire it is the economy and jobs. Therefore, we must find jobs, lots of jobs and illegal immigrants in the lower incomes who have acquired jobs must be removed and returned to less fortunate legal workers in our country. Are you aware that illegal immigration has been encouraged very successfully by the unconscionable business organizations such as the US Chamber of Commerce; backed up by certain unconcerned Republicans and the disingenuous Democrats, propelled by the left-wing influence? Records on immigration numbers have been systematically sanitized and kept out of the main spotlight. Liberal leaning news media have massaged numbers, statistics for years, including previous administrations. Any blogger or outside comment author is quickly banned from passing on sources or statistics.

Currently the main headline has been quickly flows through the national press, which illegal aliens are leaving and returning to their own country? What they are not selling you, is that over 20 million illegal aliens have settled here; and this may be uncounted. Millions live in houses of legal immigrants, hidden away from authorities, spending taxpayer’s money; Using friends ID or stolen documents to take American jobs. Millions could be shielded by unions, working in construction, hotels and motels or on a grand scale in Sen. Harry Reid’s entertainment Mecca of Nevada. The Pew Research Center says there are 8 million illegal immigrants are working and who have stolen jobs from American workers, through the collusion of business owners and many radical open border groups.

These groups are under the unfounded supposition that we need more and more workers, legal or illegal? This is not saying we shouldn’t give expeditious visas to engineers and scientists and those who have high professional achievement. Highly skilled individuals, who have shown their skilled abilities, will never drop to the poverty line as they will always have high paying jobs. On the negative side, people who are sliding past the border line, or the other 40 percent who lie at entry ports at airlines and shipping terminals are committed to staying until caught. The majority of economic illegal aliens are well versed in welfare laws and the use of false ID. These economic nationals have a better idea of each States entitlement system, to be able to play to their advantage then law-abiding Americans.

California is a very Liberal state that is under the impression that American taxpayers should support the illegal immigration occupation of that State. All Border States are under a giant pressure from especially illegal pregnant mothers, who are determined to bring their unborn child here so they can get free hospitalization; then after conceiving the 300.000 children annually born to illegal aliens, in receipt of instant citizenship can collect cash payments and a whole bunch of handouts, that US citizens and residents never see?

Figures from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services

Immigration is having a bigger impact than ever on the American economy, but the current presidential candidates seem reluctant to speak up. June figures from the Department of Public Social Services in California report $54 million in welfare benefits were issued to illegal alien parents of their native-born children in Los Angeles County alone. This was announced by County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich. The $54 million consists of $22 million in CalWORKs (welfare) and $32 million in Food Stamps — an increase of $3 million from June 2010. This represents 22% of all CalWORKs and Food Stamp issuances in the County. The projected annual cost has jumped to $625 million.

“With the $550 million for public safety and nearly $500 million for health care, the total cost for illegal immigrants to County taxpayers exceeds $1.6 billion dollars a year,” said Antonovich. “These costs do not include the hundreds of millions of dollars for education.”


Should we expect Perry, a Republican who once served in the Texas legislature, to make the same admission about his pro illegal immigration stance? After all, he gave illegal aliens discounted in-state tuition at public colleges and universities in Texas then traveled to Mexico to brag about it. He also slammed Arizona for passing a tough immigration control law, believes the southern border fence is unnecessary and opposes the E-Verify federal verification program that prevents illegal immigrants from landing state jobs. E-Verify the job eliminator for illegal aliens and the new deterrent is equally needed to start clipping the wings of the open border zealots, the religious entities, unions and the unhappy business leaders who determined to keep cheap labor pouring into the U.S.
Rick Perry is a true Capitalist and elitists, and carries a poor NumbersUSA immigration scale of (D-).
Perhaps Americans shouldn’t hold their breath for an apology on the open borders issue since it’s likely that Rick Perry is betting it will earn Latino votes.

• The threat of a Congressional amnesty may be off the table for now, but millions of illegal immigrants are still taking American jobs.
• Congress continues to import an additional 75,000 foreign workers every month at a time when American workers are facing massive unemployment and collapsing wages.
• The immigration crisis is as severe as ever, and elected officials from both parties have refused to do anything to address the role mass immigration plays in our national jobs crisis.
• Americans need a president who will take our immigration crisis seriously.

Right now, the political parties and presidential candidates are staking out their positions on immigration. Together, we can influence the candidates to improve their immigration positions and publicly commit to defending the American worker. See the immigration grade scores of contenders in the Presidential race at NumbersUSA. Learn who is involved in corruption and collusion of all lawmakers at Judicial Watch.

• Will the Republicans reject another open-borders candidate?
• Will President Obama move to a more reasonable position as he strives for re-election?
• Can candidates and prospective candidates like Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and Herman Cain recognize the urgency voters have about this issue? Michele Bachmann has openly discussed this ominous issue that is erupting from every newspaper and media every day. Only—and only the TEA PARTY are willing to talk about Illegal Immigration. So this is the time to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak and learn who is ready to fight for every American and not try to pacify illegal aliens, with the possibility of Immigration Reform- we all know as mass amnesty. No TEA PARTY leader will enact any law that rescinds the Reagan 1986 Immigration Control and reform Act. All cities branded as a Sanctuary for Illegal aliens, will either conform to the law, or lose federal funding.

Politicians, who won’t recognize the urgency of the immigration issue, will be removed.


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3 Always On Watch August 20, 2011 at 5:47 am



4 Ralph Lynn August 21, 2011 at 4:35 pm

The suited one’s are doing this in Europe and the UK too. It is such a scandal. Technocrats, industrialists, politico’s and bureaucrats the world over seem to be sticking it to their own people. What is going on?

Brittanicus, I agree the sorry bunch of looters and fools should be swept away, but I’m afraid that they’ll be in power for a long while yet running our once fine and functioning societies and economies into the ground.

America has a powerful conservative movement agitating against this liberal/corporate treason and could save itself. In Europe there is hope. But for the UK such naysaying is at best marginal and roundly dismissed as, you guessed it…


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