Hesperado’s Law

by Hesperado on August 17, 2011

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by Hesperado

My “law” is, half facetiously, modeled after the famous “Murphy’s Law” — “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

It could also be modeled, I suppose, after the law of diminishing returns, or the law of thermodynamics; for there is an inexorable, almost mechanical quality to the phenomenon it describes — namely, the problem of Mohammedan reform.

I say “mechanical” because Islam, and the culture it inculcates, with its obsessive-compulsive monomania imposed from without and dutifully sought from within, resembles more the robotics of a cult or a totalitarian system than it does a relatively free society of human beings out in the air and sunshine of imperfect, messy, real life, with all its headaches and joys — and, in between, simple pleasures — where most Earthlings (particularly in the West, for all our repeatedly reminded faults) move and live.

The oft-cited “diversity” of Islam is more a superficial array of spices trying to dress up, distract and make palatable a purulent and toxic corpse of a meal, whose underlying abhorrent taste and poison becomes thus masked for those who have drunk the kool-ade — whether Muslims themselves or our Western idiots who persist in seeing Islam as benign.

The rudiments of the idea of my “law” have been bouncing around in the back of my head for years, but only recently did I think of it in clearer terms. It was occasioned by a recent tentative exchange I’ve been having with a self-affected Moderate Muslim: that odd category and strange animal which someone once — I believe it was some commenter years ago at Jihad Watch (it even could have been me!) — termed a “Muslim unicorn”. That, in fact, is the name of this particular Muslim’s blog — The Muslim Unicorn — and the sobriquet he goes by. He may have adopted this title and name in the spirit of a tongue-in-cheek self-deprecation, which in turn may or may not reflect a self-awareness of his relative singularity (if, that is, he’s being sincere) amid the diseased mass of his new brothers and sisters whose diseased organization he has apparently chosen to join.

Those of us in the still inchoate Anti-Islam Movement know this type of Muslim well. The gold standard, so to speak, of this type became famous at least within the confines of the Blogosphere, during a span of some four years (roughly between 2004 and 2008) of lengthy arguments in innumerable Jihad Watch as well as Front Page comments fields. Simply do a Google search (choosing “advanced” and specifying the Jihad Watch or the Front Page site as the domain to be searched) for the name “Tom Haidon”. One example (of which there were many) is this lively discussion of Haidon (with Haidon himself in the mix), from January of 2007. Under the moniker “remote control”, by the way, the reader will be able to see in that lengthy exchange — moi.

At any rate, concerning the possibility of Mohammedan reform in any meaningful sense — i.e., in a sense that would have an adequate effect on sufficiently minimizing the dreadful, disastrous, demonic problems which Muslim are causing all over the world — here’s Hesperado’s Law:

The more sincere a given Muslim seems to be in wishing to practice a kinder, gentler Islam, the more marginal — and thus ineffective and irrelevant — he becomes.

The self-proclaimed Moderate Muslim can try to argue until he’s blue in the face that his wishing upon a star has hope for real results — but the behavior and attitude of millions of Muslims (as well as the passivity of millions more in their failure to put down the extremists among them), and the texts and tenets officially encoded and cultivated in Islam for centuries and right into the hot present, indicate massively otherwise. It’s self-delusional magical thinking at best; taqiyya at worst.


Soon, I will have, concerning this same topic, an upcoming “Hesperado’s Second Law”. Look for it.

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