Agenda 21: Something you really need to know about

by Gramfan on August 14, 2011

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Agenda 21

Sustainable Development: Transforming America

This is a United Nations initiative that has some very terrifying implications for those countries who sign up to UN treaties.

It seems clear that should this come to pass all our liberties are profoundly threatened.

Although this article was written some time ago there is a lot of information available online.

As the “sustainable development” movement continues to gain momentum, it is worthwhile to step back and take a long look at the big picture, painted with a broad brush to reveal what the United States might look like as the movement’s vision is more fully implemented over the next 50 years or so.

The picture painted here is based on official documents published by several government agencies and non-government organizations during the last decade. These documents were rarely reported in the news, and average working people have no idea what sustainable development really means, and even less knowledge of what is in store for the future. If the vision of sustainable development continues to unfold as it has in the last decade, life in the United States will be quite different in the future.

The Vision

Half the land area of the entire country will be designated “wilderness areas,” where only wildlife managers and researchers will be allowed. These areas will be interconnected by “corridors of wilderness” to allow migration of wildlife, without interference by human activity. Wolves will be as plentiful in Virginia and Pennsylvania as they are now in Idaho and Montana. Panthers and alligators will roam freely from the Everglades to the Okefenokee and beyond.

Surrounding these wilderness areas and corridors, designated “buffer zones” will be managed for “conservation objectives.” The primary objective is “restoration and rehabilitation.”

Rehabilitation involves the repair of damaged ecosystems, while restoration usually involves the reconstruction of natural or semi-natural ecosystems. As areas are restored and rehabilitated, they are added to the wilderness designation, and the buffer zone is extended outward.

Buffer zones are surrounded by what is called “zones of cooperation.” This is where people live – in “sustainable communities.” Sustainable communities are defined by strict “urban growth boundaries.”

Land outside the growth boundaries will be managed by government agencies, which grant permits for activities deemed to be essential and sustainable.

Open space, to provide a “viewshed” and sustainable recreation for community residents will abut the urban boundaries. Beyond the viewshed, sustainable agricultural activities will be permitted, to support the food requirements of nearby communities….

Read the rest at Freedom.Org and do some more research.

UN’s Agenda 21 forcing society back to the Ghetto

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, Monday, August 15, 2011

I came across an article from Baton Rouge, LA, with a sugary title like an elementary singsong, “Grow Forth and Prosper.” Then I zoomed in on the subtitle, “Smart Growth proponents say building up may save Baton Rouge – but only if we do it the right way.” I am not sure which way Kendra R. Chamberlain understands it, but it is obviously the UN Agenda 21 way.

Such articles supporting Smart Growth, Smart Meters, and Sustainable Development have started to appear across the country with regularity in support of UN Agenda 21’s goals of destroying our economy, control and reduce our population, control our land use, redistribution of wealth, under the guise of protecting our environment. Slowly but surely, they have made great strides across the U.S. with very little opposition or understanding from the population. None of the articles mentions UN Agenda 21 at all.

Take Smart Meters for example, they have been installed in Maryland with the help of power company bribes ranging from $40-100, being sold as good for the environment. Now people are suffering six hours every day when their electricity is remotely cut off at consumption peaks.

How many people will have to die of heat stroke? How will electronics fare, especially computers? What would happen to food in the fridge? How will the A/C units cope with power surges? How will homes deal with the humidity that will build up in basements since de-humidifiers will be idle? How will sump pumps route water away from home foundations? There will be a lot of mold growing.

Dominion Power is going to install Smart Meters in Virginia and is telling customers who want to opt out that it is not optional. Really? Who decided that a homeowner could not opt out of a particular device? Since these Smart Meters stream data from homes 24/7 to a remote location, telling somebody everything about your life cycle in that house, when has home surveillance without a warrant become legal in this country?

UN Agenda 21 has decided that America has too much urban sprawl; we have to cut back, de-grow, and return to the pre-car era of the early 20th century. Kendra enthusiastically says that urban sprawl makes us “suffer economically and in terms of peace of mind.” Who knew that giving up our cars, suburban homes, and moving into high-rise tenements pre-determined and built by supporters of UN Agenda 21, will make us happy and pain free?

In Kendra’s liberal view, suburbia has caused a bankrupt bus system, ghost neighborhoods, crumbling infrastructure within the city, “while development in the surrounding suburbs is flourishing.” Kendra, could it be the high crime rate, high school dropout rate, drug use and dealing, lack of societal responsibility for one’s children, lack of work ethic, creation of perennial welfare generations?

The Center for Planning and Excellence, a UN Agenda 21 approved organization, will hold its annual Smart Growth Summit, “a conference of some of the most brilliant and bold minds – both local and national – in urban land use and development in Baton Rouge.” I have news for Kendra, the local and national minds that are making policy for Baton Rouge in conjunction with UN Agenda 21 are in violation of the Constitution.

Smart growth is indeed the “anti-American” dream. The ideals of a white picket fence and two-car garage have not lost appeal, Kendra, to most Americans, perhaps to UN Agenda 21 lap dogs.

The city is aligning with the tenets of Smart Growth, moving people from suburbs, their homes, and their cars, into high-rise ghetto tenements within five minute’s walk or bike from work, shops, school. Buses and trains become the main mode of longer distance transportation because UN Agenda 21 says that agricultural land must be reclaimed for unspoiled nature and roads will be abandoned and no longer repaired. Nobody objects to walking except that you will be trapped like a rat in a five-minute walk maze, which will be your world every day. No spur of the moment trips, no hopping in your car for a 25-mile ride to a friend’s house.

The Dulles Corridor in D.C., when completed, will cost $17-25 toll in one direction, a way to encourage locals out of their cars and into trains. The out-of-country developers do not really care as long as their investment pays off.

Traditional washing machines are disappearing. If you purchase one in the future, the water level will be preset and so will the type of detergent that you can use, all in compliance with UN Agenda 21 goals. Cap and trade is alive and well within UN Agenda 21.

Kendra repeats the pre-scripted sales pitch of UN Agenda 21 NGOs (non-governmental organizations), “public-private partnerships are the key to establishing successful smart growth projects.” She has no idea what it entails, it just sound good, warm and fuzzy.

Kendra, we live in a thriving country, with thriving communities and, until recently, a thriving economy that bureaucrats and politicians in Washington have destroyed, we do not need to re-engineer the UN Agenda 21’s “sustainable thriving community.” There is no such thing – most developing countries that have concocted this monstrosity live in substandard conditions because corrupt politicians have filled their coffers with wealth stolen from the UN coffers.
All these grants given to communities and local governments come with strings attached, read the fine print, the main string is the loss of your freedom, land use, cars, and homes. Taking funds away from fixing and building roads in order to buy more buses and build high-rise tenements is not the way most Americans want to live.
“The smart growth philosophy is rooted in urban designs that dominated the first half of the 20th century, before the automobile became a household commodity.” Why would anyone want to go back to those times, Kendra? Do you have a sick wish to destroy one hundred years of progress?

UN Agenda 21 Smart Growth has five tenets:

Existing Infrastructure (rehabilitate areas already established in the city) Maybe Americans like living on their farms, why force them into ghettoes?

Low Auto Dependence (no driving within a community, offering trolley, buses, walkways, bike paths, rails) What if I don’t want to give up my car? What if I cannot bike, walk, take bus, or train?

High Density (anti-sprawl, plucking us from the suburbs and placing us forcefully into tenements with specific boundaries)

Mixed-Use, Mixed-Income (multi-income community with multi-problems, disease born by overcrowding and close proximity, schools, supermarkets, retails, pharmacies, and work within the confines of the boundaries of the community; if it sounds Orwellian, it is).

Whole Community (all this crowding and proximity is supposed to create a wonderful kumbaya sense of togetherness and community) Yes, I remember the sense of community we had in our communist tenements, noise, dirt, disease, everybody spying on everybody else for a little extra food handouts from the ruling elite, beatings, and disappearances…
Read it all.

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