Six More Arrested in Oslo Attacks – and Released (Updated)

by 1389 on July 25, 2011

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Last night I posted this comment:

The media had it wrong on the “lone perpetrator”…

Apparently I wasn’t the only person who had trouble believing that both attacks could be the work of a single person. Et Norsk Troll comments on Blogmocracy:

6 people have been arrested in Oslo in connection with the bombing (Just like Rodan said: there will be more people who think this way). They are of Eastern European backgrounds. They were taken away in their underwear.

The police have coordened off quite a distance from the place of the arrest. The Oslo Bomb Squad is at the scene…


According to the UPDATED version of the following article, chemical containers were found at the address that was raided, but no explosives. Those arrested were released.

Ingen eksplosiver funnet (Norwegian language)

Convicted anti-Israel terrorist Lars Gule says he debated with Breivik online

Breivik’s ideas ‘shared by many’

Anders Breivik’s extreme ideology is shared by many people in Europe, according to a philosopher who took part in online discussions with someone he believes was the Norwegian mass-murderer.

Speaking to John Humphrys, Dr Lars Gule said Breivik’s views “did not stand out with a particularly aggressive or violent rhetoric… he was quite mainstream”.

Lars Gule himself is quite a piece of work:

Religious Freedom Watch: Terrorist Lars Gule

In 1977 Lars Gule embarked on a mission to bomb a hotel where certain Israeli citizens were scheduled to meet. His mission was foiled by Lebanese Customs officials who caught Gule attempting to board a flight with 800 grams of explosives in his possession. Gule was convicted, sentenced to prison, and labeled “Norway’s first international terrorist. ”

When caught by Customs officials in Lebanon, Gule at first lied and claimed that he was not aware that he was carrying the explosives found hidden inside some books in his luggage. He claimed that he was given the books by some people he had met in Beirut. Only after his arrest did Gule confess to the truth.

Gule admitted to having spent 15 to 20 hours being trained by a terrorist organization on weaponry and sabotage tactics in preparation for this mission. The organization purportedly asked Gule to carry out the task as a “propaganda-action” to mark the 10-year anniversary of the 1967 war. They informed him that the target of the action was a hotel used as a conference center and meeting place by certain Israelis…

Also see: Wikipedia: Lars Gule.

The media had it wrong on who the victims were!

The media have been referring to Utøya as a “youth camp” island – and sometimes as a “children’s camp.” (Note: It was the English-language media, NOT ME, who called it a “children’s camp.) Perhaps programs and events for children have taken place there at various times. But the camp program in progress at the time of the attack seems to have been a program for young adults, not for children at all.

The Utøya victims are being presented as “children” when this was evidently not the case. Why? Perhaps the motive is to cast the attack on Utøya as an episode of mindless cruelty rather than the carefully-targeted act of political violence that it was, or perhaps it is to sell more newspapers and garner a larger audience by tugging at our heartstrings. Either way, the media are never to be taken at face value.

I should not have to make any disclaimers here, but making the statement that the victims were young adults, not children, does NOT constitute excusing or condoning the attack upon them.

Commenter Ingenjören says that the term “youth camp” refers to a camp for persons age 15 and up. The English-language media, nonetheless, refers to the victims as “children” but has not reported any breakdown on the number of victims by age.

Sheik asks some uncomfortable questions about the Norway attacks, and especially about the media spin being placed on them:

Winds Of Jihad: Norway updates

The enemedia keeps repeating that “Anders Behring Breivik, targeted children”- but nobody has actually seen these ‘children’.

Whereas the MSM had no compunction to display the blood-splattered bodies of white Norwegians from the Oslo bomb attacks, there appears to be a strange timidity to display close-ups of the socialist indoctrination camp, where ‘children’ are taught to boycott Israel and other important multicultural stuff.

Al Jizz had quite a few video’s up, and they showed surviving witnesses. There was an Arab and 2 colored girls, one speaking with an American accent, all in their mid-twenties. Does that make them ‘children?’

Here’s another one, but he doesn’t look Norwegian either: Alhamdullillah! At Long Last the Enemedia ‘s Got Their “Right Wing Christian” Terrorist!

It would be interesting to know why we are told that the victims are ‘children’ when they’re obviously not.

Samuel Muyizzi (30) is one of the surviving ‘children’ from the Marxist paradise island…

Much more here.

Is speed-dating a typical childhood or adolescent activity?

Regarding children, mind you, that speed dating was on the Utøya agenda for Wednesday night.
(h/t: Coffee)

Also see:

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1 Ingenjören July 25, 2011 at 8:52 am

Sigh. It was not a childrens camp, you have mistranslated the norwegian word for youth camp, something liek 15 and up, so some of them were very young and others were older. If you are reporting about things not in your native language, check things like that out before you write. Get the facts right first before you start making strawmen and blame the victims.

Secondly the 6 people who were arrested were released long before you posted your post, so why did you spread that particular piece of misinformation?

2 1389 July 25, 2011 at 9:28 am


I myself referred to Utøya as a “youth camp” rather than a “children’s camp.” It was not me, but rather, various stories in the media that were calling it a “children’s camp” and referring to the victims as “children.” That is what I was complaining about.

3 WTF July 25, 2011 at 10:33 am

Ehhhmmm… It was kids from the age of 14 and up to 23. For me, a kid on the age of 14 – is a child!

4 Always On Watch July 25, 2011 at 12:28 pm

Anders Breivik’s extreme ideology is shared by many people in Europe…

No doubt. The indigenous people of Europe feel such a disconnect with their political leaders.

Of course, Breivik’s actions will have exactly the opposite effect of his purported and desired result.

5 1389 July 25, 2011 at 5:58 pm

Here again, if you read the article, some of the people at the camp were in their late 20s and up.

I didn’t see any media reports that had a breakdown of the victims by age.

14 would be considered an adolescent rather than a child. Were there any specific reports of anyone 14 years old being shot, or being present at the camp at all? The Norwegian commenter above said that “youth camp” means anyone from 15 on up, no upper age limit given.

6 Robin July 26, 2011 at 10:29 am

This blog intentionally attempts to convince people that the mass media is distorting the truth about what happened on the island, and who the victims were.

In doing so, the blog writers use the very same methods they are accusing the mass media of using.

-MAYBE- a neglible number of newspapers in their search for sensation and headlines portray the victims as children (however I have not yet seen this).

That there are children among the victims however, is a fact – and this will become evident once the names of the victims are released.

-SURELY- the writers of this blog gather all information they can find, to describe the youth camp as a adult foreign-run “marxist socialist indoctrination camp”. The writers do this well knowing that the information they provice does not provide a correct depiction of the truth.

Some quotes from this blog:
“Samuel Muyizzi (30) is one of the surviving ‘children’ from the Marxist paradise island”
“Here’s another one, but he doesn’t look Norwegian either”
“there appears to be a strange timidity to display close-ups of the socialist indoctrination camp”
“There was an Arab and 2 colored girls, one speaking with an American accent, all in their mid-twenties. Does that make them ‘children?’”
“Regarding children, mind you, that speed dating was on the Utøya agenda for Wednesday night.”

The facts behind the out-of-context information this blog provides:

– Samuel Muyizzi was not a member of AUF, but one of the several international guests at the island. Muyizzi is the Secretary General of Uganda Young Democrats, a sister organisation of AUF. He was invited to the island to learn about how AUF organizes their political meetings, and to teach the norwegian youth about UYDs struggle for democracy in Uganda. Him being older than the normal participants is an of course that goes without saying – and the writers of this blog are well aware of this information.

To sum it up: He was foreign, older and black. If this is supposed to prove anything, it proves that the youth in AUF works for international solidarity and care about people beyond their own, once safe, borders.

– “Here’s another one, but he doesn’t look Norwegian either”
This refers again to Muyizzi. This blog intentionally portrays the same black man as many foreigners to give the readers an impression that the victims are all arab, black, old and foreign.

– “There appears to be a strange timidity to display close-ups of the socialist indoctrination camp”
This quote from the blog uses the lack of published photos of bloodied and shot-to-pieces faces of the young victims as a proof of the victims being adult arabs/foreigners. Any sane person understands why the police doesn’t publish such photos, specially as long as the victims are not identified and thus the next of kin not notified.

– “There was an arab and 2 colored girls (..)”
Again an attempt to depict the camp as some sort of adult arab gathering. There are many arabs, arab-looking, black and muslim members of AUF. They are still Norwegians and innocent victims of this crime. Once the list of victims are released, it will be apparent that the vast majority are norwegian youth. However I do not expect this blog to portray the facts in a different way.

– “Regarding children, mind you, that speed dating was on the Utøya agenda for Wednesday night.”
So what? Hundreds of young people gathered at an island for almost a week, a fun activity for people to get to know eachother is arranged. Mainly 13-16 year olds talking to one person for 60 seconds, then moving on to the next. What is that supposed to prove? That the youth on the island knew how to have a good time?


It is not possible to take this blog seriously, and it’s quite disturbing to know that someone would wish to degrade the victims of this crime.

If this was a result of ignorance it would be less severe, but all distortion of facts are done in full intent, and I hope the readers are aware of the authors obvious bias on this matter.

7 WTF July 26, 2011 at 2:49 pm

There are two ppl in the age of 13 thats killed/missing.
13 for me, is still a child.

8 WTF July 26, 2011 at 3:36 pm

There was also a boy in the age of 11 i just heard…Not a child you said?

9 1389 July 26, 2011 at 3:46 pm

Where are you getting this information? Has it been verified?

Nonetheless, even if a few actual children are found among the victims, the English-language media were incorrect in calling it a “children’s camp.” My point stands.

10 Robin July 26, 2011 at 6:40 pm

Your point was never one of which word was used by the media, but to spread doubt about the medias role and to degrade the victims of this tragedy.

Why else make a point of people looking like arabs and looking non-norwegian in the same blogpost?

For an up-to-date list of victims look here:

Do they look Norwegian enough for you?

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