Dr. Terry Jones, Victim of Hit-and-Run Attack

by 1389 on July 24, 2011

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From Stand Up America Now! – July 23, 2011

Pastor Terry Jones with book 'Islam is of the Devil'

Dr. Terry Jones, Founder and President of Stand Up America Now was the victim of a hit-and-run attack Saturday afternoon, July 23, around 1:45pm ET.

Dr. Jones suffered minor injuries in the attack.

A black SUV sped around him hitting his leg and running over his foot as he was stopped at an intersection while on his motorcycle. The SUV, with Georgia plates, then sped away quickly. Dr. Jones, noticed the SUV following him for a few miles before the attack.

Dr. Terry Jones’ account of the hit-and-run incident:

“As we left the church, we turned right and came straight down as we went through the wooded area and came to the stop sign where you must turn left or right. I noticed that there was a black SUV behind us. Of course because of our situation, we always are aware of things and people who are following us. As we turned left, they turned left. They were a little bit suspicious as they kept speeding up and backing off, speeding up and backing off. We continued on down the road a few miles. As we approached the next intersection, the next stop light, and as I was slowing down, they passed me slowly on the right hand side literally only inches away from my motorcycle. I kept it straight and yelled at them. This was done on purpose as there was absolutely no need for this. It was a black SUV with a Georgia license plate. As I stopped, they ran over my leg, my foot. I yelled out at them. They gave it no absolutely no attention. Although no window was down, they knew very well that they had hit me. They proceeded to turn to the right and to speed up very, very fast. It was a definite attempt of some form on my life, either to give us a warning, a scare, or to actually do bodily harm which they did by running over my leg. We will reported this to the Florida Highway Patrol and to the FBI.”

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1 morticia July 24, 2011 at 8:08 pm

cowardly action from snivelling little islamic cowards

2 Always On Watch July 25, 2011 at 12:24 pm

So, this is the kind of society we now live in?

Certainly, it is one’s prerogative not to agree with Terry Jones. But to attack him physically?

I wonder: Will the FBI really investigate?

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