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Statement regarding the Utøya youth camp attack:

There has been a plethora of speculation and allegations bandied about in the media and the blogosphere with regard to the identity and motives of the Utøya youth camp attacker(s). Let me point out that we don’t have all of the facts yet (or perhaps any of them).

Just for starters, there hasn’t been a trial yet. Only the trial can establish whether the person arrested (namely Breivik) was the actual shooter (assuming that there was only one shooter, which we still don’t know).

We also don’t know who actually left the comments that were purportedly made by Breivik.

Nor do we know the extent to which the police and the judicial system in Norway are honest. These cases become political footballs. There have certainly been enough problems with that in the US, especially with regard to high-profile crimes and assassinations.

We don’t know whether the Oslo bombing, the youth camp attack, or both, could have been “false flag” operations. Even if they were not, there is always the danger that they could eventually be used as a “Reichstag fire” incident.

Anybody can leave comments on just about any website, forum, or blog that allows comments. They can leave comments under somebody else’s name if they feel like it, and the website owner generally won’t know.

Let me point out something else: A blog, forum, or website is not responsible for the mental health (or lack of it) of its commenters. We don’t know who those people really are. Some commenters are undoubtedly imposters.

At various times, we’ve had some looney tunes commenting on 1389 Blog, which is, of course, a counterjihadist site. Even though a few such commenters seem to have agreed with our viewpoint (at least to the extent that we can figure out what they are talking about), we don’t like getting comments from people who seem to be incoherent or mentally unbalanced. That is partly why we moderate the comments. If we were to accept no comments from anybody at all, that would cut us off from any dialog with our audience, and that would cut down on readership.

I will make two further comments:

Whoever left the comments under the name of Breivik was not connected with the counterjihad movement to any real extent, simply because he (or they) would know by now never to use Little Green Footballs as a source of information.

Whoever shot up the youth camp wasn’t a Christian, despite what he (or others) might claim. That isn’t something that a Christian would do. Nothing in Christian doctrine allows it.

-Blog admin 1389

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