by Hesperado

Someone recently remarked, in a comment at the Gates of Vienna blog:

“There is no more need of the UN – WW2 finished over 60 years ago.”

That got me thinking.

WW2 may have ended over 60 years ago — but the PC MC West (particularly in Europe) is still fighting WW2: that’s why we can’t begin to fight WW4.

Did I leave out WW3, my reader might ask at this point? No: WW3 was admittedly an unusual war where, although it did have its share of regional proxy battles, such as various guerilla conflicts in Latin America, Africa, and of course the gold standard of proxy wars (the Vietnam War), as a “Cold War”, no general military assaults and invasions took place. Nonetheless, it was a global conflict with the potential for horrific casualties using nuclear weapons.

However, PC MC in its revisionist history, stuck in a framework of perpetuating the WW2 paradigm — and enjoying mainstream dominance throughout the West in the post-WW2 decades up to the present — has ruled the entire Cold War a paranoid delusion pursued by excessively Communist-phobic right-wingers.

PC MC’s persistent WW2 paradigm thus has tended to undercut and airbrush out of existence our protracted victory in WW3, which began with the entirely legitimate activities of Joe McCarthy and the HUAAC in the 50s and ended with the policies of Reagan in the 80s.

Indeed, the PC MC mentality that derides the seriousness of (or even vilifies those who took seriously) Anti-Communism during the Cold War, is the very same mentality that now derides the seriousness of our concern about Islam. In fact, I have found that PC MC types often explicitly draw this exact comparison: “You’re paranoid about Muslims just like in the 50s we thought there was a Communist under every bed!”

Principally (and more acutely in Europe and the UK), the PC MC WW2 paradigm is based upon preventing “another Hitler”. I have no problems with trying to prevent another Hitler. The problem is how we define what this “new Hitler” will be. According to PC MC, it will have to be a white racist who hates Ethnic People.

The PC MC paradigm, stuck in WW2 mode, is thus directly preventing us from seeing the danger of Muslims, because by that paradigm the New Hitler cannot possibly be an Ethnic People (which is how PC MCs think of Muslims). Even to begin to go down that slippery slope toward thinking such bad things about Muslims is to end up becoming precisely the monster we hope to prevent: “another Hitler” — for the “next Hitler”, according to that paradigm still seeing the world through World War 2, would have to be a white racist “right-wing” Western demagogue, and his followers white racists (who, naturally, are assumed to be potentially a far greater danger than are Muslims). No other possibility is permitted within the Ideological Box of PC MC.

And if you try to point out the mountains of data indicating otherwise (i.e., Muslims all over the world publishing and vociferating militant hate speech — including the worst most chilling sort of brazen Jew hatred — when they are not invading, slaughtering and torturing non-Muslims or insufficiently “pure” Muslims out of supremacist motivations), then you yourself become suspect as an enabler of the specter of a “new Hitler”. And your concern, if voiced or published, threatens to be categorized as the thought crimes of “hate speech” which must be nipped in the bud — in order to prevent “another Hitler”.


Thus, the bitter irony and bizarre paradox: Our dominant and mainstream paradigm throughout the West, whose raison d’être is to prevent a new Hitler is — precisely by doing so in the way it does so — positively enabling the next Hitler to rise up and eventually wreak as much, if not more, havoc as the original one did.

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1 Kursk July 13, 2011 at 4:14 pm

The funny things is, many European countries may end up with a ‘Hitler type’ leader in the push back against creeping Islamism..

2 1389 July 13, 2011 at 4:27 pm

That’s why I don’t support the BNP.

3 Hesperado July 13, 2011 at 5:51 pm

I’d have to disagree with both Kursk and 1389 on this one.

Other than the fevered comments and occasional essays by certain bloggers, there’s not an iota of evidence of anything remotely indicating the probability of the rise of an anti-Islam Hitler anywhere in the West (including in the BNP). Such a potential is about as probable as the imagined “backlashes” against Muslims which for some strange reason never occur — even though Muslims have been outrageously provoking us for decades now — and outrageously escalating that provocation post-911.

4 Revnant Dream July 13, 2011 at 6:04 pm

People don’t figt back because the left hides this from most people. Just look at TV news that covers it up.
Not only that but Isla is the new gay government pet for votes. Couple that with an Inaginary race cars & it no wonder no one says anything but bloggers.
Besides the HRC’s have put a chill into anyone discussing the barbarians practices or life styles.

5 Hesperado July 13, 2011 at 10:42 pm

“Ironically the European laws that were designed after the WWII to prevent anything like Holocaust and discrimination from happening ever again, are the same laws that the muslims use to their advantage.”

Yes, Grounzero. That’s precisely the paradox at the heart of the complex which my essay was analyzing. The “Never Again” mantra is stronger in Europe and the UK (for obvious reasons, as Hitler’s scourge — and the violence the Allies had to inflict in order to stop it — directly impacted various European countries. But its essence is also a major part of the PC MC dynamic elsewhere in the West (North America, Australia), retained in the general formula that “bigotry” that does not tolerate “diversity” is the biggest danger — and that danger only increases the more that Muslims misbehave, because the bad behavior of Muslims, so the argument goes, threatens to trigger the natural response of white Westerners to find any excuse to do what they really have been wanting to do all along — lynch and round up Brown People. And it’s only the PC MC Police who are holding the line and preventing this New White Hitler from rising up. If only they could also prevent it from being risible, they might have something…

6 Hesperado July 14, 2011 at 12:34 pm

I don’t see why we have to limit ourselves to Stalin, or to Hitler. In order to describe the unique evil & danger of Islam, it’s hardly enough even to pull out all the stops — Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Mao, Castro: put them all together and we still don’t have enough to fully do justice to the unique evil & danger of Mohammed and his Minions.

7 Ralph Lynn July 15, 2011 at 5:05 pm

Indeed Hesp, it truly is the Master Religion, making them Totallahtarians!

8 Ralph Lynn July 16, 2011 at 7:48 am

I have recently met (on seperate occasions) 2 young men, who, alarmingly have expressed admiration for Hitler and the hope that a figure like Adolph would come and ‘sort the muslims out’. Some gen from me about the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Hitler’s muslim SS Divisions and pointers to several anti islam websites has, hopefully, deflected them from that particular dead end.

As to the BNP and it’s alleged fascist nature, well there is a minority of the membership obsessed with the Jewish Question, but I have never seen, heard or read any ‘Hitler was right’ sentiments from members, publications or on BNP supporting websites. Stormfront and Combat 18 cater for that.

My impression of the BNP is that they simply despair of what has happened to Britain since WW2 and that the sacrifices of ‘the best generation’ where for nought. I, and my friends who are awake to the peril of islam, have some sympathy to many of the things the BNP say, but we cannot give them our wholehearted support because they are socialist. Any leftist leanings where removed totally by Blair and Brown’s New Labour disaster. All we have is the EDL. We await the emergence of a British Geert Wilders or Marine Le Pen or a ‘True Brits’ with impatience.

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