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by 1389 on July 10, 2011

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Sergio Redegalli with 'Say No to Burqa' mural

Australian glass sculptor and muralist Sergio Redegalli is the director of Cydonia, an art glass studio in Newtown, New South Wales. Much as I like art glass, we’re all about the counterjihad, so let’s take a look at Mr. Redegalli’s murals instead. He paints them on the outside wall of his own glass studio. You gotta love this stuff!

Redegalli has been at the forefront of the anti-burqa movement. For clarity, click here to see what a burqa is, and no, a burqa not the same thing as a hijab (Muslim scarf covering the head, neck, and hair). That said, a niqab (face veil), worn with a hijab and voluminous clothing, provides nearly the same facial and bodily disguise as does a burqa, so the term “burqa” is used informally to refer to either system of disguise.

Sculptor Sergio Redegalli defies ‘bullies’ and refuses to take down anti-burka mural

A SYDNEY artist whose anti-burka mural has infuriated left-wing and Islamic activists is vowing that the provocative artwork will stay in place despite death threats, abuse, a string of vandalism attacks, a violent weekend protest and a police request to remove it.

Newtown glass sculptor Sergio Redegalli has this week restored the mural painted outside his studio for more than the 40th time after dozens of graffiti and paint-bomb attacks by protesters who say it is racist and inflammatory.
The sculptor, who is a well-known figure in inner-suburban Newtown, says he has since been visited by local police who asked him to take down the mural after learning of a threat to fire-bomb it.

He refuses to do so in the interests of free speech and public debate.

“I’m not going to let the bullies win,” Redegalli told The Australian yesterday.

“I’m not doing it for pride (but because) I don’t believe bullies have the right to stand over people and deny us our freedoms.”

Redegalli painted the mural and slogan “Say no to burqas” on an exterior wall of his glassworks last September, after a local fashion designer received death threats over a plan to feature models wearing the traditional Islamic garment in a fashion parade.

The artist says his objective is to promote debate about the Islamic face veil, which he sees as a symbol of repression and violent extremism.

More here.

Redegalli sometimes repaints his mural to cast a harsh light upon Aussie politicians, such as Fiona Byrne and PM Julia Gillard, both of whom toe the Red + Green + Green, socialist/eco-fraudster/dhimmi political line.

Winds of Jihad: Quote of the Week

Sergio’s Mural Watch

Our dear friend Sergio Redegalli updated his mural again:

Say No to Fiona Byrne BDS/Watermelon

The Watermelon Greens: Green on the Outside, Red Inside. Time to dispatch them to the scrap-heap of history…

Read the rest.

SMH: Mural targets mayor over Israel boycott

THE GREENS candidate tipped to take the once-safe Labor seat of Marrickville from the Deputy Premier, Carmel Tebbutt, in the state election has been targeted in a mural over her council’s decision to boycott Israel.

Marrickville Council’s support for the global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign (BDS) against Israel in December has already been the subject of hostile questions to the Greens candidate and mayor of Marrickville, Fiona Byrne, at a debate with Ms Tebbutt last week.

The policy has been attacked by numerous media commentators and Labor member for Grayndler, Anthony Albanese, who is also Ms Tebbutt’s husband, penned a newspaper column last month condemning the boycott as “unfortunate and misguided at best”.

Yesterday a mural in Newtown stating “Say no to the burqa” was temporarily repainted by its artist, Sergio Redegalli, to read “Say no to Fiona Byrne”. The burqa-clad woman with a strike through her was replaced by a figure in green and a mayoral sceptre stabbing a Star of David.

Ms Byrne said that the mural was dehumanising but she stood by the boycott.

“We don’t live in a vacuum … things that happen nationally and internationally affect people in our local area.”

Ms Byrne said Israel had not been singled out, and that she supported the federal government’s sanctions on countries such as Zimbabwe and the longstanding council boycott of Burma.
Redegalli, a Newton resident, said he was keeping the new mural up for only 24 hours to document it.

He has drawn praise from anti-Muslim immigration groups for the original anti-burqa mural and has addressed a number of political meetings, including an Ironbark Club meeting in December, which is run by the far-right nationalist Australian Protectionist Party (APP).

He told the Herald he planned to send photos of the new mural to a range of contacts, including prominent members of the APP and the website the Gates of Vienna, which claims the West is in a “new phase” of an “old war” against Islam.

The artist said he was not a member of any political party and hated Labor.

“[I wanted to] get people to look up Fiona Byrne, see who she is, what she stands for,” he said.

Read it all.

In this mural, Redegalli shows Fiona Byrne in a green burqa with a mayoral crown and a scepter labeled “BDS”, which stabs the Star of David:

Winds of Jihad: Anti-Semites Love Our Greens

Our Greens Love Anti-Semites.

Or could it be that they’re anti-Semites?

Andrew Bolt

The bigotry is in direct relationship to the ignorance – and futility:

The Greens’ Marrickville policy. NSW candidate and mayor Fiona Byrne on ABC Online’s The Drum Unleashed on January 13:

On December 14 last year, Marrickville Council in Sydney’s inner west resolved to support a boycott of goods produced in Israel and of cultural and sporting exchanges with Israeli institutions, withdrawal of funds from institutions and companies that invest in or do significant business with Israel, and the implementation of government actions [sanctions] that indicate disapproval of Israeli policies in the illegally occupied Palestinian territories.

Say No to Fiona Byrne BDS/Burqa

A message from Sergio Redegalli:

‘I have attached the image of my latest Mural, I have temporarily created this image over the SAY NO TO BURQAS mural, I will change it back in the next few days after enough Sydney siders have seen it going past by train.’

I think that its title should be THE QUEEN GREEN RUBBISH BAG or GREEN RUBBISH BAG.

Redegalli recently weighed in on the nefarious Australian PM, Julia Gillard, who resembles Barack Hussein Obama in every way but outward appearance:

Winds of Jihad: Screwed by a plummer

“A fight to the death in the arena of public opinion” … Prime Minister Julia Gillard turns her back on Opposition Leader Tony Abbott on 7 July 2011

Say No to BDS and Julia Gillard

Sergio Redegalli put up another mural today. Lets see if it lasts through the night. If you don’t know what BDS means, check it out here

Read it all.

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1 Hesperado July 11, 2011 at 2:20 am

“a burqa not the same thing as a hijab (Muslim scarf covering the head, neck, and hair). That said, a niqab (face veil), worn with a hijab and voluminous clothing, provides nearly the same facial and bodily disguise as does a burqa, so the term “burqa” is used informally to refer to either system of disguise.”

The word “hijab” is a generic term for “covering”. Other words like “burka” and “niqab” are specific types and fashions of covering. So a “hijab” is any type of covering — either a veil or a burka, or anything in between. The differences in defining what is obligatory depend on interpretations of the Hadiths and what they mean by the command for women to observe hijab — i.e., to “cover”: how much should they cover?

See this Islamic site for discussion of the sources of the necessity for women covering (hijab) the face:

2 Gramfan July 11, 2011 at 8:13 am

He’s a national Aussie treasure, IMHO!!

3 1389 July 11, 2011 at 10:18 am


4 J.C.FIGLIULO July 11, 2011 at 11:31 am

keep up the good work brother, we need someone like you in America

5 Mullah Lodabullah July 13, 2011 at 2:02 pm

Just noticed your comment on WoJ regarding banning burka – Ban the Burka Day is to be held in Australia on Monday 18th July:

Fears for riots in national burqa protest

[A NATIONAL day of protest demanding the burqa be banned has raised fears it could provoke Cronulla riot-style hysteria. ]

6 1389 July 13, 2011 at 4:28 pm

Thanks for letting me know!

7 Alan Harrison April 30, 2013 at 7:17 pm

Good on you Sergio for standing up to this appalling nonsense. The sooner we make it explicit in our law that wearing a burqa in public is not acceptable in Australia, the better not least so that Muslims contemplating coming to Australia – to escape their old culture – can be assured that this country is not like their old country or culture. The burqa has no place in Australia and never will. Scarves with open faces are not an issue – so its not prejudice – its about identity, security, respect for other people and common decency.

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