More reasons why we MUST ban the burqa, the niqab, and all similar facial and bodily disguise in public places:

Terrorists in Drag: Bombs Beneath the Burqa

Posted by Phyllis Chesler on Jul 6th, 2011

There they all stand, guilty as sin, Afghan Taliban terrorists disguised in women’s burqas—but exposed when they were captured by the Afghan Border Police. Their photo (or rather photos) were taken by an Afghan photographer somewhere near Jalalabad and have just been seen worldwide.

Taliban Burqa Dudes Unveiled

One of these charmers was wearing an explosive vest; six had AK-47s. Clearly they were up to no good. One wonders how long they will remain in jail and what they will do when they emerge.

Taliban Burqa Dudes' Arsenal

Taliban Burqa Dude Arrested

These photographs conclusively validate the concern that Dr. Daniel Pipes has had about the security risk that burqas represent. For the last six years, Dr. Pipes has been detailing the number of common criminals and Islamist terrorists who have robbed jewelry stories and peeped into women’s bathrooms while wearing burqas, or who have blown themselves and others up from under the protective cover of a mere woman’s shroud.

In December, 2009, a suicide bomber dressed in a full veil and abaya gained access to a ceremony attended by Somali government officials in Mogadishu and killed 19 people, including three cabinet ministers. In February, 2010, a female suicide bomber killed 54 Shia pilgrims in Baghdad. She was dressed in an abaya, which police said allowed her to hide an explosive device. In December, 2010 in Pakistan, a woman wearing a burqa threw a grenade and detonated an explosive vest at a U.N. security checkpoint, killing 41 people.

This is not just happening in Muslim-majority countries or in war zones.

In August, 2010, a man wearing a burqa robbed a bank in Silver Spring, Maryland. In January, 2011, a man wearing niqab (a face veil) attempted to rob a bank in Philadelphia. Three years earlier, also in Philadelphia, three men dressed as Muslim women stuck up a Bank of America branch. One of the men shot and killed a police officer during their getaway.

Why are burqas allowed in public? Or rather, why don’t we view them as potentially suspicious as opposed to a religious custom which we infidels are obligated to honor and revere?

For reasons of safety, the West, and for that matter the entire Muslim world, should immediately ban the burqa as a security risk. [Emphasis added.]

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1 Dymphna July 7, 2011 at 5:14 pm

Thanks for sending the photos.

Didn’t realize it was Phyllis Chesler’s essay at first. Good on you for posting it. She does incredible, unstinting work on this. And she’s paid dearly for her integrity.

2 1389 July 7, 2011 at 6:27 pm

She certainly has!

I will say that I take a somewhat harder line with regard to Islam than Phyllis Chesler does. Later in her article, she mentions that she does not call for banning the hijab (meaning the headscarf without the face veil). Given that I don’t consider Islam to be a religion in the normal sense of the word, but an expansionist, enemy totalitarian political ideology, I don’t want any Muslims on the soil of any non-Muslim country, no matter what they are wearing. I consider all Muslims to be either current or potential enemy combatants. But given the fact that it will take some time to educate the voters and the politicians about this, the least we can do is to mitigate the current danger somewhat by banning the burqa.

3 Osumashi Kinyobe July 7, 2011 at 6:58 pm

We have people who are determined to blow things/people up. We can no longer afford to assume these things are urban legends or happen only in one region. While we are being groped at airports, terrorists move about freely. When will we arrive at the stage when public safety trumps some ridiculous dress code?

4 Hesperado July 7, 2011 at 11:03 pm

1389 wrote:

“Later in her article, she [Chesler] mentions that she does not call for banning the hijab (meaning the headscarf without the face veil).”

a) I agree with 1389: Chesler is basically on the level of Daniel Pipes: she has serious concerns about various aspects of Islam, but by her rhetoric, she continues to reinforce the TMOEWATHI doctrine (= the “Tiny Minority of Extremists Who Are Trying to Hijack Islam”).

b) Actually, “hijab” means any covering and it includes everything from the full burka to a simple veil over the head. I don’t know off-hand what the specific word is for the veils that variously uncover parts of the face.

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