Sticker: Beware! Halal food funds terrorists
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Halal food seems to be everywhere these days. It is food containing meat prepared by Muslims in accordance with shari’a law. Other foods that do not contain meat are often certified halal as well.

Gates of Vienna: The “Non-Existent” Islamization of America

Below is a brief report on some of the peripheral events that occurred during Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff’s recent visit to Washington D.C.

ACT for America logo

The “Non-Existent” Islamization of America
by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

As the Baron has been reporting for the past couple of days, he and I attended the ACT! For America National Conference in Washington DC. From June 22 through June 24.

Apart from “official” business such as the meeting with Congressman Allen West and collecting donations for my defense fund, I was able to catch up with some friends from various ACT! chapters who came in from across the nation. In addition, I spent a day in my favorite outlet mall in Woodbridge, VA.

On the last day of the conference, I had dinner with chapter leaders from Michigan and Texas. We decided on an Indian restaurant near the hotel: “Rajaji Curry House” on Connecticut Avenue. The still ongoing happy hour and the mouth-watering menu made our decision to spend the evening in this restaurant particularly easy. As we sat down, we immediately ordered our drinks and some appetizers while perusing the menu in detail. The menu did indeed promise good food. However, while the others chatted I took a closer look at the menu and imagine my shock and horror when — on the very last page and in fine print — the menu read: “We serve halal food.”

I cried out: “Sorry, you guys, but we have to get out of here! I cannot eat halal food. I am leaving. Now.”

The others immediately concurred with my decision. We motioned for the waiter and told him we would pay only for our drinks; the food order was canceled as the food was halal. The waiter was only very mildly indignant. He obviously realized that we knew exactly what halal meant. We ran outside and had an excellent meal across the street at an Irish pub. Very definitely not halal!

I always spend the early part of the day of my flight home at an outlet mall. Like last year, my destination was Potomac Mills Mall in Woodbridge, Virginia. Imagine my dismay when this year I saw this huge banner displayed in the mall, one that wasn’t there a year ago:

Potomac Mills Halal

The Petra Grill, as in Petra, Jordan. Halal food has now arrived at Potomac Mills Mall. And how many of those thousands of shoppers know what “halal” means? How many would even boycott the mall or protest if they did know?

And why do so many still insist that there is no Islamization of America?

This monster is staring us in the face, ready to devour us whole. Get up and do something about it! Support ACT! for America.

Posted by Baron Bodissey at 6/28/2011 09:41:00 PM

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Why should non-Muslims care about halal food?

GoV commenter Egghead explains:

Here is WHY non-Muslims should care about the introduction of any halal food into the West.

I read a great anti-halal essay that explained that halal food contributes to four significant problems – independent of animal cruelty or religious issues.

The first problem is an employment fairness issue. Halal slaughter requires that Muslims perform all halal rituals. The end result is that Muslims begin to “take over” food production jobs of a nation. The idea that Muslims – who wish to eliminate non-Muslims – control any aspect of non-Muslim food production is disturbing.

The second problem is a terrorist funding issue. All halal products require the monetary purchase of halal certification from a major Muslim entity – and some of that money inevitably supports terror efforts against the West.

The third problem is a Muslim immigration scam. Evidently, halal slaughter requires Western nations to import halal butchers from Muslim nations. The scam is that the halal butchers QUIT as soon as they receive their Western immigration status – requiring the constant importation of halal butchers from – you guessed it – Muslim nations.

The fourth problem is that – where Western countries have banned guns but allow knives – halal butchers can use their butchering skills as very effective human murderers. In essence, the importation of halal butchers is the importation of devout Muslims who would make extremely effective foot soldiers in a fighting war.

In the meantime, halal butchers use their butchering skills to commit violent crimes in the West – halal human slaughters which go unreported by the main stream media.

6/29/2011 2:13 AM

Egghead also offers these links:

Halal food finances the worldwide jihad!

Gates of Vienna: The Theory and Practice of Halal


One of the reasons that shariah finance and the halal food industry are flourishing in the West is that there is a lot of money to be made in these fields, by Muslim and infidel alike.

Western banks aren’t pushing shariah-compliant mortgages because they’ve suddenly seen the light by reading the timeless verses of the Koran. No, they’ve seen the bottom line: shariah financing is very, very profitable — often more profitable than standard interest-based loans, since shariah loans are subject to a different regulatory regimen.

The same applies to certified halal food products. Restaurants and groceries that carry them can expect more trade from culturally enriched customers. Exact figures are hard to determine, but billions and billions of dollars in profits are made at all levels every year by the halal industry.

In both of these fields, a shariah-mandated portion of the proceeds must be handed over to the Islamic authorities as zakat, or alms — one eighth of which must be applied to financing jihad.

Halal logoThe following course prospectus for Formación Halal (“Halal Training”) comes from the Halal Institute in Córdoba, Spain. This is not a little hole-in-the-wall storefront cooking school, mind you, but a respectable academic institution associated with the University of Córdoba.

And don’t forget the symbolic significance of Córdoba for the Reconquista. Spain is now in the midst of a “de-Reconquista”, and the presence of the Halal Institute in Córdoba is concrete evidence of that ongoing process.

Our Spanish correspondent Hermes has this to say about Halal Training and the Halal Institute:

This is the first course of its kind. There is a bit more at the Halal Institute: halal cosmetics, halal holidays, halal economics, halal ecology, halal TV… and halal placenta for the Muslim woman’s skin.

There are sections in English here and there, for example at the bottom of the “secciones” list, at “turismo halal”.

Many thanks to Hermes for translating this course information, taken from a PDF file made available by Educaislam:

Technical Course on the Production of Halal Food
April 13 – May 13, 2012


Educaislam is a training center sponsored by the Islamic Council and dedicated to the teaching of Islam in its different dimensions (culture, politics, economy, religion, etc.). Society’s growing interest in Islam and Muslim-related issues has made necessary the creation of a dynamic and plural learning environment.


Halal is a global concept which refers to a set of practices and conducts which are allowed under Sharia, or Islamic law. Nowadays the halal industry is growing, creating a special demand for qualified personnel in order to ensure the quality in the different stages of the production of halal food.


That’s why this Training Course on the Production of Halal Food has been made possible, a course in order to increase the participants’ knowledge in such aspects as the halal slaughter, animal welfare, food handling or the usage of ingredients and additives. The main goals are:

  • To provide theoretical and practical knowledge on the different phases of the halal food process-lines and production in an industrial context.
  • To provide proper training regarding the maintenance of professional practices and ethical guidelines in order to guarantee the functioning of the halal production line.
  • To make Spanish, European and international halal guidelines known.


A structured and partly face-to-face study methodology has been prepared. It includes different module contents which deal with a wide range of aspects from the most general to the most specific ones. Assessments, exercises, exams and practical activities will take place. The course will also have a permanent virtual platform on which discussion forums will be held. An initial and a final face-to-face session will take place in order to comply with the performance of the practical sessions.


The course is designed for people with an interest in performing professional activities in any of the stages of the halal production line, such as food-handler, production technician, kitchen manager, slaughterer, butchery operator.


The course program will be guided and imparted by experts in Islamic food legislation, scholars of Shariah and Islam, and professionals of the industrial environment. This will convey a kind of learning which will ensure that students receive the tools, documentation and knowledge required to become a specialist in the production of halal food.

In order to fulfill this goal the following activities have been developed:

Course opening and face-to-face session
Rectorate building of the University or Córdoba — April 13 (from 9:30 to 14:00)

9:30 — Natalia Andújar / Hanif Escudero Uribe // Rector of the University of Córdoba
Opening of the course

10:00 — Isabel Romero Arias
Halal, a door to integration and the opening of new markets

10:30 — Manuela Jodral
Bromatology and safety regarding halal food

11:00 — Halal breakfast
A small tasting

12:00 — Kamila Toby
Consumption patterns and basic information when buying halal food

12:30 — Hashim Cabrera
A spiritual vision of halal

13:00 — Questions and round-table

Online training

Module 0: Course instructions

April 13
Technological group.
General instructions, usage of the online platform, resolution of particular doubts and questions of technological aspect.
+ We recommend that everybody bring a laptop or mobile device in order to get access to the virtual platform during the session.

Module 1: Introduction to Islam

April 13 to 17
Mustapha Hassane
General aspects of Islamic culture and religion. The pillars of Islam. The religious fundaments of halal. Definition of halal, haram and Masbouq.

Module 2: Halal, a global concept

April 18 to 22
Muhammad Escudero Uribe
Scope and boundaries of halal. Basic conditions of halal. Application sectors of halal. International perspective of halal market.

Module 3: Halal certification, a tool for a trusted choice
April 23 to 29
Vanessa Rivera
Requirements and procedures of the halal certificate. The value of a certificate. Tools and practical mechanisms for the implantation of a halal certificate.

Module 4: Security in the production of halal food
April 30 to May 6
Salud Serrano
The handling of halal food. The importance of raw materials. The usage of additives and its limits. Traceability. The risk of cross contamination.

Module 5: Welfare and slaughter of animals in Islam
May 7 to 13
Said Bouzraa
Animal welfare in the context of halal, slaughter techniques, most common tools.
The importance of labeling. Common features and differences between the European and international norms.


May 12, from 08:00 to 16:00
Installations of the COVAP [Food and milk products enterprise in Córdoba-Andalusia] in Pozoblanco.


Those who have successfully fulfilled all theoretical and practical requirements of the training program and passed the exams will receive by the end of the course a certificate of proof of their degree as a Specialist in the Production of Halal Food.

1 Face-to-face session: not compulsory (April 13)
1 Practice session: not compulsory (May 12)
1 Theoretical and practical face-to-face exam: not compulsory (May 12)
Virtual platform during the course: compulsory (April 13 to May 13)

Management and Training team:
The course instruction team consists of academics and experts in the halal industry :

Academic Instruction
Natalia Chevrollier Andújar

Content Instruction
Hanif Escudero Uribe

Teaching Staff
Isabel Romero Arias
Manuela Jodral
Kamila Toby
Hashim Cabrera
Mustapha Hassane
Muhammad Escudero Uribe
Vanesa Ribera
Salud Serrano
Said Bouzraa

Course Information
Classes scheduled: From April 13 to May 13
4 weeks / 40 class hours
Enrollment period: Expires on April 12, 2012

Formación HalalPrice: The price of the course is €400. It includes enrolment, learning materials, and the costs of to and from traveling between Córdoba and Pozoblanco. All students will receive a “Halal Institute” grant, which will cover half the price of the course so that students will have to pay only €200.

Enrollment: The fee must be paid to the current account number [xxxx] at Unicaja, and clearly indicate the full name of the student and the title of the course. The application must be filled and sent together with the evidence of payment to or by mail to P.O Box 2, Almodovar del Rio, 14720, Córdoba.

Location: The theoretical session as well as the accompanying lecture will be held at the University of Córdoba.
The practical session will take place at the COVAP installations, in Pozoblanco.
The virtual sessions will run through the virtual platform of the European School for the training in Halal.

Course category: semi-face-to-face

Remarks: To be held in the Spanish language
Minimum number of students: 10
Maximum number of students: 100

Information: For more on this course and how to apply, please contact the address below:

Halal Training School
Tel: 957634071 – 957713203 – 652523510

Organized by:
Educaislam – Halal Training School

Supported by:
Halal Institute, S.C. Valle de los Pedroches (COVAP)

Association of Consumers and Users “Vida Halal”
University of Córdoba

Majles Ulmas from Indonesia (Halal Mui)
International Halal Integrity Alliance (IHI Alliance)
Islamic Board

Also see:

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1 Naafia Amod December 26, 2013 at 4:18 pm

Editor’s note: We received an lengthy essay form this 13-year-old suicide bomber-ette in training. She doesn’t like our blog and wishes to defend her death cult, Islam. Out of all her drivel, she did have one point. So, we will post it and comment on it.
CzechRebel, Blog Admin

You do not own the world.

You are right! We do not own the world. Satan is the god of this world. He has had a claim on since man left the Garden of Eden. Satan and a minor underling, I think his name “Allah,” have to own the world now.

You cannot run it only according to your ways.

So, true. We don’t even try to run the world.

Naafia Amod

Apparently, little Naafia doesn’t have enough pen pals,as she put her email address after her name. So, if you need a little suicide bomber-ette in training on your mailing list:

2 Nasim March 19, 2014 at 1:26 pm

I was A muslim for 19 or 20 years but last year I stop being a muslim because they are sick & terrorist & they gentile mutilate (circumcise there sons. (I know go to McDonald & eat non halal beef & chicken burgers. My mum says don`t eat non halal food because it gives you cancer but my dad consumes tobacco & she nears tells her husband not to consume tobacco).

I was never a muslim & nether where my parents because in the Quran (hadiths it says that a difference between a muslim & non muslim is that muslims pray 5 times a day & non one in my family pray. My dad is a hypocrite & I hate him because when I was 10 years old he circumcised me & said its says in the quran that for a boy to be a muslim he has to be circumcised).

I swar at there god Allah & Muhammad was a paedophile because he married 10 year old asha or Isha when Muhammad was 40 or 50 years old.

3 Nasim March 19, 2014 at 1:32 pm

I have a idea open a meat shop which says the food halal & don`t tell any that the food is not halal. Also mix some pork in the other meat & that is the way to get revenge on the muslims for contaminating counties tike uk & usa with Halal food.

4 1389 March 19, 2014 at 1:38 pm

@ Nasim,

There are many more reasons than that not to be a Muslim.

In any event, I don’t like the idea of selling any food that contains anything other than what it says on the label. People have a right to know what they are buying. For a law to be respected, it must be applied universally; thus, the laws of truth in labeling must apply to all products sold in every outlet.

5 Nasim March 19, 2014 at 1:50 pm

When I was 10 years old I was forced circumcise & I was so traumatised that for 10 or 11 years I couldn`t sleep properly & I m currently 21 years old. So for revenge I one day I going to open a butcher shop & mix halal with non halal food. & on a label it will say halal & in fine print say was halal because contacted halal food & is mixed with non halal food. (Did you know that dona kabab may contain pig meat in it).

Muslims fore me to get circumcised so Im going to force the to eat pork.

6 Naria March 29, 2014 at 12:23 am

@ Nasim
Brother Nasim..Don’t let certain situations confuse you! If the parents were not a best role models Muslims then that does not mean that Islam is bad.Yes, Prophet Mohammed Peace Be Upon him married Aisha when she was at the age of nine, but that was very common at that time . If that was not common than why haven’t the disbelievers blamed him for it? They just called him as a magician and a warlock , but they never said anything blaming him about marring Aisha in a young age. That was very normal at that time. People from China to Europe were married in young ages.Moreover, women long time ago were stronger physically and emotionally. My grandma was married in the age of 14 and that happens 50 years back and not 1400 years ago. Furthermore, prophet Mohammed is considered one of the best men in history if not number one. How could he be ranked this high if ( as you think) he did such a horrible thing. Probably not.

7 halal food uk April 29, 2014 at 3:31 am

In Islam, Halal means “permissable” while Haram means “forbidden”. Halal meat is produced through ritual slaughter called dhabihah.The Sharia term for halal slaughter is dhakat. Dhakat is to slaughter an animal by cutting the trachea, the esophagus, and the jugular vein, letting the blood drain out while saying “Bismillah allahu akbar” — in the name of Allah the greatest.

8 Sword of Faith May 18, 2014 at 11:33 pm

Islam is a violent, backwards, misogynistic, hateful and repressive religion that needs to be eradicated. There is no room in a civilized society for sharia law, praying 5 times a day, pounding ones head on the floor, repressing half of humanity (women), cutting off hands, stoning, “honor killings”, etc, etc.

9 Nasim May 27, 2014 at 9:20 am

according to sharia Law if someone says something that’s a lie against the Quran then he or she should get their toging cut off & millions of muslims say that for a boy to be a muslim he has to be circumcised to there relatives. (I found out from my uncle who asked his Iman that it is a suna & is on mandatory for a boy to be a muslim. Their lies spread like sexualy transmitted dissese like Hiv/Aids. They also say that it says in the Qaran that a boy must be circumcised to be muslim. The surgeons that mutilate boy should have their hands cut off according to sharia Law.

scientist have recently discovered that there are over 15,000 nerve endings in the part of the foreskin that is amputated during circumcise.

Even muslims Quran says that circumcision is the devils work.

Quotes from the Quran:
[Satan said:] “I will lead them astray and fill them with false hopes. I will command them and they will cut off cattle’s ears. I will command them and they will change Allah’s creation.” Anyone who takes satan as his protector in place of Allah has clearly lost everything.” (Surat an-Nisa’, 119)

10 1389 May 27, 2014 at 9:54 am

@ Nasim,
My understanding is that male circumcision is sunnah (customary, traditional, encouraged) but not absolutely required in Islam. It does provide some protection against penile cancer and against sexually transmitted diseases.

Not sure what this has to do with halal food and the economic and political issues surrounding it.

11 Nasim May 28, 2014 at 10:43 am

Halal food contaminates the body because if someone consumes too much halal food then the immune system get weaker & if that same person eat non halal food then he or she will get ill.
I was born in a muslim family & was a muslim for 20-21 years & use to eat halal food & never ate non halal food. (I changed religion last year & am currently a non muslim so I started to eat non halal food at Mc Donald & my brother who is muslim said to me that as I have eaten halal food all my life non halal food will make me ill & my stomach will find it harder to kill parasites. Ive only ate non halal food about 10 times & My family does not like me eating non halal food. My mum even tells be that non halal food will give me cancer. The more my mum tells me not to eat non halal food the more I eat it. every time I eat non halal food I tell my family & pi*s them off oon purpose. ..

12 John June 1, 2014 at 6:31 pm

Wow so much islamophobia. First of all, halal food in not imported from Middle East. In Scandenavia for example the halal food is from Scandinavia but only slaughtered in the islamic way. 2. The money does not f***ing go to terror organisations, you dumb narrow minded americans don’t realize that your goverment is FUNDING terrorist organisations in Syria and Saudi. We Europeans are so sick of your american narrow minded behavior, have some manners *** dammit. It’s okay to disagree with islam but don’t start a lying spree and spread bull****.

13 1389 June 1, 2014 at 9:55 pm

@ John from Sweden,

The term “Islamophobia” is an invention of the Muslim Brotherhood. We refuse to allow the socialist/islamic/eco-radical axis to continue to define our terminology. See: AP removes homophobia and Islamophobia from its style book.

Had you read our comment policy, you would have seen that we request that commenters refrain from foul language.

We suggest that you read 1389 Blog on a regular basis. We strenuously object to the US Government’s collaboration with al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Islam in general, in Syria, Saudi Arabia, and everywhere else.

Halal certification funds terrorism all over the world.

14 nazar June 2, 2014 at 9:35 pm

wow such a negative post n comment……
maybe some of you and this blogger live in a deep forest I guess….
because you all don’t know anything about halal….
you said that by buying halal product it means help terrorist…hahaha…funny…halal product are not just from muslim country….your country also have produce halal product…your narrow minded see that halal product all the employeers and employees must be muslim and that will close your chance…..that is wrong…for example i work in this area and my employer and half of my collegue are non muslim….but what employers see is the opportunity for them to export their product for muslim consumer by having this halal assurance. If there is no halal for some product, so muslim people are not going to buy and use it thus the empoloyer/board of director whether muslim or not cannot conquer the big scope of consumer….i think you should study this a little bit more….

15 1389 June 2, 2014 at 9:47 pm

Negative phenomena deserve negative posts and comments.

Regardless of where the halal food is produced, halal CERTIFICATION requires employment of Muslims to do the work, as well as other changes to the workplace. This leads to demands for additional Muslim immigration. Payments for halal certification are collected by organizations that remit part of it as zakat, a significant amount of which goes toward funding jihadi activities.

I’ve studied it for YEARS.

16 adelia June 6, 2014 at 2:24 am

first im from the biggest muslim population in the world but our country not muslim or islamic country at all. after read your post i laugh, im muslim and im not support terrorist . im eat only halal food because our religion reason and its not related to terrorist or extremist group , not at all. you life with your islamphobia because what you see just bad side of people who said all they doing is for islam or jihad, but not every muslim like that. do you think i will bomb you? im too busy with my minithesis 😆 , if we pay zakat or zakat fitrah its use for fakir or poor people, because there are still many poor people in here. i buy chicken in traditional market without fear if my money support terrorist or not. im eat halal instant noodle without fear what if the noodle company support terrorist. don’t life like that, you will miss many delicious food and happiness in the world.

17 1389 June 6, 2014 at 8:35 am
18 November 26, 2014 at 2:37 am

Why Non-Muslims Should Avoid Halal Food — 1389 Blog – Counterjihad! Why Non-Muslims Should Avoid Halal Food — 1389 Blog – Counterjihad!

19 Rose December 5, 2014 at 5:36 am

Poor understanding about halal. So sad. Do more reasearch n readings about halal and zakat please. It shows your very scarce knowledge those matters.

20 1389 December 5, 2014 at 8:46 pm

@ Rose,
Merely saying that we have a “poor understanding of halal” does nothing to refute the assertions we made in this article.

– Blog admin 1389

21 DoctorJ December 30, 2014 at 2:57 pm

Christians shouldn’t eat Halal meat. According to the books of Acts and 1 Corinthians, we are not to eat food sacrificed to idols or false gods.

22 1389 December 30, 2014 at 2:58 pm

@ Doctorj,

I wholeheartedly agree. Allah is not the Judaeo-Christian God!

23 Steve May 1, 2015 at 12:31 am

I usually buy halal meat from an Indian meat store across the street. I found it more healthy than regular meat. I don’t know why is does has less fat beside the test it totally different. The only reason that I can think of if that they don’t use machines! don’t be racist!

24 1389 May 1, 2015 at 7:51 am

@ Steve,

Your assertion that halal meat is more healthy is purely your opinion, not based on any evidence. (See Filthy Halal Food, Since 1999.)

Fat content in uncooked meat does not necessarily reflect the amount of fat in the meat after it is cooked. Depending on how it is prepared, most of the fat melts and runs out during cooking. You can get leaner cuts of meat in non-halal meat markets if that is your concern.

Machines can be used in halal slaughterhouses to disassemble the carcass after the animal has been killed.

Islam is not a race – it is an ideology.

25 Arianachocolates June 1, 2015 at 9:13 am

Anyone who falls for the information in this article is extremely misinformed and uneducated about “halal” food. The writer and promoter will be held accountable for misleading many people. That day they will not be able to undo the damage to themselves unless they realized their mistake soon. Urge you to sincerely seek the truth in this world. Before you ruin your own and other innocent lives. If you reflect on your work intelligently then you know in your heart that you only have dishonest and twisted sources. Dishonesty blackens and blinds the hearts. This makes you unable to distinguish between truth and false. Correct yourself before it’s too late.

26 1389 June 1, 2015 at 7:25 pm

@ Arianachocolates,

Are you threatening me?

27 Sandra Bo June 7, 2015 at 10:00 pm

Instead of name calling and such, why doesn’t a supporter of halal respond to this with some facts? “Regardless of where the halal food is produced, halal CERTIFICATION requires employment of Muslims to do the work, as well as other changes to the workplace. This leads to demands for additional Muslim immigration. Payments for halal certification are collected by organizations that remit part of it as zakat, a significant amount of which goes toward funding jihadi activities.”

28 Sandra Bo June 7, 2015 at 10:10 pm
The literal meaning of Zakat is ‘to cleanse’ or ‘purification’. In the Islamic faith, Zakat means purifying your wealth for the will of Allah; the whole community of Muslims bound together by ties of religion. As a Jew I think I’ll pass on Halal.

29 rick menport June 22, 2015 at 2:46 pm

i still dont understand this reasoning i am far from Muslim but who cares if its halal its just meat. If i was to say i put a spell on every cow in the world for the love of satan would you protest and never eat meat again, No you wouldn’t. All halal means, is the belief the animal was slaughtered with a prayer, and is a quick painless death for the animal. Do i believe in Muslim culture, no but this is the stupidest article i have read. This article is not pro american, not conservative it just breeds hate.

30 1389 June 22, 2015 at 6:47 pm

@ rick menport,

Clearly, you either did not read the article carefully (admittedly, it is a very long article with many links and references) or you did not comprehend it. We at 1389 Blog are not responsible for readers’ unwillingness to read carefully, or for their deficiencies in reading comprehension.

31 frederick June 23, 2015 at 4:54 am

I know that halal means nothing to me or alters the food or anything else that they attach the halal title to but I refuse to support the cult muslim religion by buying from any company that supports it, I have read their book the koran and find only violence in it for infidels like me .

32 Emma August 11, 2015 at 12:04 am

What dumbass wrote this? Its like saying dont eat foid prepared by athiest because youre supporting athiest views… first off, there ARE good Muslims and there ARE bad Christians and bad athiests. Every religion and culture has good and bad people… second, halal food is healthier than other food and tastes better…. i know because i am a Christian living with Muslims.

33 1389 August 11, 2015 at 5:24 pm

@ Emma,

Obviously, you didn’t read the article, or at least you didn’t read it very carefully, or you would understand why halal food supports Islamic terrorism and jihadi infiltration.

Our article does not concern itself with whether or not halal food tastes good. Different people like different foods. We are not trying to be Food Network here. Our task is to tell the story of the counterjihad.

On the other hand, if you think halal food is healthier than other food, you need to read THIS.

– Blog admin 1389

34 DewlatUlIslamBaaqiyah September 25, 2015 at 4:03 pm

One that I’ve understood is THIS BLOG IS NOT COUNTER-JIHADI but COUNTER ISLAM IDEOLOGY by promoting violence and such fool thought!

35 Obbop May 19, 2016 at 8:24 am

Islam is far more than a religion. It is also a way of life, a set of customs and if not constrained by outside forces an economic AND governmental system. Islam is not compatible with the Western way of life. It is our right and DUTY to preserve our Western way of life.

36 Annonymous June 4, 2016 at 1:06 am

Moslems want to exploit, pressure or force everyone to follow their devious, evil way of life and that is unacceptable to anyone who want to live an independent, productive life that is free from their evil Islam.

37 Mr Miggity July 22, 2016 at 3:03 am


This is possibly the worst article I have ever read. So you believe that all halal meat funds terrorism. That’s like me saying everything you purchase funds the evil twisted ways of the western world.

You all literally need to think before writing such content. And before you comment saying “I can’t help it if you haven’t read the article….” you should know that I did.

But as mentioned before from someone above. This article breeds hate and if we can’t overcome this hate then there wont be peace in the world.

You’ll most likely now go and point the finger on Muslims and say they started this war and this hatred towards them. But i ask you, did they really? and why are you not accounting for all the good Muslims in the world.

There are somewhere around 1.6 billion muslims in the world. Only around 2% of that 1.6 billion group can account for Islamic terrorists. Honestly I urge you to read this article: – That’s if you can spare time to read it

38 1389 July 22, 2016 at 7:56 am

It doesn’t matter that most Muslims are not active terrorists. The point is that too many of them already are committed to jihad, and too many more will become so. Click HERE and watch the video to see for yourself how and why this happens.

No, I can’t be bothered to read HuffPo, which is nothing but left-wing koolaid interlaced with taqiyya. Our opposition to Islam has nothing to do with hatred for Muslims. Muslims are our fellow human beings and we don’t hate them, nor do we promote hatred toward them. That said, we recognize that the political ideology of Islam makes its believers into enemies of non-Muslims. This is why we resist the ongoing effort to Islamicize the non-Muslim world. And because we love truth, we hate falsehood and lies.

39 Annonymous August 28, 2016 at 8:52 am

I agree with you 1389.

Another reason to avoid Islamic halal food is because Islamics are well known for their unhygienic practices and for their extreme imposition of (the spread) of their unpalatable Islamism.

It is a fact that they are using their forceful imposition of certified halal label to Islamicize any place that they infiltrated, regardless whether they are minority or majority.

It should be made unacceptable in a free world because food is a basic necessity and those Islamics and pro-Islamics who are profiting immensely from pandering to growing totalitarian Islamics demand for peddling halal certified food are making it unbearable for us nonbelievers who wish to wish to preserve our freedom and have some choice.

40 topusmovies October 10, 2016 at 2:45 pm

Oh my GOD, This article is rediculous. I am a pakistani and i used to think that extremists only exist in pakistan. But after reading your blog , i come toknow that extremists are living in every religion and in every country. even in USA.
First of all you said HALAL foods ‘s earning are funded to terrorists. Are you ok? Bro today There is complete control of CIA in whole world. They even check international calls, social media chats, money transferred etc….. How can some legal company fund to terrorists? It is not easy to do these things as you are saying.
Secondly Why that guy came of of shop? You people are modern and broad minded..(as you say) Then why a guy is not eating halal meat? whether it is halal or haram, it is meat. Same meat only slaughtered by saying few arabic words…So why he is creating hatred by saying nonsense ? If he is true then he should spread love by eating meat but he didn’t.
Can you counter any points which i raised above ?

41 JackAnderson October 26, 2016 at 9:36 pm

Most likely this site is trying to make halal food difficult to get in America, So that, less muslims will prefer to stay in America. Well, this will not stop because, muslims are allowed to eat non-halal food as long as no halal food is available.

42 mrniceguy December 1, 2016 at 6:53 pm

so halal basically means to sacrifice the animal in name of god + method of sacrifice best humane way possible.

43 Mark Baranowski December 6, 2016 at 9:32 am

Keep current with Food Safety standards and regulations!

44 frederick walker December 20, 2016 at 3:53 am

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am very careful to avoid muslim tax on our foods, and have let the people who support the muslims by useing halal on their products that i am unhappy and will never use any of their products again, i have read the koran and find it hard to understand how our leaders let these people into our country, i can only assume because they are very rich, and it appears our leaders will do anything for money, thank you for your news.
kindest regards, frederick

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