Wesley Clark on a celebrity cruise? Gimme a break!

by Sparta on June 26, 2011

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NO Wesley Clark!

Recently, we received a brochure from the USNA travel featuring “Along the Adriatic Sea” – which stated, “This cruise features “special guest” General Wesley Clark, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe (1997-2000).

Instead of being a “special guest”on this cruise, Clark, in my opinion, should be a “special guest” at The Hague for being a war criminal, and if I had an email address for the USNA travel, I would certainly pass this info on to whoever is responsible for this.

Remember The Kosovo Cover Up, where Clark lied about the damage NATO did to Serbian forces? “The damage report has been buried by top military officers and Pentagon officials, who in interviews with NEWSWEEK over the last three weeks were still glossing over or denying its significance. Why the evasions and dissembling, with the disturbing echoes of the inflated “body counts” of the Vietnam War? All during the Balkan war, Gen. Wesley Clark, the top NATO commander, was under pressure from Washington to produce positive bombing results from politicians who were desperate not to commit ground troops to combat. The Air Force protested that tanks are hard to hit from 15,000 feet, but Clark insisted. Now that the war is long over, neither the generals nor their civilian masters are eager to delve into what really happened. Asked how many Serb tanks and other vehicles were destroyed in Kosovo, General Clark will only answer, “Enough.”

Feast your eyes further on:

If this doesn’t prove that General Wesley Clark belongs in The Hague, rather than on a cruise, then I don’t know what does!!

As for myself, I do not apologize for exposing this charlatan. And for this general to be featured as a “special guest” on “Anchors Away Alumni Travel” is pretty sad indeed.


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