Libelous BDS Propaganda in Japan Targets…Hello Kitty?

by 1389 on June 25, 2011

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Hello Kitty holding a letter

Yes, you heard that right – the Fakestinian terrorists and their supporters are abusing Hello Kitty, that lovable Japanese cartoon character.

I first heard about blogger Toshie in her letter, published at ハーパー政権へ-Blazing Cat Furの要求リスト-, in which she warned of the possibility that a Human Rights Commission may be set up to restrict freedom of expression in Japan. I clicked a link in her letter and left a comment in English on Toshie’s Japanese-language blog.

Toshie replied by email; I was surprised to learn that she was already familiar with 1389 Blog, and that her husband is also a counterjihad blogger (at BlogWrath, on the blogroll at 1389 Blog).

Toshie also mentioned that the Japanese company, Sanrio, was getting ready to open some stores in Israel (see Ynet Money: Hello Kitty making aliyah), but that some left-wing/pro-Palestinian activists calling themselves “The Japanese Information Center on Palestine” had been spreading vicious and false propaganda – including a doctored photo from the Mohammed al Dura hoax – to try to stop Sanrio from opening the stores.

It had never occurred to me that the Palestinians and their supporters were spreading propaganda in Japan. This is part of their boycott/divest/sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel; evidently, the worldwide jihad reaches everywhere these days. So I wrote back suggesting that she write an article, in English, about this matter.

Toshie and her husband immediately got to work on the article, and published it on BlogWrath. Please click the following link, read it all, and check out the funny pictures there as well!

BlogWrath: Hello Kitty Martyr Brigades

Also see cartoon and comments at:

Blazing Cat Fur – Hello Kitty Martyr Brigades

Hello Kitty with Magen David

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1 Toshie June 27, 2011 at 11:59 pm

Thank you for posting “Hello Kitty Martyr Brigades”
I am glad that Sanrio decided not to cancel launching stores in Israel. I would like to see the Israel version of Hello Kitty!

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