Caturday: TrollCats

by 1389 on June 25, 2011

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The TrollCats photoblog is a dark and edgy satire of more innocent cat photo comedy sites, including the world-famous I Can Has Cheezburger? Lolcats site. Much of TrollCats is definitely NSFW (not safe for work) on account of raw language and at least one instance of hardcore human nudity; hence their tagline “Definitely Offensive. Possibly Funny.”

As everybody knows by now, I LIKE material that is offensive in the sense of politically incorrect. So here we go:

Time to make the Democrats squirm trollcat

Black cat: Affimative Action: I can haz Nobel Prize?

Every cloud has a…

Two cats in cardboard carton: UNEMPLOYMENT can bring families closer together

Nonetheless, I omitted what were perhaps the funniest items on TrollCats from this post. Why? Simply because this post will appear on 1389 Blog and I feel obligated to uphold our own policy against swear words and explicit sex. Not that I’m a prude, but I don’t want to risk having 1389 Blog automatically blacklisted by content-filtering or “censorware” services on account of raw language and photos. So if you want to see the rude (but funny) stuff, you’ll have to visit TrollCats and find it on your own.

Hang on just let me wash my paws and check the locks one more time

I have CDO - it's like OCD - but all the letters are in alphabetical order - AS THEY SHOULD BE

Doesn’t really qualify as a worthwhile contribution to our dialog

Cat with a newspaper hat on his head, labeled 'CAT' - captioned 'Thank you...Captain Obvious.'

Full-body tiger paint

Courtesy of Zombie, we have the World Naked Bike Ride, San Francisco. The version at the link is “censored” in a hilarious manner, but contains a link to the raw, uncensored version. Featured are Weiners, wieners, and a nekkid guy in full-body tiger paint, who apparently is one of the event’s organizers.

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