Caturday: Stray Cat Strut

by 1389 on June 18, 2011

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First, let’s hear fellow conservative blogger Stogie strut his stuff on the string bass:

“Stray Cat Strut” With String Bass! (Stogie Band)

I really like the music of the British American rock group “Stray Cats.” They tried to capture the spirit of 1950’s rock and roll and did a great job of it. Their band used an upright string bass, like the great old rock groups of old, and the string bass has acoustic qualities that the electric bass has never been able to equal. Here’s my group where I try out my string bass on “Stray Cat Strut.” We were pleased with the result.

The video was captured using a Canon hand held camcorder, so the acoustics are not perfect by any means. Our keyboard player Kenny sings and does a surprisingly good job, I think. Are we feminists or not? Our lead guitar player is a woman, Lorraine, and she is “better than sex” on guitar. Great riffs!

YouTube: Stray Cat Strut – Cover Band

From the description:

Uploaded by GaryBass100 on May 23, 2011
Trying out the string bass on this classic rock.

Stray cats aren’t welcome in some parts, and even domestic cats are being made to stay inside. Let’s hope their owners will take advantage of the opportunity to spend some quality time with their felines!

Cat curfew is purrfect remedy for wildlife attacks

By Amy Pyett – Wed Jun 8, 9:08 am ET

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Cats in several suburbs of Sydney will be ordered to curl up inside from dusk to dawn under a curfew that hopes to curb overnight attacks on native wildlife.

The move in by the Leichhardt local government area, on the inner west side of Sydney, was inspired after deputy mayor Michele McKenzie’s son rescued a brushtail possum and its baby when they were attacked by a cat.

There are also plans to reintroduce a colony of ringtail possums, which are much smaller in size, to the municipality, and McKenzie wants the animals to have the best possible chance at survival.

But the odds are stacked against the possums unless cats, which can climb trees to catch the animals, are stopped from prowling at night.

There have been some 564 reported cat attacks on ringtail possums in the last year alone, making up the biggest part of total cat attacks on wildlife, wildlife protection agency WIRES said. “It’s a small thing to ask people to keep their cats indoors if it means protecting our native wildlife.” McKenzie said “After all, they were here first, we’ve introduced domestic pets, so we have a responsibility to control them.”

Whilst the curfew cannot be strictly enforced, an education and information program to be sent out by the local government will propose that cat owners keep their pets indoors between dusk and dawn, monitor their cat’s activities during the day and attach two bells to their collar.

The proposal will cover the suburbs of Balmain, Rozelle, Lilyfield, Annandale and Leichhardt. McKenzie said local residents were very responsive. Cat owners “don’t imagine, because they feed their pets, that they are attacking wildlife. But it is a natural instinct, cats will prey on wildlife — and because they can actually get up in the trees they are a bit more dangerous than dogs,” McKenzie said.

“Dogs will do terrible damage to a possum, but they don’t get them quite as often because they don’t climb trees.”

WIRES reported that over a 5 year period, there were 16,775 attacks by all types of domestic pets on native wildlife…

However, Basement Cat says:
“You call possums wildlife; I call them cat food!

YouTube: Hungry Fat Cat

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1 Always On Watch June 21, 2011 at 3:40 pm

LOL to that hungry-cat video!

Cameo, one of our cats, used to bang her dish like that whenever her food dish was empty.

2 Always On Watch June 21, 2011 at 3:40 pm

BTW, sorry for my absence here lately. Cameo has been very ill. The verdict on her future isn’t yet in. 😳

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