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Did CAIR Endorse Mitt Romney?

It sure looks that way! If US voters had any common sense whatsoever, this would put the final nail in the coffin of Romney’s misbegotten political career.

Weasel Zippers: CAIR Praises Mitt Romney For Avoiding “Sea Of Sharia Law Crazy”…
(h/t: Bumr50)
Twitter screen shot: 'In a sea of Shariah-law crazy, Romney deserves credit for staying afloat'
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Is Caribou Coffee Owned by Supporters of Palestinian Terrorists?

The left-leaning (and pro-Muslim) Snopes website downplays the claim that Caribou Coffee is Muslim-owned. But it does reveal that the First Islamic Investment Bank bailed out the troubled firm by purchasing an 87.5% share of Caribou Coffee, and that, at least before 2002, the firm was associated with the infamous Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

I have not patronized any Caribou Coffee outlet in many years, and will not do so again as long as there is any significant Muslim ownership. Caribou Coffee

Claim:   An Islamic bank is the majority owner of the Caribou Coffee chain.
Status:   Partly true.
Example:   [Collected on the Internet, 2002]

As you will see from the links below, Caribou Coffee is owned 87.8% by the First Islamic Investment Bank which, among other things has the following philosophy: “Above all, ensuring that all activities conform to Islamic Shari’ah” The chairman of their Shari’ah supervisory board is:

Dr. Yusuf Abdullah Al-Qaradawi

Chairman, Seerah & Sunnah Center, Qatar University;

Professor, Faculty of Shari’ah, Qatar University…

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Did Al Qaeda Assassinate Rabbi Meir Kahane?

Who were, and are, the real terrorists? Not Rabbi Meir Kahane, but those who murdered him.

News Real Blog: Was KSM Behind the Murder of Meir Kahane?

The controversial Rabbi Meir Kahane, whose political network was designated a foreign terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department, had many enemies. But he made perhaps his most consequential foe when he spoke at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in the mid-1980s.

In the audience that day was an “enraged” Khalid Shaikh Mohammed—al-Qaeda’s operational mastermind who planned, among countless others, the 9/11 attacks. The description of KSM, as he is known, comes from Richard Miniter, the investigative journalist who has just published Mastermind: The Many Faces of the 9/11 Architect, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. Miniter makes the case that KSM may in fact have been behind Kahane’s 1990 assassination in New York City. (Note: I will be conducting a broad interview with Miniter this week on the book and KSM—so, much more to come on KSM.)

Miniter suggests that when KSM bragged to his interrogators in 2003 that he was behind Kahane’s murder he was telling the truth, not just blowing hot air, as the CIA assumed:

“Virtually all of the players in the 1990 Kahane assassination would reappear in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, which KSM funded and his nephew orchestrated. This cannot be a coincidence, yet to this day it has largely been ignored by investigators.”

Much more here.

Why Does the US and NATO Provide Cover For Muslim War Criminals in the Balkans?

UP Pompeii: Why have Muslims not been on trial in the Hague – for atrocities against humanity

Why have Muslims not been on trial in the Hague – for atrocities against humanity

I have been following the trial of General Mladic and this trial like the trial of Milosevic is not going to tell the real story of what happened in Kosovo.

Kosovo as we all know was, for many centuries part of Serbia, Kosovo was, over the years populated by Albanian Muslims, all was quiet for some time but as we all know Muslims and Islam work on the critical mass principle, once critical mass is reached then the annexation of the occupied land begins, in other words part of the country in which the Muslims are is literally stolen from that nation state, this was the fate of Kosovo.

The same principle is being enacted in the middle east in a place that many call Palestine, this is a land grab by Muslims of Israeli territory, and here as in Bosnia the West is trying to enable the Islamic takeover of this land.

In Bosnia the West succeeded , they, the West also committed one of the biggest war crimes in History, when I say “west” I refer to Messrs Clinton and Blair – two World leaders who now have the dubious honour of actually attacking their own, and wilfully aiding a hostile predatory force take over sovereign territory of a free Western democratic country.

The Bosnians have been accused of genocide and the slaughter of thousands of Muslims, very little evidence has been shown to back this up, there is plenty of testimony, but as Goebels said if you tell the people a big enough lie often enough they will accept it as truth. The Media in the West made sure of this the rest of the World followed suit, they swallowed the Muslim propaganda and force fed it to the public at large.

They ignored a great deal, it did not fit their agenda

The following will hopefully give some insight into what actually happened in Bosnia…

Much more here.

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