FRIDAY June 17 Toronto: Protest Against ‘Canada Boat To Gaza’

by justjournals on June 15, 2011

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Originally posted at JDL Canada.

More Information:

Time Friday, June 17 · 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Facebook Event

Location Hon. NDP Leader Jack Layton Toronto Office
221 Broadview Avenue , Suite 100 (Main Office)
Toronto, ON

Created By Meir Weinstein

For Jewish Defence League of Canada

More Info

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: NDP Socialist Caucus Forum: Solidarity with Palestine and the Boycott of Israeli Apartheid
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 05:35:34 +0000

Everyone is welcome to attend the….
…*NDP Socialist Caucus Public Forums**at the NDP federal convention in Vancouver, B.C.
*Friday, June 17 12:30 p.m. Room 208, Vancouver Convention Centre
*/Solidarity with Palestine and the Boycott of Israeli Apartheid/*Speakers:
*Hanna Kawas*, Chairperson, Canada-Palestine Association, radio co-host of ‘Voice of Palestine’, which has been on the air for almost 24 years in British Columbia.
*Karen DeVito*, a delegate on the Canadian Boat to Gaza, “Tahrir”, member of the CBG committee in Vancouver*, *SFU alumna.
*Tom Baker*, Socialist Caucus steering committee member, Delegate Hamilton-Centre NDP.
Plus a representative (t.b.a.) of the Canadian Union of Public Employees – Ontario.

Alternatives International is the anti-semitic organization fundraising for the Sea Hitler. They’re also the trustee for the flotilla of Hamas lovers. The VP of the Canadian Arab Federation is Ali Mallah and he is also listed an an administrator for Alternatives International. It was the Canadian Arab Federation that started the initial planning of the ‘Canada Boat to Gaza.’

The Jewish Defence League of Canada is calling on our members and supporters to join our protest against the Sea Hitler.

We believe it is of the utmost importance to hold accountable those who provide support, services, money and assistance to the unrepentant terror group Hamas. Such groups and individuals surely know the terrorist designs and tactics of Hamas – they cannot plead ignorance. The aim of the flotilla is not to bring humanitarian aid to the residents. It has been widely reported that there is no humanitarian crises in Gaza; the opening of the border with Egypt underscores that point.

The real aim of the flotilla is to support Hamas’s oft stated goal of de-legitimizing and ultimately destroying Israel. Those who participate in the farce which is the flotilla are willing enablers of and accomplices to Hamas.

“On Thursday 16/06/11, 4 Australians will be departing to join the Canadian vessel bound to join the terrorist provocation known as the Flotilla 2. The 4 (possibly 5) Australians include now retired Greens MP Sylvia Hale, Labor MP Lynda Voltz Vivienne Porzsolt (a self-hating jew) and at least 2 others, including Michael Coleman and Nick Wallwork. The group is to have a “goodbye party” from 6-8 pm at the Jubillee Room at Pariliament house Tuesday June 14. JDL Australia will picket with Israeli and Australian flags and denounce the involvement of Australians, especially MP’s in their support for terrorism. Gaza is run by Hamas who Australia and ASIO describes as a terror organisation. It should be known that the Australian community does not support these people associating Australia as being supporters of terrorism.”

“- Forwarded Message —-
From: Ali Mallah <alimallah@…>
To: Monzer Zimmo <monzerzimmo@…>; Ibrahim Kanaan <ibrahimkanaan1@…>; Gary Keenan <garydkeenan@…>; Fr. Robert Assaly <robertassaly@…>; Samah Sabawi <samahsabawi@…>; Bahija Reghai <bahija.1@…>; Linda Belanger <belalin@…>; Susan Howardezze <susanha103@…>; Khaled Mouammar <benwalid@…>; Samir Jabbour <samirjabbour@…>; Mohamad Shokr <shokr_family@…>; Fayyaz Mehdi <fayyaz_mehdi@…>; Zafar Bangash <crescent@…>; Mohamad Jomaa <mjomaa@…>; Houssein Hoballah <hhoballah@…>; Sheikh Ali <asobayti@…>; Samer Abdelnour <sabdelnour@…>; Sam Ramle <samram58@…>; Dr. Atef Kubursi <kubursi@…>; Robert Massoud <robert@…>; Masud Sheikh <maspakca@…>; Naima Bendris <bendrisn@…>; ibrahim Hayani <ibrahim.hayani@…>; Dr. Nadia Abu Zahra <nadia.abu.zahra@…>; Mohammed boudjenan <mboudjenane@…>; Bassam Hussein <bassam_hussein@…>
Cc: Ehab Lotayef <lotayef@…>
Sent: Fri, July 30, 2010 9:48:47 PM
Subject: Canadian Boat to Gaza

Dear all,

Please check our Canada Boat to gaza website:
and check all info here:

Would you please consider supporting this projects with any ways you can and spread the news and request for support to your contacts!

You could send your endorsement directly to the link provided on our site and or feel free to contact Ehab or myself.

Here is some media reaction:

In Solidarity for Justice and Peace,
Ali Mallah”

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