Islamic triumphalism: Bosnian musical ensemble celebrates İstanbul’s conquest

by Sparta on June 3, 2011

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Double-eagle flag of the Byzantine Empire

By Sparta

I’m publishing this with reading material of The Fall of Constantinople:

“The blood ran in rivers down the steep streets from the heights of Petra toward the Golden Horn.”

This is absolutely sickening:

Bosnian musical ensemble celebrates İstanbul’s conquest

30 May 2011

The choir’s founder and arts director, Mehmet Bajraktarevic, said he was very proud to be in İstanbul for such an important occasion.

The Sultan Mehmed Fatih Ensemble, a Sarajevo-based choir, was at İstanbul’s historic Aya İrini Museum on May 29 to mark the 558th anniversary of the conquest of İstanbul by the Ottomans in 1453, marking the end of the Byzantine era. The choir performed a number of İlahis, or Muslim hymns, during the concert, which was organized by Turkey’s state-owned Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT).

The choir’s founder and arts director, Mehmet Bajraktarevic, said he was very proud to be in İstanbul for such an important occasion. “During my 35-year career, I’ve directed many concerts throughout Europe, but this is the most significant task that I have been given. I am honored that Sultan Mehmed Fatih was chosen to perform at Aya İrini on such an important day in history. This is by far the ‘trophy of my career’,” he said, adding that he was delighted to have been invited to perform at Aya İrini by TRT.

The performance at Aya İrini marked Sultan Mehmed Fatih’s ninth appearance in Turkey in seven years. “We are always excited to perform in Turkey. We are respected here, and our talent is recognized. While in our own country, Bosnia, people are not interested in our choir, or our İlahis. It saddens me, but it is a harsh reality,” Bajraktarevic said ruefully.

The choir director also shared information on the background of the choir. Formed in 2004, the ensemble is made up of nine pedagogues and 100 vocalists of varying age groups. “Sultan Mehmed Fatih has two generations of vocalists. We even have a mother and a daughter singing together,” Bajraktarevic said.

The choir was invited to perform on the anniversary of İstanbul’s conquest, after the general director of TRT, İbrahim Şahin, discovered the ensemble at a concert during a random visit to Bosnia. The ensemble is made up of different choirs from Bosnia and Turkey such as the Choir Dzulistan from Novi Pazar, Serbia. The ensemble’s popular repertoire consists of songs in several different languages, including Persian, Turkish, Bosnian and Arabic, with a unique blend of Western and Balkan influences and traditions.

Cihan news agency

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1 1389 June 4, 2011 at 3:02 pm

The US backed the Bosnian Muslims against the Christian Serbs, mostly as a failed effort to curry favor in the Muslim oil-producing countries. It is impossible to buy the loyalty or friendship of any Muslim country, because Islam forbids any lasting peace with non-Muslim countries or peoples.

Turkey, which is supposedly a secular country with a vast majority of Muslims in its population, is getting less and less secular by the day, and is looking to reestablish itself as the leader of the Muslim world. Politicians who think that Turkey is still our ally need to have their heads examined!

2 Matthias June 6, 2011 at 5:27 am

Although I am not Orthodox,I spent the 29th May ,reminding people that it was the 358 anniversary of the Fall of Constantinople to the infidel Turks. That the last Christian service in Hagia Sophia was attended by both Orthodox and Catholics who worshipped as one ,and the emperor Constantine XI took the Eucharist and then died defending the battlements . No body today wants to talk about the Rape and plunder that occurred within that church,undertaken by the Ottomans.
I was talking to a chap at my church,who made the point that the politically correct people are not afraid of upsetting Christians ,but are afraid of the Muslim mind.

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