The Virtue of Hate

by 1389 on June 2, 2011

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The Virtue of Hate

You do know – don’t you? – that you’re not supposed to hate.

Well, that’s what they say. Hate has no place in the spectrum of human emotion and motivation. It’s destructive, and the world would be better off without it.

Which begs the question: just how freaking stupid do they think I am? They never told me what hate even is, and I don’t throw away something without looking at it first. It might be good and useful. I might need it later.

Of course, adults already know this, and no one over 18 can tell me they haven’t learned it the hard way just like the rest of us did.

So, looking at it first, I’d say that hate is an ongoing emotional desire to avoid or destroy something we believe is a threat to what we hold dear. It’s a post-rational trained reflex, like fear, happiness, sorrow and love.

Danger? Then fear.
Success? Then happiness.
Loss? Then sorrow.
Good? Then love.

Evil? Then hate.

Of course hate doesn’t tell us if what we hold dear is actually good or evil, anymore than love does. Hate just tells us to stay on guard against those who would destroy what we hold dear, especially when the destroyers are other people. I might “hate” grapefruit, but it isn’t out to destroy me and mine, and you aren’t betraying us if you happen to “love” it.

This is different. True hate keeps me vigilant against my enemies, real or perceived. Hate is a protector.

And that could be good and useful. I might need it later. It’s a good thing that I looked, because I’m d–ned sure not tossing it.

Hate is a natural gift. It’s one of our built-in armaments as sapient creatures. It’s a survival weapon, just like the others. Keeping and bearing it is an unalienable right, even though it’s powerful – and precisely because it’s powerful. Using your own power might be the most fundamental right that gives practical meaning to all this otherwise empty talk about “the right to your own life”. If you use your power, you just might live. Abandon it, and you die.

So if you love your life or anyone in it, then your hate should be held sacred. And holding it sacred means it should never be squandered. Wield it with virtue, and only against sworn and proven enemies. And hate alone doesn’t tell you who your enemy actually is, it just tells you who you’ve already accepted him to be, by whatever thought or thoughtlessness you used in making that decision.

If your enemy is imagined – like “Jews” or “all Muslims”, neither of which have sworn or proven that they’re out to get you – then you need to sit this one out because you simply have no idea what you’re doing. You will only hurt you and yours, because you spend your destructive energy on someone who is not your enemy, and who might even have improved your life. That kind of hate is thoughtless and ruinous. You have squandered a natural gift. Your protector no longer protects you against anything except the fact that not everyone is a copy of you. Where’s the power in that?

But if your enemy is openly sworn and visibly proven – like Islamists hiding within the greater Ummah, or Islam itself as the criminal code that most Muslims aren’t evil enough to follow – then hate is a virtue. It’s protective of you and yours because you are focused: you spend your destructive energy on those who seek to destroy you first. Your protector is preserving you. You should embrace your sacred hate, use your power, shield yourself and your loved ones behind it, and protect what you hold dear with righteous passion, sound mind, and if need be: ruthless unapologetic violence. That is the power that all enemies fear.

So when hate is a virtue, then hatred of hate is a vice. Hate Control is disarmament. Disarmament is not being allowed to use your power. And Hate Control ‘arguments’ use the same high-pressure quick-change tactics as Gun Control ‘arguments’, and are just as ‘valid’. Hate Control is the same motive, the same squandering of the Controllers’ own hate, and the same destruction of self and others. It’s even the same actual d–ned people. It’s the same enemy.

Guess whether I think we should love them or hate them.

If you obey them and trash one of your natural powers, you are a traitor to yourself as well as to your loved ones. When your enemy is out to destroy you and yours, that’s not a good time to fire your protector for doing his job.

Don’t try to tell anyone that you abandon hate in the name of love. That’s a lie that keeps you in denial, and you never know when someone out here might see right through you. The truth is: you don’t love anyone if you aid and comfort their willful destroyer by failing to hate that destroyer. Aiding and comforting your loved ones’ destroyer is treason against them, and treason is most certainly not an act of love.

Don’t let the enemy tell you not to hate him. Weakening you is what being an enemy is all about. And the more he can convince you to weaken yourself, the less risk he faces. He knows that your hate will protect you against him, and he only wants that kind of protection for himself. So it’s fine if the Islamists hate the “kaffir infidels”, the Gun Controllers hate the “gun-nuts”, and the Hate Controllers hate the “haters”. Those experienced haters all accept hate without question, so long as it comes from them and not from their victims.

They do not accept hate if you hate the gun-grabbers or the Islamists. And they won’t accept it if you hate a Hate Controller, assuming this culture is still honest and noble enough for that to start happening regularly. They can hate you, but you can’t hate them back.

The Left has disarmed you of the power of your hate, and if you abandon your power, you die. So of course the Islamist vultures are circling like the opportunists they are. Western disarmament is why they dare come to the land of the Crusades in the first place. Europe has become a continent of Neville Chamberlains. I remind you that his home was England, where very soon appeasement may no longer be a luxury, but a necessity.

The West threw away our hate without looking at it first, and of course it was good and useful and now we need it. Well, duh! What is our problem? Are we outright suicidal? We face an invading terrorist enemy who has sworn and proven that he intends to rule every minute of our lives by force in the name of his god, or murder us outright if we refuse to submit – and even while our militaries are battling his comrades overseas, we are not even allowed to hate him. And he d–ned well knows it. He openly uses it against us. Switch on the news. What does he say when we do any little thing at all which opposes him or even slows him down? He accuses us of “Islamophobia” and “hate”.

D–ned right, and d–ned rightly so. Embrace it! Get your head out of your a– and hate the murderous Islamist pigs! Look at them with full understanding and hate them! Arm yourself against them and hate them!

If you love your freedom, your life, or anyone in it, then you have no choice but to hate their destroyers. Hate is a protector, a gift, a natural survival weapon. Hate is a right, and using it against established enemies is a virtue. Learn it. Accept it. Keep it. Bear it. Focus it. Aim it. Deploy it.

For the love of all that you love, repeat after me if you can:

I hate the Islamists and I want them dead!

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