Kuwaiti Shaykh: “The Islamic World…Will Not Sympathize with Gaddafi, that Satan and Son of the Jewish Woman”

by al-Mutarjim on March 23, 2011

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Translated from the website of influential Kuwaiti salafi Shaykh Hamid al-‘Ali, who according to the Jamestown Foundation is also designated by the U.S. government as a global terrorism financier and supporter, 20 March 2011:

Question: Eminent Shaykh, why does no one sympathize with Gaddafi while he is under attack from the West?! What is the difference between the occupation of Iraq in 2004, and the Western assault on Gaddafi?!

Questioner: Guest

Date: 20 Mar 2011

Answer from the Shaykh: The Islamic world has not and will not sympathize with Gaddafi, that Satan and son of the Jewish woman, and his mercenaries, while the entire Islamic world–except for the traitor Safavids [i.e. Iranians]–stood against the Western occupation of Iraq, for these fundamental differences:

The description of the Iraqi situation as a Western occupation: It was in a state of hostility with the West, and resistance to its policies, and was under a crippling embargo, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis continued to die because of it for several years!

The description of the situation of the son of a Jewish woman: He was providing the West with oil, for more than 85% of his oil exports went to Europe. And besides oil, he acknowledged that he was financing Sarkozy’s election campaign! The United States also gave him all of the weapons that he has, and the West was fine with everything, until they overthrew him!

The Iraqi situation: Iraq was not in a situation of widespread popular rebellion against the regime, and all Iraqis–except for those traitors loyal to Iran–were against any foreign intervention.

The situation of the son of the Jewish woman: The people stood up to him because of his tyranny–following the example of the success of the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions–and he used Jewish and non-Jewish mercenaries to destroy his Muslim people. He continued to slaughter the people, then the strikes came, and he placed his knife on the necks of his Muslim people, and sliced them with all malice. Therefore he already repudiated his allegiance to the Ummah! So who would sympathize with him?!

The Iraqi situation: Iraq had supported the Palestinian issue.

The situation of the son of the Jewish woman: The evil one did not support them at all, but in fact called for Palestine to not be liberated, and to accept what he called the “Isratine” state.

The Iraqi situation: Iraq was invaded in revenge for the 9/11 attacks, and under the false pretext of weapons of mass destruction.

The situation of the son of the Jewish woman: Everyone knows that it is true–and not a lie–that he has violated the blood of Libyan Muslims, and he is truly one of the biggest liars of all of mankind, and the greatest tyrant and oppressor.

The Iraqi situation: Iraq had defended the Arab nation in its war against the Safavid (Iranian) barbarians.

The situation of the son of the Jewish woman: Gaddafi was in the same trench as the Syrian regime in support of the Safavids (Iranians) against the Arab nation and the Islamic nation.
The Iraqi situation: The following which was seen from the son of the Jewish woman, was not seen in Iraq:

The situation of the son of the Jewish woman: He disbelieved in the Sunnah by denying it, and mocked the judgments of the Islamic religion, and disavowed himself from Muslim history, except for that which he called “The Fatimid State,” and also disavowed himself from Arab history, and from the Arab race altogether!

The Iraqi situation: The Iraqi occupation came after the declaration of the Bush campaign and that of his gang, which adopted without reservations the Project for the New American Century, to subjugate the entire world to America, and construct the Greater Middle East, which is a new colonialism built by military might. It also came after the declaration of the “Crusader War” by Bush! This came in the shadow of media attacks from the Bush gang on Islam, Muslims and the Prophet (peace be upon him).

The situation of the son of the Jewish woman: The strikes came under the umbrella of his military advance on his people, and his violation of the Libyans’ blood!

The Iraqi situation: The traitors loyal to Iran [i.e. the Iraqi Shi’ites] cooperated with the American occupier on the ground invasion and the occupation of Iraq, and toppling Baghdad with Western armies. It was like a gigantic earthquake on the Islamic Ummah, and everyone rose up against it except the traitor Safavids and the (prostrated) sect which is well-known for its betrayal of the Ummah.

The situation of the son of the Jewish woman: The Libyan rebels announced their opposition to any foreign presence on Libyan soil.

For this reason no one will sympathize with this deceitful tyrant, and in fact the Muslim Libyan people are against him, and not with him or his mercenaries. He has no history except that of hostility to the Islamic Ummah, and recently to the courageous Libyan people who have rebelled against their tyrant.

This answer describes reality as was requested by the questioner. Now the response to the Western attacks on Libya was presented in a previous fatwa. There is no doubt that this wicked tyrant will meet his end Allah-willing, and will enter into the dustbin of history with good riddance, just as his ancestors among the enemies to our Ummah.

Allah knows best.

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1 1389 March 24, 2011 at 8:38 am

In other words, it looks as though the REAL reason that the al-Qaeda-backed rebels are fighting to overturn Gadaffi is because Gadaffi is not an Arab, and because he does not hate Jews as much as they do.

Clearly, this rebellion against Gaddafi has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with a “yearning for freedom” on the part of the “oppressed.” Freedom is the last thing that these rebels want, but rather, shari’a law and aggression against Israel and the Jews.

I was disgusted to hear Bill O’Reilly insisting that the US is morally obligated to intervene to stop Gaddafi from “slaughtering the innocents.” There are no innocents on either side of this war, and the US should stay out.

The most that we should do is to warn BOTH sides that any attacks on US lives or property, or on Israel, will be met with immediate massive retaliation. But Obama will never do that, because he favors radical Islam against US interests every chance he gets.

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