Caturday: Kitten Wearing a Tiny Hat

by 1389 on March 12, 2011

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Kitten Wearing a Tiny Hat: Audition Outtakes

(h/t: snowcrash)

Kitten Wearing a Tiny Hat Eats a Tiny Ice-Cream Cone

Actually, the adorable tabby kitten, Scout Jr., eats just the ice cream itself, not the cone. Unlike dogs and human beings, cats are “obligate carnivores”; that means they need plenty of animal protein just to stay alive. Kittens require an even higher percentage of animal protein in their diets than do mature cats.

These YouTube clips are actually from advertisements for Lake Street Creamery, a mobile ice cream vendor. As a disclaimer, I have yet to sample their wares. Though I admit to liking butter pecan ice cream, I very rarely indulge in ice cream or, indeed, in any form of sweets. I can’t abide artifical sweeteners, and due to a hereditary condition known as impaired glucose tolerance, sugar in any form disagrees with my innards. Like Scout Jr., I feel much healthier when I have plenty of protein. But because I’m not a cat, for a limited period of time I can get by with various tree nuts, as well as the humble but delectable peanut.

Kitten Wearing a Tiny Hat Gets Another HORRIBLE SURPRISE

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