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I noticed that comments are closed on “Arif Uka Pictures?

However, I must answer this statement:

It must be noted that Albanians and Kosovars tend to be very pro-American. It is unclear if this man is Uka and if he is Muslim, although it appears so. Radicalization could have happened in Germany, with a large population of Muslim immigrants, and not Kosovo. We cannot paint ethnic Albanians as extremists, especially considering their rejection of al Qaeda and radical Islam in the 1990s– even as Serbs attempted to wipe out their population in Kosovo.

This is factually incorrect. Serbs never attempted to wipe out the ethnic Albanian population in Kosovo, nor did they attempt to wipe out or expel Albanian Muslims from Kosovo. On the contrary, Kosovo was formerly majority Serb. That changed when the Albanian Muslims fought on the side of the Nazis. The Muslim incursion during the Third Reich and during the Communist Tito regime expropriated and displaced many Serbs. In fact, Serbs in Kosovo have been under attack from Albanian Muslims ever since that time. While I would argue that Serbs should have the same right to defend their land and people as anybody else has, under the Tito regime and afterward, they were forbidden to do anything to protect their lives and property from attacks by Albanian Muslims or anyone else. As a result, many Serbs were forced to flee from Kosovo. By 1999, Serbs had been reduced to a small minority in Kosovo. The government of what was then Yugoslavia (now Serbia) did nothing to expel the Albanian Muslims from Kosovo.

The mainstream media in the US and Europe, and the Clinton Administration, essentially blood-libeled the entire Serbian people as an excuse to go to war on behalf of the Muslims in the Balkans. Their reason for doing that was a failed effort to appease the Saudis and other Muslim oil interests, some of whom considered the First Gulf War to be an unacceptable intrusion of “infidels” into the Muslim ummah.

Considering the evils perpetrated by Albanian Muslims in Kosovo – everything from heroin and weapons smuggling, organizing terrorist attacks, trafficking in women and girls for brothel slavery, to kidnapping and butchering Serbs for their organs – it IS high time that all Muslims be expelled from Kosovo and sent back to their homes in Albania, whence they came. They DO have homes and families and tribes in Albania, and they have moved into Kosovo simply because Albania is a misgoverned and corrupt post-Communist cesspool. It is up to them to clean up the mess in Albania rather than spreading it into the historic homeland of the Serbian people.

If you want to learn more about what has happened with the Serbian people, please read Julia Gorin’s excellent blog. Ms. Gorin is not Serbian, by the way…she just happened to find out that the war against the Serbs was wrong, and she decided to do something about it.

I have also covered some of this on 1389 Blog – which is a general counterjihad blog. It is a team blog; I provide the Orthodox Christian and Serbian-American perspective. The blog does not focus exclusively on the Balkans; it covers the worldwide counterjihad, with particular emphasis on stopping jihadi attempts to muzzle free speech for the counterjihad.

I have spent over a decade trying to combat the propaganda against the Serbian people. Nobody seems to understand what we are all about, and I am trying to change that. There is also a considerable prejudice, based solely on ignorance, against Orthodox Christianity in general and the Serbian Orthodox Church in particular. This is because, until very recently, most of the information available on Orthodox Christianity has been unavailable in the English language. Western Europeans and North Americans who are not from an Eastern Slavic background seem to be intimidated by the Cyrillic alphabet (which was, in fact, a gift from Christian missionaries to the Slavic peoples), and not many of them have gone to the effort of learning Russian or Serbian, which admittedly are not easy languages to learn. It also isn’t that easy for someone who is not a native speaker to learn Greek.

That is why it makes no sense that Orthodox Christian Serbs have been accused of engaging in aggressive war. This is a matter of the pot calling the kettle black. Although Orthodox Christianity does allow its members to serve in the military, it does not promote or encourage warfare in any way. On the other hand, Islamic doctrine DOES require aggressive warfare against unbelievers, as well as infiltration of non-Muslim lands, which is what we have been seeing all over the world ever since the recent wars in the Balkans. If you don’t believe me, it’s all in the Qu’ran. Despite what some western apologists for Islam might suppose, the earlier, “peaceful” verses have been abrogated by the later, “jihadi” verses.

Thank you very much!


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1 Hesperado March 3, 2011 at 9:17 pm


Thanks for putting up this corrective. Unfortunately, the Serbian issue, like the Israeli issue, perpetually requires correctives like this, even if each point of the corrective rests in a jungle of data the reader would have to read through. Thanks for reminding the reader of Julia Gorin — I should read her blog more often.

You wrote:

“they [Muslims] have moved into Kosovo simply because Albania is a misgoverned and corrupt post-Communist cesspool.”

I wouldn’t say “simply” — I suspect that many of them are consciously invading, in a low-level demographic way, as Muslims are doing throughout the West.

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