Exposing the Jew-Haters of the IRGC

by 1389 on March 1, 2011

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Originally published by Gates of Vienna.

Reprinted with permission.

Update: Srdja Trifkovic has expanded on this email in an article at the Lord Byron Foundation for Balkan Studies: “Emir Ramic, a Jew-Hating Fundamentalist?”

We posted several times recently about Srdja Trifkovic’s attempt to give a speech at the University of British Columbia last week, and his subsequent banishment from Canada.

The attention of the Canadian authorities was drawn to Dr. Trifkovic by an organization called “The Institute for Research of Genocide of Canada”. As pointed out last week, the IRGC is a front for radical Bosnian Muslims, rather than a disinterested “researcher” into genocide.

Dr. Trifkovic just sent us an email with some details about the IRGC and its agenda, as gleaned from its own publications:

Emir Ramic, IRGC Director, is on the editorial board of the (Bosnian-Muslim) war veterans’ magazine Korak (Step), published in Sarajevo, to which he also contributes articles.

This magazine’s Issue No. 13 [pdf] has an interesting article: “Basic Principles of the Law of War in Islam” (pp. 13-17). The article asserts, inter alia, that “Jihad is a just and legitimate fight against aggression and a struggle in protection of human rights and freedoms.” (p. 15)

The Board of Ramic’s “Institute” includes… none other than “Asaf Dzanic, chief editor of the magazine Korak, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina”!

On p. 93 of the same issue there is a breathtaking piece of anti-Israeli bile. It’s in “Bosnian” but even a non-native speaker will understand the title: “Izraelski Rezim Je Teroristicki”, by Fikret Muslimovic. It could have been published in Gaza. It is a tad too hard-core for Ramallah, though…

On p. 99 we have another piece of Jew-hating venom: “Who is responsible for the blockade and massacre of the inhabitants of Gaza?” by Reza Burdzi

Other issues of Ramic’s magazine are no less worthy of scrutiny [all are in pdf format]:

  • No. 14: Norman Finkelstein: “The Bloodshed in Gaza”
  • No. 16 (2009): “Palestine and Al-Quds as the Symbol of All Muslims of the World” by Džemal Najetović
  • No.15: “Failure of the Anti-Iranian Scenario” by Fariba Farshidi
  • No. 12: “Sixty Years Since the Palestinian Catastrophe” by Dr. Džemal Najetović

The list goes on, from one issue to another, from one author to another, from one lie to another, from one anti-Semitic outburst to another.

The magazine site is hosted by the association of Bosnian-Muslim Army veterans, and it also includes a host of articles with interesting and self-explanatory titles, such as “Crimes Against Civilians in the Gaza Strip” [pdf].

This is the real face of the “Institute”!

The “Institute’s” director is on the editorial board of the magazine publishing this hate-filled drivel, and the editor-in-chief of said magazine is on the board of the Institute. Mr. Wiesel & Co. are in some interesting company, indeed!

*Facepalm*…Facepalm smiley

If the government of Canada had a modicum of common sense, they would have welcomed Dr. Srdja Trifkovic, and they would instead have deported all members of the Bosnian jihadi IRGC, not because they are purveyors of libel and “hate speech” (though they are), but because they are a subversive organization of foreign enemies.

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1 DvDH March 1, 2011 at 8:11 pm

“If the government of Canada had a modicum of common sense, they would have welcomed Dr. Srdja Trifkovic, and they would instead have deported all members of the Bosnian jihadi IRGC, not because they are purveyors of libel and “hate speech” (though they are), but because they are a subversive organization of foreign enemies.”

Or better yet, ban them both ….

2 1389 March 1, 2011 at 8:27 pm

Why ban them both? What are you afraid that Dr. Trifkovic might reveal about the true nature of Islam?

3 DvDH March 2, 2011 at 5:10 am

Does one ban someone for the topic they speak or for the position and role they take? You and others have gone to great lengths to point out the radical nature of the group that exposed Trifkovic, does showing that lesson the ugliness of that person? Obviously not and like differing criminal gangs passing on to authorities the crimes of their opponents, they can use any excuse but they are in the end both scum. Ban them both. Imho.

4 DvDH March 2, 2011 at 5:25 am

I wonder how much of this article is targetting in revenge rather than just highlighting the obvious anti-semitism radicalised Muslims have.

For my part I make no apology to pointing out the ugliness anywhere and the hypicrisy that exists. Like most Serbs are not anti-semite their nationalist movement is ugly and also with growing anti-semitism. The same goes with most Muslims and Islam which though condemnably has with the Israel issue taken the anti-semitic bandwagon – it is not fully widespread and generalizations are a gross error and an excuse in itself.

Anti-semitism in Serbia has become on the increase and been highlited and documented enough to not deny and though the below example is disturbing, it would be wrong to generalize as well.

“The Serbian Orthodox Church (Srpska Pravoslavna Crkva − SPC), as well as groups associated with it, is known for its ambivalent attitude toward the Jews and antisemitism, and some high-ranking Church officials have been observed at nationalist events. While on the one hand, representatives of the Church have condemned antisemitic acts and stated that antisemitism is not in the nature of Serbian Orthodoxy, on the other, the Church recently proclaimed an antisemite − Archbishop Nikolaj Velimirovic − a saint.

A highly educated man who became a symbol of Serbian thought, spiritualism and Orthodoxy, Velimirovic freely expressed his antisemitic beliefs in several of his works, including those − published repeatedly − from his days in Dachau concentration camp in 1945, where the German occupiers had imprisoned him because of the perceived threat he posed due to his promotion of Serbian strength and values and unity of the Orthodox world.”


I was taught from a young age that “one who targets needs to ensure their umbrella has no holes” (Dutch saying)

5 1389 March 2, 2011 at 9:50 am

This article has nothing to do with revenge. It has to do with exposing the lack of credibility, and the jihadi activities, of the Bosnian Muslims who have targeted an innocent man, namely Dr. Srdja Trifkovic, so as to prevent him from speaking about the true nature of Islam and its dangers to civilized society.

You are changing the subject so as to deflect the blame from the Bosnian Muslim jihadis who have infiltrated Canada, who are spreading jihadi propaganda there, and who are attacking anybody who might expose their activities.

I am familiar with Nikolai Velimirovich. He never engaged in antisemitic activities and never persecuted Jews. The opinions expressed in his writings are theological and do not direct anyone toward political activism. Like all human beings, and this includes saints, Velimirovich was occasionally mistaken or wrong. There is no counterpart to the Roman “papal infallibility” in the Orthodox Church.

As far as actual anti-Semitism in Serbia is concerned, you can find anti-Semites and other prejudiced people, just as you can find examples of any other human failing, in any inhabited part of the world. Very few Serbs are anti-Semitic. And no, there is no significant “nationalist movement” of any kind in Serbia, certainly not one that “ugly and also with growing anti-Semitism.” You are just repeating hearsay because you don’t have any evidence of this. Rest assured, there are so many enemies of Serbs in the world these days that if there were any genuine basis for accusing the Serbs of anything, leftists would be screaming about it in the worldwide news media. If this is the only evidence that you can come up with, that’s truly pathetic.

This is an instance of “the pot calling the kettle black.” It isn’t the Serbs who have a history of persecuting Jews in the Balkans. It’s the Croats and the Muslims who once fought on the side of the Third Reich and who killed off huge numbers of Jews, Roma, and Serbs. The Serbs fought on the side of the Allies. False accusations against the Serbs were often motivated by holocaust denial on the part of those who had some real crimes in their history to cover up.

In fact, many Jews have had to flee formerly Serb-held territories that are now occupied by Muslims. Some of them are presently living in Belgrade, where they are NOT being persecuted.

See: Driven From Kosovo!

Interview with Čedomir Prlinčević, Director of Archives of Kosovo Province (Serbia), President of the Jewish Community in Priština, capital of Kosovo
Interviewers: Jared Israel, Editor Emperor’s Clothes; Nancy Gust
[Posted 9 September 1999 * Re-posted with an introduction by Jared Israel, March 6, 2008]

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