Christine Brim at Big Peace has done us a great service in exposing who is behind the Muslim propaganda film, “Out of Cordoba,” which is to be shown at the upcoming propaganda-fest at Virginia Military Institute that “commemorates” (actually celebrates) the brutal Muslim conquest and occupation of Spain in 711 AD.

She poses a question that American citizens, voters, and taxpayers should also be asking: Why is a school that is partly funded by taxpayers’ money, and that exists for the purpose of preparing students for leadership in the US military, accepting bribes from our Muslim adversaries to set up events and programs that mislead its students?

VMI conference to Show Saudi-funded ‘Out of Cordoba’

Posted by Christine Brim Feb 8th 2011 at 11:06 am

Out of Cordoba,” (2008) was directed by Jacob Bender, self-described as “one of the initiators of interfaith dialogue with the American Muslim community. He has spoken dozens of times at mosques and at large gatherings of Muslims in the United States, particularly at the conventions of the Islamic Society of North America, the largest Muslim organization in the US.” He neglects to mention that ISNA was also named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism finance trial.

With “Out of Cordoba,” VMI cadets and faculty will view Muslim Brotherhood propaganda of the “Alliance of Civilizations” variety, “about Jews, Muslims, and Christians struggling for coexistence and against the hijacking of their respective religions by extremists.” It presents a false narrative of history, from which it draws false conclusions for the present.

The documentary’s Advisory board includes the usual Shariah apologists Karen Armstrong and John L. Esposito, but also: Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf of the Ground Zero Mosque, Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, Fiqh Council of North America, and Dr. Sayyid Muhammed Syeed, Islamic Society of North America.

The Funders for the film include the Alwaleed bin Talal Foundation (Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is an investor in News Corporation and gives in the tens of millions to Harvard, Georgetown and others to start Shariah academic programs), the Muslim Brotherhood-associated International Institute of Islamic Thought, the Islamic Society of North America (unindicted co-conspirator) and the Alavi Foundation (FBI began to seize their assets in 2009, and the former president was sentenced in 2010 to prison).

The reviews are most revealing

The question is whether General Peay of Virginia Military Institute thought that this documentary’s endorsements, funding and advice from the likes of the OIC, the MAS, the IIIT, ISNA and the Alwaleed bin Talal Foundation were actually a reason to add it to the evening’s entertainment. Is this his concept of educational leadership in training the next generation of America’s military? He is using U.S. taxpayer money in the grant, and Virginia taxpayer money in state funds (VMI is a public college).

VMI has an honor code: “A Cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do.” The “East meets West” conference violates that code.

It is a lie.

Read the rest and view the trailer for ‘Out of Cordoba’.

“Out of Cordoba” is not the only enemy propaganda film to be shown at this “commemoration.” Oh, and by the way, please note the PBS connection to the film ‘Cities of Light’. As I have pointed out before (see NPR Sorry About WHAT? LOL…), it is long past time to pull NPR, PBS, the CPB, and the NEA off the public teat.

VMI Conference Shows ‘Cities of Light’ to Glamorize Jihad Conquest of Spain

Posted by Christine Brim Feb 9th 2011 at 9:39 am

Previously, Patrick Poole reported on an upcoming conference at the Virginia Military Institute celebrating the Islamic invasion and brutal 781-year occupation of Spain entitled “711-2011: East meets West“, and then on the cover-up when they changed “celebrated” to “commemoration.” Then we followed the money trail behind the Virginia Military Institute’s “East Meets West” conference, leading to the real administrators of the conference grant – advisory committees from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. And we exposed the “Out of Cordoba” film to be shown at the conference, backed by the usual Saudi money as well as Muslim Brotherhood-associated funders like the Holy Land Foundation terrorism finance trial’s unindicted co-conspirator, the Islamic Society of North America, and the International Institute of Islamic Thought.

Now let’s look at the second movie to be shown at the conference – “Cities of Light,” a “renactment” of the debunked myths underlying this thoroughly discredited Virginia Military Institute conference.

…“Cities of Light” (2007) is a reflexively anti-Christian “re-enactment documentary.” This is “history” as a Sword-and-Sorcery-and-Shariah, made-for-TV movie.

Here’s the spin from their website

Well, actually, the time of tolerance as they describe it never existed, debunked repeatedly by such highly-regarded scholars as Mark Cohen in Under Crescent and Cross, Bernard Lewis in The Jews of Islam, Ibn Warraq and Andrew Bostom in The Legacy of Islamic Anti-Semitism, and Bat Ye’or in The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians Under Islam. Instead, the conquered Iberian cities knew centuries of savage warfare and genocide, guerrilla resistance movements, the civilian Cordoba martyrdom protests for freedom of speech and religion, and ruinous taxation from the jizyah tax on non-Muslims, a tax paid by the vast majority of the people for the luxury of the few elites – that “Golden Age” luxury so celebrated in the film.

In fact, ROTC students at Virginia Military Institute could greatly benefit from the study of the full range of documented history from the Shariah Iberian occupation a thousand years ago. The enforcement of Shariah law centuries ago in Spain is a direct parallel to the threat of institutionalized Shariah that Egypt and other countries face today from the Muslim Brotherhood. The persecution of non-muslims a thousand years ago during the Shariah totalitarian occupation is a direct parallel to today’s persecution of non-muslims in Shariah-adherent nations worldwide.

Even stronger parallels echo grimly across the centuries. The infiltration, intimidation and simple bribery of Christian and Jewish dhimmi elites a thousand years ago is starkly similar to the same tactics used on today’s government officials and media. And if VMI students and faculty want to understand the dynamics of popular insurrections against occupying powers, they will find instructive examples in the popular resistance movements against centuries of Shariah totalitarian rule in the Iberian peninsula – for example, the well-documented history…of the Martyrs movement in Cordoba in the 850’s.
Now, a preview of the movie: VMI students watching “Cities of Light” at the conference will hear that Tariq ibn Ziyad – the first raider into the Iberian peninsula – “emerges as a Folk Hero, leading his people to a New Land” (that’s a video segment from the film). And they’ll see crusaders chasing after little children (more video), as “the time of tolerance was lost forever.” It was produced with support from PBS; consider sending a link to your local Tea Party group, for suggestions for budget cuts.

Worst of all: the organizers of this conference, still scheduled for March 23-25 at the VMI Center for Leadership and Ethics, may impose the political correctness that pervades our military forces and intelligence community. The Virginia Military Institute cadets and faculty will have to sit silent and to submit to this disinformation – because to question this propaganda is, in Shariah terms, to “insult Islam,” or in U.S. government bureaucratic terms, to “violate diversity guidelines.”

Are there no VMI alumni or donors or board members who can intervene? Are there no Virginia state officials – VMI is a public college – who have standing to stop this travesty? Are there no VMI faculty who can assert VMI’s once-respected standards of intellectual honesty and academic rigor and stop this debacle?

And who else is paying for this conference? See this VMI publication (search on the term “March 23″): “The conference is funded in part from a grant VMI received in 2008 from the U.S. Department of Defense…”

Who are the other funders?

Read it all.

But wait, there’s MORE…

Says wtd at Vlad Tepes Blog:

On February 03, 2011 Chris Hurst for WDBJ7 reports:
Local professor weighs in on more protests in Egypt –
Visiting professor, Heba El-Shazli is a native Egyptian and teaches at VMI

which led me to further explore the faculty listing at VMI.

Scan the list of faculty in the “Modern Cultures and Languages”
here: . . .(just a few of the more ‘modern’ identities listed) . . .:
Khadija Bentouhami, Ms. – Instructor in Modern Languages & Cultures
Heba F. El-Shazli, Ms. – Visiting Professor of Modern Languages
Ivelise Faundez-Reitsma, Doctor – Instructor of Modern Languages & Cultures
Abdeljalil Naoui-Khir, Doctor – Associate Professor of Modern Languages & Cultures
Mohamed Taifi, Doctor – Professor of Modern Languages & Cultures
Soufia Ezzaki, Ms. – Arabic Tutor in Modern Languages

Ronald Reagan (peace be upon him) may have featured as a “Brother Rat” at VMI but the current, more – how did they phrase it? – “modern” rats are of a different brotherhood.

Feet to the fire

Rodan and I have blogged about this issue recently in these articles:

We suggested that you contact the superintendent of VMI:

Gen. J.H. Binford Peay III

Office Contact:
Lori Parrent, Secretary to Gen. Peay
Ph: (540) 464-7311
Fax: (540) 464-7660

201 Smith Hall
Virginia Military Institute
Lexington, VA 24450

Email the Office

We also suggested that everyone who will be anywhere near Virginia Military Academy on March 23-25, 2011, should protest this event in person.

Contact your elected officials!

Contacting VMI does not go far enough. The root of the problem is that VMI has already accepted funding from jihadi sources. This means that taxpayers’ funds intended for the formation of future US military officers at VMI have already been commingled with funds that our adversaries have contributed for the purpose of spreading enemy propaganda.

We must demand that VMI stop using jihadi funds for any purpose, and immediately discontinue participation in any project that uses funding from Muslim sources. We must disentangle not only VMI, but all other academic institutions and “think tanks” that accept government money at any level, from accepting funds from our foreign Muslim adversaries or from any organization with jihadi ties.

Yes, that means it’s time to dismantle the Pentagon’s Project GO (for “Global Officers”) that has contributed $665,000 to the evidently misnamed VMI Center for Leadership and Ethics, which is sponsoring this “commemoration.” (More about Project GO here.) It is also time to investigate where the VMI Center for Leadership and Ethics got the rest of its 200 million dollars of funding.

American citizens and voters should be asking their US Senators and Representatives why their tax money is being used for such a dishonorable purpose. Virginia residents should also contact their state legislators to ask the same thing. Call, write, or visit your elected officials and demand an investigation!

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1 Adobe Walls February 10, 2011 at 6:43 pm

Many VMI grads become influential in our military.

2 Hesperado February 10, 2011 at 11:55 pm

1389, this is an excellent marshalling together of vital sources and links on this subject. Thanks. I’m putting up a notice on my blog linking here.

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You’re welcome! Glad you liked it!

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