Why The West Fears To Confront Islam

by 1389 on January 21, 2011

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Pushing the envelope, telling it like it is

1389 Blog is one of the very few that is truly willing to address the danger of Muslim immigration to non-Muslim nations – which is actually a stealth-jihad enemy invasion – and to take that concern to its logical conclusion.

Islam is not a religion in the sense familiar to Westerners; instead, it is an expansionist, totalitarian, enemy ideology that is impervious to reform and is permanently at war with everyone and everything outside of itself. Islam seeks to rid the world of everything but Islam.

I will say it now and I will say it again: the only answer is a permanent ban on immigration of Muslims to the US and other non-Muslim countries, deportation of all current Muslim immigrants to their nations of origin without exception, revocation of citizenship for anyone who becomes Muslim (including the native-born), and a permanent global quarantine of Muslim nations and regions.

Why is it that the Western world has been so reluctant to accept the ever-present evidence of its own eyes and ears that Islam has always been, and will always be, and enemy ideology, and that its adherents must never be trusted under any circumstances whatsoever? The reasons are too many to be listed here. (For a rather erudite treatment of that issue, see More on “Christian Wilsonianism” and many other articles on The Hesperado.)

The dirtiest little secret of all

There is one more reason why no Western nation will face the fact that Islam is an enemy ideology and that it is now, and will always be, unacceptably dangerous to allow any Muslims to enter or remain on non-Muslim soil.

It’s a dirty little secret. Western politicians can hardly make any efforts to keep out the ongoing Muslim invasion of the EU and the US, after what they themselves did to the Serbs in the 1990s. The US and NATO – backed up by a media propaganda machine far more effective than that of Josef Goebbels or Julius Streicher – made vicious warfare on the Serbs, bombed them, dismembered Serb territory, and turned Serb land over to a jihadi-narcoterrorist gang, all on the pretext that the Serbs had practiced “ethnic cleansing” by expelling Muslim Albanians from Serb territory.

In fact, the Serbs had done nothing of the sort, though they would have been perfectly justified if they had. The foreign Muslim Albanians, whom the Third Reich, and later the Tito regime, had permitted to settle on Serbian soil, not only remained in place, but tormented and expropriated the native Christian Serb population to their heart’s content.

So now it would be intolerably awkward for any political leader to propose doing what we must now do in all non-Muslim nations – in other words, expel the Muslim invasion – when all the leaders of the Western world either participated in, or allowed, warfare against the Serbs on the pretext that they had done just that.

Evidently, while the West continues to libel and persecute every Serb that it can find from the resistance in the 1990s, it is asking too much for them to bring to justice the leader of the Albanian Muslim regime in Kosovo for his participation in the theft of, and trafficking in, organs ripped from kidnapped Serbs.

Hashim Thaci and Dick Holbrooke
Kosovo Albanian terrorist Hashim Thaci (l) with Richard Holbrooke

Could a Serbian Heart Have Saved Dick Holbrooke?

(h/t: Sparta)

Richard Holbrooke died at age 69 on Dec. 13, thus spared the annoyance of seeing one of his best-known political creations accused of supervising the killing of captives in order to slice out their organs for transplant purposes and financial gain.
It was Holbrooke who stood shoulder to shoulder with Albanian secessionists [who were actually foreign Islamic invaders who had been displacing the native Christian Serbs] in the summer of 1998 and prompted NATO’s bombing of Serbia until these applications of high explosives to civilian targets caused Milosevic to order the withdrawal of security forces from Kosovo.

The “freedom fighters” of the Kosovo Liberation Army — Albanian gangsters, most notably Hashim Thaci, hand-picked by Holbrooke and Madeleine Albright (her closest aide, James Rubin, acted as talent scout) at the Rambouillet talks — took over.
In April 2008, Carla Del Ponte — former chief prosecutor before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and no friend of the Serbs — published a memoir on her time at the tribunal. In it, she charged that in 1999, there had been trafficking in human organs taken from Serb prisoners, reportedly carried out by top KLA commanders, and that her efforts to investigate had been blocked. Del Ponte’s charges originated with information she got from Western investigative journalists working for a U.S.-based documentary producer, American RadioWorks.

Following Del Ponte’s accusations, the Council of Europe assigned a liberal Swiss senator, Dick Marty, to investigate. The Marty report, two years in the making, was released Dec. 15, 2010. The report names Thaci, now Kosovo’s prime minister, as having exercised “violent control” over the heroin trade in Kosovo during the past decade, and accuses him of overseeing an organized crime ring in the late ’90s, committing assassinations, beatings, human organ trafficking and other major crimes.

The report is being reviewed by the EU’s Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo, which is already probing a human body parts rip-and-ship facility — the Medicus Clinic in Pristina.
Some Serb captives were taken into central Albania “to be murdered immediately before having their kidneys removed in a makeshift operating clinic.

…The captives…were initially kept alive, fed well and allowed to sleep, and treated with relative restraint by KLA guards…When their blood was drawn by syringe for testing (a step that appears to have been akin to ’tissue typing,’ or determining levels of organ transplantation compatibility), or when they were physically examined by men referred to as ‘doctors,’ the captives must have been put on notice that they were being treated as some form of medical commodities…When the transplant surgeons were confirmed to be in position and ready to operate, the captives were brought out of the ‘safe house’ individually, summarily executed by a KLA gunman, and their corpses transported swiftly to the operating clinic.” The kidneys were then taken to nearby Tirana airport and shipped out to the paying customers.
State Department spokesman Philip Crowley declared in the wake of Marty’s charges that the United States will continue to work with Thaci, since “any individual anywhere in the world is innocent until proven otherwise.”

After World War II, the U.S. government, in the Paperclip program, made haste to protect Nazi scientists like Sigmund Rascher who had killed and sliced up Jews, Russians and Poles in Dachau to make use of their organs. Georg Rickhey, imported as part of Werner von Braun’s rocket team, had worked prisoners to death in the Dora camp and the Mittelwerk complex. Drew Pearson’s columns ultimately earned Rickhey a secret war crimes trial, which the U.S. Army sabotaged by withholding records.

Then as now, the United States stands by its war criminals. Thaci has nothing to fear, as Holbrooke would no doubt have assured him. Thaci would doubtless have been ready to ship him a new Serbian heart as a thank you, relabeled “Kosovar” naturally.

Read it all.

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1 Hesperado January 22, 2011 at 12:56 am


A good essay overall, and a reminder of certain facts that need to be reiterated over and over.

One slight possible clarification I would make, however:

“Western politicians can hardly make any efforts to keep out the ongoing Muslim invasion of the EU and the US, after what they themselves did to the Serbs in the 1990s.”

This formulation has the appearance of putting the cart before the horse — in the sense that, in my estimation, it is the overall PC MC paradigm that dictates both processes: the West isn’t loath to address the problem of Muslim immigration because of its sordid deed in the Balkans; its sordid deed in the Balkans is simply a logical consequence of its PC MC paradigm: the Serbs, being “Honorary Whites” were therefore the bad guys; and the Muslims of the region, being perceived “Browns” (as all Muslims are perceived to be, no matter how Slavically “white” they may be in terms of literal color charts) must have been the good guys. All else flows from that simple-minded, but powerful calculus of reverse racism that is the main reason why the West remains obtuse about the problem of Islam.

2 1389 January 22, 2011 at 1:48 am

While you are certainly correct, I would suggest that the process is also a vicious cycle. The more the Western governments and media commit themselves to the path of collaboration with Islam by attacking and trying to destroy any people who attempt to do otherwise (e.g., the Serbs or the Israelis), the harder it is for them to turn away from that path.

In a nutshell, I was trying to reinforce your point that, while many other bloggers will discuss the bad things that Muslims are doing on account of Islam, practically nobody dares bring up the idea of rolling back the Muslim invasion.

I also wanted to make the point that one very big reason why no government in the Western world will consider rolling back the Muslim invasion is because the US and NATO declared war on the Serbs for the stated purpose of stopping the Serbs from expelling Muslims from Serb territory.

I wanted to use the Holbrooke/organ theft story to illustrate what the US and NATO did in that regard, and how the US is continuing to cover up the very real crimes committed by the Muslims in Kosovo, while continuing to libel and persecute any Serb who tried to resist the US in the 1990s. My point is, as long as this coverup continues, the US and Europe cannot confront Islam and deal with the threat in any practical way.

It all feeds on itself, and we cannot allow this to continue.

I would scarcely claim that I did a perfect job of getting my points across here. I think I should have been able to do better, but I’m not quite sure how, if that makes any sense to you. If you believe that you can improve on this essay, please have at it!

3 Hesperado January 22, 2011 at 2:50 pm

Yes, the “vicious cycle” dynamic is important here. Still, the underlying reason — PC MC — is what gives the vicious cycle (whether with regard to Serbia, or Israel, etc.) traction. Given the PC MC paradigm, our actions in Serbia are logical. In my estimation, I’m afraid, it’s simply going to take a long time — and many more attacks by Muslims — for the West to re-orient its paradigm and reconfigure the axioms it continues to be devoted to. Part of that change will be fed by the Blogosphere — doing its part in small and slow ways, through stillicide to turn the course of the massive ship which is the West, plowing obtusely now in the wrong direction.

I am a pessimist in the short term, but an optimist in the long term: this massive ship we are on (the West) will not turn from its course before serious damage is done amid crashes into icebergs it need not have encountered. But it will be able in the end to wake up and extricate itself. My long-term optimism is grounded in two facts:

1) the West is astronomically superior to Islam on all levels: Islam only enjoys the paramilitary-and-stealth hold it has now because of the West’s PC MC myopia. That is all that is keeping Islam afloat.

2) Muslims cannot control themselves: under certain circumstances, some of them may be talented at stealth and taqiyya, but on the other hand, it’s plain to see that it doesn’t take much talent to deceive Westerners whose minds are warped by PC MC. Overall, Muslims in ensuing decades will increasingly be unable to control themselves — both in terms of propaganda (more and more they will show their cards and their true face of anti-liberal extremism, hate speech and expansionist supremacism), and in terms of violence (more and more they will explode, kill and threaten to kill). I.e., my #2 reason here is based on the fact that the problem of Muslims is not a stable dynamic: it is an unstable metastasis that more and more will force unpleasant facts onto our PC MCs.

4 Honorable Karanja April 1, 2011 at 5:34 am

Tell the same story you told about Islam against the Jews, and you will find yourself unemployed……

5 1389 April 1, 2011 at 9:14 am

I would have no reason to make such a complaint against the Jews.
Unfortunately, many leftists these days are making false allegations against Israel, and the Jewish people, and they seem to be getting away with it.

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