Let’s begin by hearing expert meteorologist Joe Bastardi of AccuWeather debunk “anthropogenic global warming” (AGW). He minces no words in refuting those who would claim that the cold weather in December 2010 is somehow caused by human activity. It’s refreshing to hear him speak:

AccuWeather’s Bastardi debunks global warming causing cold weather myth, warns of severe 2011 drought

(h/t: Climate Depot)

By Jeff Poor – The Daily Caller

Much of the United States and Europe is suffering through extreme wintery weather conditions. But what is causing it?

Some have blamed global warming, specifically the “Arctic paradox.” However, AccuWeather’s chief hurricane and long-range forecaster Joe Bastardi told the Fox Business Network on Tuesday you can chalk it up to three things – oceans, sunspots and volcanoes.

“A few years ago, about why we have to start looking for more and more of this [cold weather],” Bastardi said. “It’s called the triple crown of cooling – the natural reversal of the oceans cycles. Three years ago the Pacific went into the cold state. Solar activity, very low sunspot activity and volcanic activity, not the kind you see in the tropics but the kind we had in the Arctic regions a couple of winters ago — and this is something that could be causing a return to for instance, the times of the Victorian era when they used to have ice fairs in the early-1800s around Christmastime on the Thames and you’re seeing that type of thing go on.”

As for those who are blaming global warming, Bastardi said that theory was childish and presented instead the possibility of long-term global cooling.

“Well, I’ve been saying what I believe is going on is this is the big debate between the natural cycles and the forces of AGW [anthropogenic global warming] – by the way, these folks claiming that global warming is causing severe cold is like the kid on the playground who doesn’t get his way and takes his ball home. The fact of the matter is the forecast that was made by this forecaster three years ago that we we’re going to start seeing these things because of this and it opens up the big debate – are the natural cycles taking over and are we going to see cooling over the next 20 to 30 years? You see, we started measuring temperatures with satellite at the end of the last cold cycle in the Pacific. We had nothing but warm in the Pacific and warm in the Atlantic. What’s going to happen to the temperatures if the oceans are warm? Now that they’re cooling let’s see what’s going to happens in the next 20 to 30 years.”

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Climate change fraud as a political weapon

The Obama Administration and the Democrat Party have doubled down on the anthropogenic “climate change” agenda, despite the fact that the science behind it has been thoroughly debunked as a deliberate fraud. The progressives are pushing intensive government regulation to “save the world” from the nonexistent threat of manmade climate change, not because they truly believe it will happen, but because they are our enemies. A glimpse of our pre-industrial past reveals the quality of life they have in mind for us – though not for themselves – in the future.

A startling evisceration of the motives of the progressive/green faction appears on 2.0: The Blogmocracy: Progressives claim blizzards are a sign of global warning. On that thread, Pat comments:

Indeed. The vast majority of Warmists are really totalitarians. The government is highly in favor of this hoax of AGW being a serious issue because it will lead to higher taxes, it will eliminate the free market, and it will involve government in every aspect of your life from what you eat, what you do, what you think to how many children you will be allowed. The latter to make room for the hordes of immigrants we are morally bound to support as reparations.

Obama’s malignant narcissism, hubris, and megalomania are evidently boundless. In his latest attempt to make an end-run around the US Constitution, he does not hesitate to “mess with Texas” – one of the few States in the US that still has any traces of a functioning economy.

Investors.com: Messing With Texas

(h/t: Da_Beerfreak)

…Two days before Christmas, EPA Regional Administrator Al Armendariz, in a letter to industry, said the agency was taking permitting authority over refineries, power plants and cement facilities in Texas away from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) as of Jan. 2, 2011.

Happy New Year!

The EPA’s new rules — continuing an Obama administration pattern of using regulations to circumvent the will of the people in implementing what it cannot get through Congress, such as cap-and-trade — were issued after the U.S. Supreme Court said it had the authority to regulate carbon dioxide, the basis of all life on the planet and what we exhale, as a pollutant under the Clean Air Act.

Texas was not amused and is the only state to refuse to implement the rules, filing suit against the EPA.

In Texas’ suit, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said the documented IPCC and CRU fraud, on which EPA findings are based, made any policy decisions based on that work flawed and unjustified.

Abbott cited several examples in which he said climate scientists engaged in an “ongoing, orchestrated effort to violate freedom of information laws, exclude scientific research and manipulate temperature data.”

“With billions of dollars at stake, EPA outsourced the scientific basis for its greenhouse gas regulation to a scandal-plagued international organization (the IPCC) that cannot be considered objective or trustworthy,” Abbott argued.

[Texas Gov. Rick] Perry, a champion of the 10th Amendment, says, “This legal action is being taken to protect the Texas economy and the jobs that go with it, as well as defend Texas’ freedom to continue our successful environmental strategies free from federal overreach.”

Two days after the midterm elections, President Obama served notice that the failure of the outgoing Congress to pass cap-and-trade and the unlikelihood of a GOP House pursuing the matter would not be an impediment.

“Cap-and-trade was just one way of skinning the cat; it was not the only way,” he said. “I’m going to be looking for other means to address this problem.”

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This is an outright attempt to ruin the economy of Texas.

Obama is punishing Texas for having voted Republican; this is exactly how Chicago politicians behave.

Obama is making an example of Texas, so as to threaten regulatory strangulation and extinction against any other State that resists submission to his arbitrary will.

Obama is deliberately crippling the economy of Texas, because it supplies the rest of the US with a viable domestic source of energy. Domestic fossil fuels and nuclear energy must be shut down, in order to make various “green” boondoggles appear profitable when they are not, and in order to make us more dependent on oil imports from our Muslim enemies. To put it bluntly, Obama is selling us out to fraudsters at home and jihadis abroad.

I doubt that the citizenry of the US as a whole is capable of dismantling the tyranny of the federal government. This tyranny has crept too deep into the culture and the structure of society in too many parts of the US.

Secession is another way out of that stranglehold. The State of Texas is obviously big enough to stand on its own, and if it does, most or all of the Southeast is likely to join with it.

While the following writer does not quite come out and say “secession,” he hints at it strongly enough:

The Red and Blue States’ Fort Sumter

(h/t: The Osprey)

By William Tucker on 12.28.10 @ 6:09AM

The opening shot of the War Between the Red and Blue States may have been fired last Friday when the Environmental Protection Administration announced its intention to take over Texas’s authority on issuing clean air permits to new industrial facilities as of January 2.

It is hard to imagine a more stark confrontation between public and private sector-oriented economies. Texas has the strongest economy in the nation, based on its philosophy of limited government. The Texas Legislature convenes only in odd-numbered years is constitutionally limited to meeting only 140 days. Until this year, Texas has had a budget surplus and still has $7.5 billion in a rainy-day fund created by voters in 1988. During 2006 and 2007, Texas created 52 percent of all new jobs in the nation, according to a study done by the Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business. People are flocking to the state so fast that Texas will gain four seats in the House of Representatives in the new decade.

Washington, on the other hand, has run up a trillion-dollar budget deficit and destroyed private-sector jobs all over the country while expanding the government and presiding over 10 percent unemployment. The states on the East and West Coast that adhere most closely to Washington’s philosophy are approaching insolvency. Yet they continue to pursue dreamy energy agendas, trying to close down existing power plants and refusing to build new ones while planning for a world running on windmills and solar collectors.

Now Washington is going to try to impose this blue-state agenda on Texas. The struggle will dwarf the Arizona-versus-Washington contest over immigration.

In fact the conflict over energy production has been brewing for decades. As far back as the 1920s, Texan entrepreneurs built natural gas pipelines to carry their surplus gas north, only to run into Progressive Era reforms saying that utilities had to be regulated as “natural monopolies.” In 1936, the Roosevelt Administration extended this municipal regulation back to the gas pipelines themselves, giving the Federal Power Commission authority to fix prices across the country. Then after endless prodding from northern consumer states, the U.S. Supreme Court finally decided in 1954 that the whole diversified collection of thousands of wildcatters and individual well owners in Texas and Louisiana constituted a “monopoly” that could be regulated by the federal government. Over the next twenty years, the D.C. Court of Appeals tried every trick imaginable to prod gas out of its Texas owners’ hands. It developed the “life of the field” doctrine saying once gas had been put into interstate commerce it could not be withdrawn. Even if a well owner went bankrupt, he was still obliged to keep sending gas to northern consumers at prices fixed by federal regulators. Still, Texas managed to keep as much gas as possible at home. When the Arab Oil Boycott prompted thousands of northern businesses and residences to convert from oil to gas, the whole system collapsed in the Natural Gas Crisis of 1976, when factories and schools closed for weeks in Ohio and Pennsylvania for lack of gas. Meanwhile Texas was using gas to generate half its electricity. The Carter Administration was appalled to discover these distortions but decided to solve them in typical fashion by extending federal price controls even further into Texas as well. Bumper stickers sprouted all over Texas and Louisiana declaring “Let the Yankees Freeze in the Dark.”

Fortunately, the Reagan Administration came along and solved the problem by appointing new members to the Federal Power Commission who deregulated gas prices within a decade. Prices fell as new supplies gushed forth and for the first time the nation had adequate supplies of natural gas — so much so that we resumed the wasteful practice of burning gas for electricity after environmentalists stymied everything else. When conventional supplies peaked in 2000, however, prices quadrupled and gas-dependent industries such as plastics, chemicals, and fertilizer started fleeing for foreign shores. Once again, Texas came through, this time through a stubborn Fort Worth oil man named George Mitchell who spent ten years experimenting with various techniques of horizontal drilling and fracturing hard rock until he devised a way of “fracking” huge gas deposits out of the Barnett Shale. Once again, Texas had rescued the nation.

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Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

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