Who are the secessionists?

by 1389 on November 23, 2010

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Confederate flag captioned with 'If this flag offends you...you need a History lesson.'

Present-day secessionists (whom leftists, as well as some misguided neocons, typically label as “neo-Confederates”) do not espouse white supremacy. Absolutely none of us want to re-establish slavery. Despite what over a century of indoctrination would have us believe, the War for Southern Independence was never primarily about slavery; it was about resisting ruinous taxation and enemy invasion. That having been said, it is not our goal to bring back the old Confederacy, but to rebuild something far better.

I know because I’ve been part of secessionist circles for more than a decade.

What we want is to free EVERYONE from enslavement to centralized government tyranny. We started long before the Tea Party. Our motivations are much the same – roll back the federal tax-and-spend tyranny – but we plan to carry it even further by disbanding the federal government entirely and replacing it with VOLUNTARY regional confederations of states, under a Constitution that stringently prohibits the centralization of power.

Most important of all, secession will put an end to an out-of-control central government selling us out to our totalitarian adversaries, particularly the Muslims.

I strongly recommend that the nations within the EU secede also, and for the same reasons. The centralized EU government is accountable to no one, and it has been nothing but a tranzi-progressive/pro-jihadi fraud from the get-go.

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