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Fox News tells all!

I’ll spare you the self-righteous, disingenuous drivel from behind the scenes at NPR (a/k/a “Commie Radio”) and cut to the chase:

RAW DATA: NPR Internal Memo on Juan Williams

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We’re profoundly sorry that this happened during fundraising week. Juan’s comments were made Monday night and we did not feel it would be responsible to delay this action.

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Notice that NPR President and CEO Vivian Schiller is not sorry that she used her position as head of a tax-supported organization to suppress legitimate political speech that took place elsewhere. Nor is she sorry for having punished Juan Williams for having told the truth.

She is merely sorry that NPR got caught with its pants down at an awkward moment, namely fundraising week. No doubt she is also sorry that the blogosphere has been reverberating the story everywhere.

Some apology.

Whether or not Juan Williams violated NPR’s policies is not the issue here. NPR determines its policies based on the demands of its hard-left and pro-Muslim constituency – federal government bureaucrats and elected officials, “charitable” foundations, and private donors such as George Soros. Its written policies are interpreted based on the demands of that same constituency. Thus, if one of NPR’s ‘journalists’ or ‘news analysts’ or what-have-you – particularly if that individual is a member of a minority group – strays one iota from the party line, even on his own time, out he goes, and that’s that.

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Pull NPR off the public teat

No more US tax dollars should go to support such enemy propaganda. Programs with a hard-left, pro-jihadi slant are offensive to the majority of Americans, and are counter to the interests of anyone who is not an outright traitor to the US. By constantly suppressing any suggestion that Islam is dangerous, NPR gives aid and comfort to the enemies of the US and to the enemies of its (perhaps former) allies.

To make this happen, NPR, PBS, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and the National Endowment for the Arts must all be pulled from the federal teat, once and for all. They have a complicated shell game going, to conceal the extent to which they are being supported by your tax dollars. To prevent the shell game from continuing, all sources of government funding for NPR must be shut off.

We can do it!

The “dark side” will no doubt resort to some scare tactics about “killing Big Bird.” Don’t believe it! The private sector will ensure that the public can still watch or listen to any programs that people actually want, as opposed to those that the propagandists want to foist on us. If enough people still want to see Big Bird, then some other network and/or numerous local stations or cable channels will show Big Bird. Let the market decide, and let the beleaguered US taxpayers keep their money!

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