Caturday Bath Day

by 1389 on September 4, 2010

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How to Wash a Cat

Video by Bud Herron

This certainly is familiar!

Many long years ago, I agreed to cat-sit a small kitten. On account of a digestive upset on the part of the kitten, I had to give him an emergency bath in the sink. Once I got him wet, he was a squealing mass of flying claws, just like in a cartoon. I got him cleaned up, but I figured I’d better get him dried off before he caught a chill. At that point, he jumped up on my head. When I tried to reach for him, he scampered down my back, where I couldn’t reach him, and clung to the back of my shirt with his little claws. After some mayhem took place at my expense, I finally got hold of him again and dried him off with some beach towels.

Your mileage may vary…

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1 Angel September 5, 2010 at 10:01 am

hi there..keep up the good fight!..thanks for the comment at WHT but please don’t leave links in the comment field because my spam filter will spam ya..and I wouldn’t want that.
Great stuff here!:)

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